100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

– Oh, Shit. – My yearly salary? – Oh-(‘f’ sound) – Huh-uh, and even as a
child your always taught don’t ask anybody that question,
that’s a personal question. – Ah–
– Do I have to tell you? – Well I’m not really comfortable
with telling you anything. – That’s for me to know,
and for me to know. – None of your business. (laughs) – How much money do I make? Well that changed recently, um– – Currently I’m jobless. – I don’t work right now,
I’m just a stay at home mom. – Stay at home with my kids. – I’m a full time student. – I made $200 last month. (sneers) – Not a lot. – A whole lot of nothing. – $8,800 a year, I’m on
disability right now. – Definitely think its under $10,000 – About $400, and in food
stamps I get like $300. – I mean it’s not that nice, I mean have you tried to live off of $400? – Probably only like $15,000 a year. – 15 Grand. – $16,000. – $16,000 a year. – I am happy, wait, happy with what? – No – I am currently unemployed. – Oh yes, about $1,600 a month. – Less than $20,000. – I’m a yoga teacher, I don’t
make too much money. (laughs) – Around $20,000 a year. – $20,000. – $24,000 a year. – $27,000 a year. – I’m a caregiver. – I’m a mental health technician – $30,000. – 30.
– 30. – 30.
– 30. – $30,000. – $33,000 a year,
combination of unemployment and child support, but
that’s just right now. – I don’t know (laughs) – Um … – No, (laughs). – 35. – 35. – 35. – I make sandwiches, and I talk to people, and I always wear a smile, and clean up, yeah, mainly just make sandwiches though. – $35,000. – 36.
– 36. – $36,000 a year. – I am an entrepreneur. – 39.
– 40. – 40. – 40 K. – No, not wish, but I will make more. – Everybody wishes they made more, (laughs) and we deserve more. – 40, 45. – $41,600. – Between 30 and 50. – I’m a dancer so it depends on the night, and what my vibe is —
I think my best night was probably like a grand. – 45 K – No, I don’t give a fuck. – To be very brutally honest there’s some extenuating circumstances that make me not comfortable
answering that question. – Cause I feel like some, like my co-workers might
watch this, and um — – No I would be fired if I discussed it. – That’s personal, and
the amount that I make also reflects on my kids. – I make $45,600 a year. – $48,000 a year, not including
money from the daddies. (laughs) – $50,000. – 55.
– 55. – 55 a year. – A painter, a aircraft painter. – It’s not that great. – A majority of it goes to bills. – Gas. – Car payments. – Car insurance. – Health insurance. – Healthy food. – Weed, and drinking, yes. – Ah, rent, yeah. – Rent.
– Rent. – $825 a month. – I have about 40,000 in student debt. – $60,000, I’m a server. – $61,000, I’m a daycare provider. – 60 to 70, I’m an RN. – I teach middle school. – I work in the film industry. – I’m a paralegal.
– Paralegal. – $75,000. – I’d like to make around like 75 K. – Quarter of a million dollars
a year would be sufficient. – Always (laughs). – Who doesn’t want to make more money? – There’s no amount of money
that can make somebody happy. – As long as I can buy things I like, and I don’t starve, I’ll be good. – I make $80,000 a year. – I was in track to make high
80 maybe, but I got laid off, so now I make enough to
live on unemployment, but not enough to qualify for assistance cause I make too much
money on unemployment. So that kind of sucks. – Close to $100,000. – I’m a plumbing engineer. – I’m living off of savings. – Really, that’s personal. – $102,000 a year, I’m in software sales. – I’ve made a $104,000 this
year, I am an electrician. – About a $160,000, I don’t
think I need to make more money. I think money’s an illusion. – Over $200,000. – Run a hip-hop streaming service. – Somewhere between 300 and 400 K a year. – I’m VP of sales at a software company. – Always. – That’s nobody’s real business, I just — you asked me, do
I have an income, yeah I do. Do I make some money, yeah I can. – I do a little of this,
I do a little of that. – Cause that’s for me to know.

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  1. People find it personal because they’re kinda upset that their lack of wealth cane from just being lazy with their education/ dreams

  2. "I mean it's not that nice have you tried living off of $400 a month?"
    My family of 5 did that and were thankful every time we used it. Wish we still had it. They've reduced it to $100.

  3. Im in the military. If you want to know how much i make a year look at rank on my uniform and ask how many years I've served, and then go to google. Its not a very personal question to ask how much you make.

  4. Can someone tell me what the average yearly salary is in the US? In Australia it's $45,000 a year. Despite the fact most Australians struggle to find work.

  5. My 1st job was @ Wendy's.. lasted about 10 days and said F this.. I didn't like school a whole lot and quit and said F this.. Then I was homeless for 15 mos when my buddy called me and said to go into the oilfield so I did.. I worked my ass off for 3 yrs and saved almost everything, still remaining homeless.. I took all my earnings and invested everything into apts and corner stores in The West Indies.. Now, I sit on my ass or do whatever I want.. Making a very good residual income.. It was either that or work my butt off for the rest of my life as a slave for a dumbass boss never having unshackled myself.. Everybody has a key, it's just most can never find it..

  6. The women that says she makes 33k a year combination of unemployment and child support. Child support is not income, that should not be counted as income. That money should be used to support the child.

  7. its not personal & you cant get fired for that . you just insecure and make a low amount of money thats all it is . my first job i was 17 and make around 1100 a week .

  8. The difference here is the people who make 6 firgures are open about sharing while the people on the lwoer side are reluctant wodner why that is.

  9. I make about $20,000 doing delivery, though I could be making a lot more if I simply worked more hours. It’s enough for rent and ramen (and a few other bills).

  10. a woman said that she have child and she had 6k per month i think she said and she was like "its not alot" whsn my mother have me and my lil bro and she gets 500-600 dollars (1000-1200BGN) per month T_T

  11. Serbs make a maximum of 10k and minimum by law (generally no one respects it only lower) about 2k per year. That's not fair at all but who ask us we will always be used bc we are good people and wanna help.

  12. I remember being young thinking all adults had money and were well off. But now I’m 22, with no debt, no college degree, and make more than 98% of this video.

  13. Why do people get so scary when people ask how much money they make it’s not that fucking serious why would it matter

  14. I am 20 and I make $30,000 after tax which is nice but definitely not enough. (Had to edit because my boyfriend actually told me how much 😂😂. I have student loans and I have to pay them but I'm a nurse

  15. It's always weird for me when people get offended by this question, don't see the problem in saying how much you make, it doesn't mean you're worth more or less as a person.

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