21 thoughts on “8 Events for 2018 (Bitcoin, Oil, Gold, Recession, Water…)”

  1. Millennials snowflakes sueing because they lost money on Bitcoin! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Ridiculous. That’ll teach them that if you want to participate in speculation you must accept reward as much as you must accept RISK OF LOSS.
    Fools. A generation of take take take.
    Me me me. A generation of entitlement and getting reward and gratification and not having responsibilities.

  2. These weed stocks are going crazy … I know they are up crazy over the last year but whats how much they are up in the last month or so is even more nuts … think I found a couple that could be worth it though

  3. It's a tough time to predict, I'm still pretty well invested (CMA, Roth IRA, 401(k)) – I don't know if i'll sell and cut back on my portfolio, I invest only in blue chip dividend stocks that have paid dividends through recessions. I make roughly $200 in dividends per month, so yes it will hurt to get hit by the recession and selling prior "will be nice" but at the same time hard to predict when it will happen. My game plan is if economy does tank -20-40% it will suck sure, I'll still get my dividends buy stocks cheaper I'm invested ~40% of capital, I'll prob add another 30-50k to avg down on my current stocks = more dividends cheaper and may go margin to buy even more.

    I missed the last recession, but I won't make the mistake of not doubling down during the next – but at the sametime I "don't want to lose to much money" but I can't predict it so better to just leave things in place collecting monthly payments and then avg down and get paid more.

  4. Hello Peter i would like to buy some gold and silver coins just to have under my control at home. Should i be looking for anything special – and what type of buy ratio would make sense i.e. 3 gold coins, and 1 silver. is there anything i need to watch out for ? i believe in having some hard cash at home as they could shut down the banks. thanks.

  5. Love my metals Peter, Lots of shares of a variety of companies at various stages of development, glad you're here for your advice. Have a great and profitable year, if it's good for you it'll be good for me.

  6. Peter Leeds although I agree with your assessment of the major cryptos, you failed to mention the Altcoin market. What is your opinion of this space? Is this the new generation of the penny stock market?

  7. Happy new year to you as well. I too expect gold to do well along eith silver. Already off to a good start already. The launch of yhe Petro-Yuan might give it even more boost. We'll see. Take care.

  8. So when the u.s. stock market corrects. Well Phillip Morris and altria will be on the cheap paying a 3.5% dividend. With grow, possessing,marketing and delivery systems in place. Being multi billion dollar companies. With heavy buying power. Reinventing themselves in the Mary Jane market. When the exuberance of the Trump bump winds down with interest rates going up. Well then buy great dividend stocks with a great comeback plays on the cheap. Let's do it out back. Hunting requires patience and a good hide. That's why I am mostly in Candida right now:)

  9. Thanks for the video, Peter. In my opinion products that are addictive are good investments too bad most of them are currently overvalued (Facebook, youtube, weed, porn, etc)

  10. I invested in an Virtual reality adult industry project…. a risk that can pay off… if people adopt new method to watch it!!

  11. ok bit late finding you 🙂 glad i have . So nice to see more people coming out telling it like it is NO S#%T THANKZ FRED K

  12. Hi Peter! I just read through one of your penny stock books and I’m happy to see you’re still in business. It’s crazy, I was just thinking some of the exact same things you said in this video. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for precious metals. Best of luck to your trades this year!

  13. Peter always love your videos. My concern is the manipulation and power they have to just add zeros. How far does their power extend? I thought the crash was coming on Obama’s timeline. Now I am not sure even the ballpark. Thanks for your work.

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