$10,000 Hong Kong banknotes to look through

anyway so gday people how you going
today and I’ve got another lot of 500 dollar banknotes now I just checked the
serial numbers 2014 Hong Kong Shanghai Bank in Standard Chartered Bank as you
can see there’s two different types of banknotes
actually it’s free but I don’t have that Bank in China so what do you think a 767
well mmm not really it’s a 2012 okay 2014 Standard Chartered No so with Hong Kong banknotes the
a-series would have been 2010 and well 2014 they’re only up to the B Series
it’s a bee yep so there is a pretty low printing 40
Standage hard to banks and most of the banknotes the Shanghai and banking
corporation so is this year and I bring a good new
every dislike EP nope so what we’re looking for you sir radars and you can
go one two three four five six seven eight
radars it’s like one two three three two one something like that repeaters that
was the first one I said binaries like five five six six two two and any other
number that just looks good when you look at he go oh yeah that’s cool 2014
as you can see it’s pretty well used and depending on the bank every 2014 or 2015
is the last year of printing 2010 first year of issue issued in February 2011
okay so it’s a double five oh this is really close if I 7 was a 6 or the 6 was
a 7 that would definitely be a keeper I would have kept that but yeah probably
not not really worth it okay how about this one oh seven six five six seven
yeah probably one that’s 2010 as well 2014 775 double eight
that’s close I’m getting some sort of hits yeah but nothing there actually
want to keep this one’s a bit damaged down there yeah so the reverses heritage
and technology so you have a face identification and this is a ancient
Chinese book telling the different types of facial features so II the Standard
Chartered Bank commemorates Chinese old technology and modern technology which
if you think about it modern technology is just a continuation of old technology
but we’ve just added more and more information onto it a watermark the
veneer flower and this is the Phoenix oh nice bird not bad so we actually got
nothing in there so oh well so thank you very much for watching over awesome day

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