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Hello it’s Kayla from We Are The Davises and today we’re going to be showing you the difference between $1 slime and $100 slime let’s get started so our first slime is going to be our $1 dollar slime so all you’re going to need for this is some hand soap some salt and some optional food dye The first thing we’re going to use is the soap and the second is the salt okay so the first step is you’re going to take some hand soap and you put in however much you want and note that the more you put it the longer it’s going to take for it to chill so put in a reasonable amount just enough to kind of stretch and play with yes and the next thing you’re going to take is your salt and we’re just going to put it in this little spoon and add a little bit at a time and start let’s go I think we already have slime doesn’t stick to me a little bit more next we’re going to put this in the fridge for 15 minutes just to let it chill and thicken a little bit next is our $100 slime so let’s get started for this slime we’re going to need a little bit more ingredients so it’s pretty simple so all you’re going to need is clear Almors glue You are going to need some borax you’re going to want some water and measuring cups 2 mixing bowls 2 different spoons and a measuring spoon that says one teaspoon okay so first step is to put your glue into your bigger bowl so this is a five ounce bottle you can get the measurements right put as much of it as you can in there the closer the measurements are the better it’s probably good and then you’re going to add half a cup of room temperature water to your glue and then you’re going to take one of your spoons and just mix it make sure it’s all even and there’s no clumps I don’t know why there would be clumps because it’s liquid but you know what okay and now we’re going to move on to our borax and water mix this time you’re going to want one cup of warm water and just pour that into a bowl and then you want to take 1 teaspoon of borax and slowly steer it into your warm water this is difficult trying to stir and shake at the same time it’s like patting your head and rubbing your belly it’s really difficult okay that’s probably good and let this just completely dissolve so if you’re going to color the slime you could add your color to the glue mix or the borax mix I don’t think it really matters but we’re not going to be adding coloring to this because we’re going to adding our own speacial touch so next step take your spoons out of the bowls now you’re going to mix your borax water mix into you glue slowly I’m going through the lumps because the thinner it is the easier it is to squish so I’m just kind of thinning it out okay so now we’re going to set this aside so let some of the air bubbles come out okay so now let’s pull our $1 slime out of the fridge so we can color it all the bubbles are rising now I’m going to put this green food dye into our slime this is actually really good slime for maybe $1 it’s pretty good okay so we made a ton of this clear liquid this clear slime which is also known as liquid glass puddy so our final ingredient which I said was the secret ingredient for later is these flakes that we’re going to put in that’s what’s going to make it $100 so we’re just going to sprinkle a little bit in here’s our gold plates and since we made so much clay slime I’m just going to take a little bit out like this put it in my palm whoops then we’re just going to fold the slime over itself so that the gold get’s trapped in it forever okay so that was our $100 versus our $1 slime video hope you guys enjoyed it like subscribe share this video with your friends email me until next time bye

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