07.01.2019: BTC and US stocks trading in green: EUR, USD, BITCOIN

On Monday, the single European currency is
still following the uptrend versus the US
The euro/dollar pair is trading at around
The only reason behind the current euro’s
rally is broad-based weakness of the greenback.
In the North American pre-market, the US dollar
index carried on with a decline and sank below
Financial markets are optimistic about a meeting
of US officials and their counterparts in
Beijing this week.
Investors hope for progress in the trade talks.
Optimism boosted risky sentiment that is bullish
for the Dow Jones Industrial Average index.
Thus, market participants are flocking to
high-yielding assets.
The US dollar has been weighed down by Friday’s
remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell.
He admitted that the central bank is ready
to revise its monetary policy this year.
Investors view this remark as the Fed’s
intention to take a pause in monetary tightening.
Today the market of cryptocurrencies revealed
an unexpected spike to the highest level in
2.5 weeks.
Bitcoin is trading at around 3,970 US dollar
per token, having touched the price of 4,000
dollars earlier today.
Apparently, bitcoin buyers were celebrating
the 10th anniversary of bitcoin on January
On the other hand, experts remind traders
that digital currencies traditionally open
a new year with the uptrend.
This year is no exception.
Experts are certain that bitcoin is unlikely
to rebound to its all-time record of 20,000
in the near future.
Meanwhile, political developments are ruling
the market.
In this context, investors prefer to buy conventional
and safer assets to the virtual currencies.

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