Approaching HOT Russian Women & Getting Dates [INFIELD VLOG]

Approaching HOT Russian Women & Getting Dates [INFIELD VLOG]

haven’t taken a shower yet I look like
shit but here’s a cute girl I’m not
gonna miss this opportunity and she’s on
the phone the stereotype that a lot of
people have about Russians is that
they’re not friendly and they’re kind of
cold so let’s go find out
video video blog no qualification I
really think I gave her the compliment I
was all over the place mostly because
she wasn’t that attractive so I kind of
wanted to bail when I got there when
traveling to other countries that don’t
speak English I highly recommend that
you’ve learned a few key words or
phrases that will help you you know meet
and approach women like asking saying
excuse me
you’re very beautiful thank you it’s a
good idea to learn a couple of
qualification phrases like tell me
something interesting about you know the
challahs Kaji menu doto impetus name it
it’s also good if you learn how to say
I’ll teach you English you teach me
Russian I see
English well I will help you English you
help you teach me Russian I’ll teach you
English usually women in other countries
even if their English is really bad they
at least want to learn how to speak
Mellie or champion ah I see many yeah
Matt Julia
nice to meet you
mi from California
come with me California well listen do
you have what’s up you’re not crazy
are you machete yes MA – oh okay
I’ll text you okay bye
my washer has been on all day I don’t
know what anybody says I try to stop it
I just want my clothes back in my
experience meeting Russians in other
countries such as the u.s. sometimes
they can be a little bit more let’s say
less friendly maybe it’s because they’re
kind of special you know there’s not
that many Russians in the US so they
know that they’re kind of special
you know Russians are hot and I don’t
think anybody will argue that fact but
in Russia since there are you know
Russians are everywhere they’re not
really special they’re so friendly
they’re really really friendly the
classic Soviet carnival looks fun I
definitely want to go on this ride
target spotted real quick you speak
English jujitsu Chet didn’t know yeah to
me you see goodish Wow I wanna show the
well listen do you have whatsapp not
crazy right my phone my phone so I give
you my number
I’ll give you mine only five days so our
love affair will have to be brief let’s
have people really chai tea later
merging beats Pasha sounds good
nice to meet you bye bye I can’t
remember if you’re supposed to kiss on
the cheek here but fuck it
one night only just tonight we’re gonna
go where so even if you’re in another
country it’s still pretty easy to get an
I’m just waiting right now she’s left
alone and then we’re gonna go into this
cafe Angus and coffee by the way if he
were talking to a girl and she’s on the
don’t stand and look at her ignore her
for a little bit turn your back text
check your email Facebook whatever but
don’t just stand there looking at her
I’ve seen guys do that a lot and
I think people are pretty hooked up up
pretty friendly here I don’t know what
they’re saying half the time
I love the stereotypes a little bit
exaggerated I think I have young man you
know boyfriend yeah okay people a levy
no no okay McDonald’s no okay no idea
what she’s saying
but I know she has a boyfriend that’s
cool you’re talking to your husband
right now it’s okay he’s okay with you
giving me your phone number okay me
later for a drink
bye she had husband that’s pretty funny
who knows maybe they have an open
but don’t be trying to break up
relationships that’s not cool don’t do
here we are eight hours later finally I
can get to my clothes which are
completely drenched
if only I could read this crazy language
as he needs that
HIDA speak English
I saw you
and I thought you really
they can see ya
good eatin
margarita tell me something
or anything about you
I have to go I’m gonna sit I’m walking
and I seat and
you’re waiting for the charming man to
approach you davai
do you like copy which I okay we’re
gonna go get coffee Italy chai okay
let’s see good yeah there that’s the
problem I don’t know where to go and the
guy should be leading but oh well see me
then it’s always a good idea to sit next
to the girl not across when boss is then
you can get in more touching
so what do you think I think Russians
are pretty friendly I think Russian
women are very approachable at least in
Russia but you know they’re hot so even
if you you know see them in other
countries it might as well approach them
you want to learn how to talk to
movement the right way I have a free
conversation cheat sheet that shows you
exactly what to say and how to keep the
conversation going how to spark
attraction how to be really fun flirty
and pretty much everything you need to
know when it comes to talking to women
you can get that for free just click the
link down in the description right now
or to the I believe it’s the right of
the screen yeah right of the screen
should be there now click that link and
download that cheat sheet trust me it’ll
come in handy

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  1. I noticed Russians dont wash theira cars much but at least the streets look cleaner than here in Los Angeles

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  4. I have tested Matt Artisan opener with 200 women this week. None of them work. I have to confirm that his method doesn't work. Either the women he approaches are actresses or he only post from good approaches. Maybe 1/500 approaches. You decide.

  5. i would like see that a boyfriend the some girls come to break the face of people who want to take advantage of these girls. 😀

  6. Those Americans men will make crazy. In USA you have very beautiful girls and there are not enough. That's why the American girls moves to Africans and get addicted to jungle fever. After you come back from Moscow you find her turned from half inch size to 3 inches. And the Russian girl is very beautiful but as cold as ice (yes I'm beuootoofol whaa dooyou wont) what he wants ice. He wants to melt you ???? And here in my country Saudi Arabia men get to 90 years old and still thinking of sex because the most expensive is vagina here .

