ANNA Official Trailer (2019) Cillian Murphy, Luc Besson Action Movie HD

ANNA Official Trailer (2019) Cillian Murphy, Luc Besson Action Movie HD

It’s quite the fairytail you got going on here.
From top flight model in Moscow,
to rubbing shoulders with the elite.
What was the nature of your relationship with Oleg Filenkov?
You enter this hotel at 1:37 p.m. Did you notice anything suspicious?
Like what?
Can’t you look at the hotel security cameras?
Tapes were erased, looks like we’re dealing with pros.
How did you do that?
Your next target is in Paris. There will be no backup. Any questions?
Which room?
What do you want most in the world?
You’ll never make it out of here.
What’s your name?

100 thoughts on “ANNA Official Trailer (2019) Cillian Murphy, Luc Besson Action Movie HD”

  1. it looks really good but that woman couldn't lift a sack of waste. did you see her skeleton arms with the boxing gloves on the ends? hahaha pause it.

  2. Is this supposed to be a female John wick even though John wick was realistic enough to add bruises and cuts on him after each fight.

  3. je ne comprend pas comment l'armée des états unis puisse protéger une ordure comme toi cillian murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Looks pointless and unimaginative (like 99% of movies out there). A rehashing of the same formula (woman with guns and martial arts skills on a mission to bleah bleah bleah).


  6. Yes..and she is so fast that even trained bodyguards cannot shoot her…this is a power given only to the protagonist.

  7. cillian murphy best performances were on the Batman trilogy….. when he was being judge at the court lol… "what is gonna be… death or exile"? … Death then…by exile… best part of the movie.

  8. Beautiful and indestructible. Only Hollywood can make us believe that. Notice how she never misses. Even video games cant do that.

  9. Yet another deception. Wen u gona stop showing zero size women beating the fuck out of big dudes. Do u know how silly and kiddish this looks. Funny thing is people still fall for this crap. No wonder y world is this mess 😎

  10. Looks good. Only going to watch because of Cillian but seriously, how does a skinny girl beat up that many ppl. This is a bit dumb

  11. It's hard enough believing guys can do this. It defies all belief watching a woman do it. I will never watch it.

  12. If you're gonna do a film with a female john wick, at least hire an someone who looks like she could even hurt a man. Some MMA fighter. Not some 90 pound skinny girl.

  13. Both Cillian Murphy and Luke Evans are here and the main character is some unknown Russian top model

    I hate Luc Besson for this. His casting choice lately goes from excellent to terrible within the same movie

  14. Nikita, Leon, Lucy, Anna … there's definitely a theme here somewhere if I can just pinpoint it. As long as she doesn't turn into a USB drive at the end though I guess it's a start …

  15. Look's like everyone came here for Cillian Murphys or as we know Thomas Shelby OBE.

    F**k i also Did the same thing Hahaha.By the order of the peaky foookin blinder🔫💣💥

    Like this if you agree 😛

  16. It looks like Jonathan Crane’s early years interviewing the crazies of Gotham… I hope someone got that joke.

  17. If Cillian could be recasted as Scarecrow in the DCEU I would be whole. Also seriously this dude needs a protagonist role in a movie…

  18. I watched this movie 2 days ago. Great story line and action scenes. Sasha Luss is BADASS, beautiful, talented and unique! Love – Germany

  19. I wonder why on earth cillian Murphy doesn't get big roles leading roles, he got every quality and by saying quality beside how charming and handsome he is, He got the TALENT he is a great fookin actor ❤️

  20. Beautiful man and an incredible actor . Mr Shelby an impossible character to follow and Many a good women now in love with him . That's pretty fukin impressive !

  21. It is 2019 and still we stil watch the hero being attaked by one or two villains at a time , numerous of times instead of being ganged up by a group (which is more realistic and effective). As if the thugs are waiting in a line and won't attack the protagonist, until the former thug is down. Get some grip people, and watch Chang Wook Parks' "Oldboy" to see a realistic fight scene…

  22. Im here for the girl, yeah must be weird right saying this in this comment section..

    Nah just kidding here for Cillian too😆

  23. Of course here for the incomparable Cillian Murphy. Why he's in this movie on a supporting role is beyond me. Underrated doesnt even suffice to describe his current state in Hollywood. Not even an Emmy for his incredible performance in Peaky Blinders. But who needs it anyway. We love you Cillian.

  24. here for Cillian Murphy but this looks like a copy pasta super model Assassin who in real would get bodied in the first few seconds.

  25. I’m sick of seeing a women beat up 30 men in one room it’s not possible might as well be a avengers movie. Men have 70% upper body strength movie makes me sick..

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