The year 2019, the ETFs that return to the
snake story, are still not accepted at Bitcoin, but the American stock market and securities
commission SEC does not remain idle at Bitcoin and first starts looking for employees for
possible future crypto money, and then very very new for Bitcoin. accepted something. You know what that is? Approves the Bitcoin futures fund offering
a stock to corporate investors. Is the SEC’s move in this video a signal of
acceptance for ETFs who could first raise and then drop Bitcoin? So the SEC is giving a front signal? What are the risks that the SEC sees at Bitcoin,
even though it approves the job? There was a deatch cross at Bitcoin. Now what’s the price of Bitcoin? Here we will talk about it all, but never
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subscribe and touch the bell and like my videos and write at least 1 comment. I’m telling you one. The more you do, the more chance you get. Let us come to the main issue after this announcement. Now there may be newcomers to us, and what
the hell is this kid telling, ETF says, futures says. If you’re just trying to understand Bitcoin,
it’s no problem at all. Let me explain the terms we speak in this
video with two sentences each. Bitcoin ETF is a product that completely replicates
Bitcoin’s fall and rise, reflecting the performance of Bitcoin without buying Bitcoin to its investors. The gold that we buy using the online branches
of banks is the same account. We see, for example, 1 gram of gold in our
account, but that gold is actually absent. The bank says you totally bought 1 gram of
gold from me. I will give you the value if it falls or rises. Bitcoin futures are to make a bet with a company
for the future decline or rise of Bitcoin. It will be a very simple phrase, but I think
it’s important for everyone to understand. Expense, for example, Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe
match bet, this is a forward-looking, futures contract. Of course not, but I’m making metaphors. Now, my friends, let me tell you this when
it comes to the matter. Just two months ago, the SEC, which said Bitcoin
is not a security, that is not a security custody tool, will probably be slowly returning
from this decision, when we read the SEC’s document itself, the SEC said that corporate
investors now come to invest in New York Digital Investment Group LLC and in return you can
have your money flow into Bitcoin’s futures. So if this is what you want, let’s open up
a little more. The New York-based company, which I’ve just
mentioned, will now invest in Bitcoin futures contracts with the money that corporate investors,
investment advisors and those investment advisors sell to their clients. For example, as a corporate investor, let’s
say Amazon is going to buy some $ 1 million from the company’s shares, perhaps without
going through a variety of legal procedures and avoiding its name in a possible Bitcoin
manipulation. Of course, I’m not saying it’s 100%. The shares will be used only in Bitcoin futures
according to the guarantee given by this company. This is the summary of the incident, but the
SEC’s direct target audience for this work may not only be very large companies like
Amazon. Because according to the document issued by
the SEC, as I said before, it has defined such a large target audience for both institutional
investors, their investment consultants, customers and their investors and there is no minimum
investment required, and for example, this new report issued by SEC If we look at this
fund, Bitcoin futures will earn the income, capital gains at least once a year will pay
to investors. Of course, although the SEC approves this
work, there are some risks. He says these risks could harm this fund and
thus these institutional investors. For example, 1- Bitcoin’s price volatility,
2- regulation risk, 3- although I do not think much of a security vulnerability in the Bitcoin
network, maybe 51% attack or something like a low risk SEC mentioned. So of course leave the futures fund. As you step into the world of crypto money,
the moment you get B’s of Bitcoin, high risks begin. So this high risk event has been in the crypto
coins for years, and my tongue is really running out of feathers. Enter the figures you won’t even worry about
if you lose, and if you do, remember that there is no free money in the crypto coins
before anyone comes to the throttle. Anyway, let’s go back to our main topic and
tell us how we can make a comment here, but the SEC is now looking forward to Bitcoin’s
futures and wanting to increase the volume of futures without saying big or small investors. Beer I think it comes to the issue I said
before work. It’s a matter of dominance over Bitcoin. This SEC has a partnership with the New York
Digital Investment Group, which has received approval from, for example, recently bought
Bitlicense to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRO and Bitcoin Cash storage services to citizens
in New York. In other words, we understand that crypto
currency wars will become more heated, and both China and the United States will be able
to make concessions to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies much earlier than we anticipated. The country, which has the power to direct
Bitcoin’s price through its derivatives markets, will have the right to speak on the crypto
currencies. Which is how today America will increase its
volume in futures, a derivative market of Bitcoin, it will have dominated Bitcoin at
some point, but pay attention to this point. Domination over Bitcoin is not only established
through futures. You can build mining as China does, and you
can pull the volume of Bitcoin on yourself with ultra-volume crypto money exchanges. I think that America, which is behind China
in crypto money, wants to start the business from a place. There is a big state, different states, different
governors, different ideas. Therefore, in a very controversial issue like
Bitcoin, of course there will be different applications and different voices. Anyway, you know the ETF has been watching
the SEC distraction tactic for almost two years. In other words, what puts the issue completely
off the agenda, such a thing will not happen, ETFs will not be approved, for example, do
not come to me with these. Nor approves. I think the SEC is hiding a new bull season. Look, I’m not giving investment advice or
anything we talked about in the previous video, if you did not watch necessarily follow. For a scenario where Bitcoin can go up to
$ 21,000 or even higher, I think America may be holding the ETF card in hand. Presumably he does not want to give approval
to this derivative market when there are no fol follicles. Even if the rumors that Bitcoin will be 50,000
dollars and 100,000 dollars will be impassable, ETF may be a possibility in such an environment. Even in that short term, ETF may carry Bitcoin
up to 25,000 dollars but then ETF is a derivative. market because it is likely to absorb the
blood of Bitcoin Bitcoin’e normally go to some of the money can attract. This can eventually damage Bitcoin. As a result, my friends, I think these futures
funds could be a signal for ETF. Both Bitcoin product, Bitcoin derivative market. The fact that he accepts someone in the future
strengthens the potential for me to accept ETF in the future, but there is a word I like. Rome wasn’t built in
a day. That’s why we need time, like people have
to first absorb crypto coins and then slowly accept them. Bitcoin’s technical analysis had a 50-day
break through the 200-day moving average, which we call a death cross. Maybe there’s a jam right now. Bollinger has now started compressing the
band as the wedge we’ve been in for a long time has already been squeezing enough and
creating an explosive table. The last example was on September 21, and
we went down from $ 10,000 to $ 8,000. Maybe it had an effect. I hope that there will not be a similar scenario
and if we give a general message, I am expecting a hard upward break in some places due to
the wedge that we have progressed from June to June, although we do
not have a short-term, hourly, daily look at Bitcoin without giving investment advice. Now, if you want, let’s go to our bonus information,
my friends. He also compared Ankara and Vegas on electricity
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