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so today I’m only gonna go over the
price I’m not gonna really cover too
much news
other than tethers so in case you saw
the great gains of this morning or
haven’t realized it for whatever reason
Bitcoin went all the way up from 6300 to
7800 in a few minutes
and also XRP went all the way up from 40
cents all the way up to 52 cents on some
exchanges 48 cents on some others in
pretty much an hour or so and all that
was thanks to a big rumor and FUD piece
that was put out that tether for
whatever reason was selling off on some
exchanges or that I had become some type
of scam and that news for whatever
reason made the rounds and it caused two
huge dumps of tether into the market and
that again is what affected the entire
market and what caused the prices to
shoot up and again the key thing here is
that it broke this big resistance level
from January on Bitcoin now the problem
with this is that it’s an artificial
move it’s a FUD peace move so it’s
nothing sustainable and again that’s
what we’re seeing now as things now
stable off and sure enough though some
cryptocurrencies like XRP were
definitely affected by the move but
we’re starting to see now is people
selling and taking profits from this
move so it looks like we may possibly
again look to settle around 42 cents and
we can see how the price behaves from
that point ultimately though last week I
know I was I think it was at 40 46 cents
and I was saying look out for 42 cents
looks like we finally got that last week
but I was surprised honestly to see it
go all the way down at 37 cents but if i
zoom out real quick and draw a fib to
the swing low to swing high from the
swell FOMO you can definitely see
there’s a point two three six on the fib
right there is exactly where it took a
so this swing is still very much at play
at the moment and and is also addictive
here on the 0.5 we can see a lot of
profit taking was taken there as well so
for the time being it looks like now
we’re going to be looking towards 50 52
cents is
really what we’re gonna be looking
forward to break that is now is what
possibly looks to be the new
profit-taking area for XRP so if we get
any good volume we’re gonna look to
break 52 cents with momentum in the
meantime it looks like we may possibly
settle around 42 cents and maybe even
get as low as 37 cents or find more
support the closer we get to 37 cents so
that’s what we’ll be looking for now and
that is pretty much it for today

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