  7. Haha! True! These girls on the video are just trying to be polite with him and he is already fantasizing about them, what a pathetic moron 🙂 That should be shown to the girls that some foreign bloggers are just making money with these videos and they are potential sex tourists/predators

  8. This guy have zero personality zero charm and his ugly.I'm going to give you advice:don't don't do more video and learn to treat people with respect idiot

  9. Seeing beautiful women in Russia is common. Unfortunately men from countries like the UK think it's a big thing attracting a beautiful woman. For Russian men it is normal as they have so many beautiful women.

  10. Which city in Russia is this guy in? Чувак, в каком ты городе снимаешь это видео?

  11. Bruh if you think ur ugly when u see yourself in the mirror, no your not another person would think your good looking, same as this dude, he said im not attractive

  12. This guy is gay as a bag of dicks. Ugly or good looking any American guy goes to Russia should get laid every night unless you have no game or your a gay cuckhold who wears panties and watches his girlfriend get fucked by some big black horse cock.

  13. Fucking creep! Do that in the UK people would laugh and look strange at you. Bet he can only do this when there's a language barrier.

  14. This video is complete shit. Just don't be a creepy asshole and you'll probably be ok with getting dates. It's the same in most cultures.

  15. Average Russian beauty are actually way above the rest of the world. WTH wrong with their attractive genes?

  16. if you are still single , please, watch our page with Ukrainian and Russian single woman )

  17. Well, most importantly is that we're taught that love should lead to marriage and children. If a guy freaks out at the thought of those, he's just looking for sex. Most Russian women are equipped against such things.

  18. What is it with you fucking White People the entire White Race are so fucking weird ……. This Old First Nation Native American hates the entire White Race your race is not normal and do not belong on mother earth … And the entire White Race are Nazi's

  19. fact:
    -North American women are gold diggers!, not loyal, rude, ungrateful, assholes.

    – European women are easy going and simple to go on dates , there more nicer to men, super hot, respectful, and simple

    European or asian women are the best ( no china , there rude )

  20. it’s is very sad that many of the men here in Russia don’t respect women how they should but that’s in most countries but yea Russian women are very beautiful (if you look at my channel yes i have a American accent but I moved from Russia when I was 5 and I now live in Belgium

  21. I'm always tryna smash even before date…parties or meet at store just invite over my house have some drinks and blow out them cheeks

  22. I wish this type of guy would stop being a friggin douche bag.

    I think most Russian women aren't stupid.

    This "pick-up-artist" type of guy is destroying any chance he has of getting a nice girl.

    David Bond behaves like this.

    I mean what brainless ego-maniac struts around trying to pick up women and then uploads it to youtube?

    You are showing the entire world your an asshole.

    Even if these women are desperate enough to date him long term its not going to last.

    I'm guessing these girls are either prostitutes or slutty girls on the prowl for money.

    What decent and intelligent girl wants to be famous for dating a serial womanizer, philanderer, douche bag?

    These men tarnish all men because this behaviour is misogynistic in nature.

    This bullets for feminism.

    Trying to making money from YouTube selling pickup artist scumbag tactics is the worst of the worst means of deriving income from YouTube.

    These guys are idiots that look cringeworthy at best and stupid fools at worst.

    Be a real man and find and marry a nice girl not because you want to appease your stupid ego but because you want to take on the responsibility of a family.

    These guys will be alone in their old age.

  23. What's the point of picking up girls if they barely speak your language? The relationship won't last because communicating is gonna be impossible.

  24. American Genes:
    XX: Random
    XY: Random

    Russian Genes:

    XX: Wow now let's add some 500% extra cuteness for this one
    XY: Let's add a big nose, a triangle-like face and an angry slav dimitri ak47 aspect.

  25. Russian women are the worst ladies on this planet. They worship money and cheat on their husband. Men make big mistakes by marrying them. Half of the world's prostitue population are Russians.

  26. Во пидар распетушился, потом отсосал в туалете у кого-нибудь

  27. This is normal for Russian girls. They wouldn't let the Russian guy talk like that to themselves. Now among Russian girls the cult of foreigners.

  28. OMG you are such a shallow AH and not at all good looking, seriously get a grip. You bailed on a girl way too good for you b/c you didn't like her face enough? I am certain karma is gonna get you real good.

  29. strange, i dont see much children on the street in this video and its a big city, something not right. is their standards too high. The KJV Bible does say Gog n Magog expectations are too high and Russia is Gog and Magog is European Union

  30. Easy to do since this guy is attractive. Put a fat Trump supporter to pick up russians and lets see what happens

  31. In my opinion Russian girls are really attractive and beautiful !!
    In particular from Moskow and Saint Petersburg !!
    I like know some for friendship.
    I like know better personality and mentality !! and culture of course.

  32. I don't know how you do this. When I lived in China, I was able to walk up to any girl on the street and say "ni hen mei" (you are beautiful), and we could instantly start flirting. When I got to Russia thought I would try the same thing, but when I walked up to a woman and said "ty kresivia" (you are beautiful), they would be very stand-offish. My friends in Russia would then explain that this just isn't done in Russia and I seemed way too direct in doing so. I gave up doing this out of respect for the culture. You, however, seem to be able to do exactly what I was trying to do and you have somehow got past the cultural barriers. You must have something on the ball.

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