Ballet vs Circus with MILLION Dollar Jewels!

– Wait, isn’t this the Grand Prix route? – Yep (yelling) (upbeat music) – Hello everyone, I am
in Monaco to explore the lifestyle of the fast and fabulous. (upbeat music) Alright so here’s the
plan we’re gonna go to five extravagant locations around Monaco, and you get to decide who wins, ballet or circus for
each one, are we ready? (cheering) Let’s do it. The first challenge is sunrise at the fabulous Monte Carlo
Bay Resort with ballet. Dude that is not a dancer running. I want you to actually be
on this side of the railing, are you comfortable with this? – Yeah h*** yeah. – Hold her the whole time. Shoulders down, yes, yes, yes good. Got it. – Yay, that looks awesome. I think it’s gonna be. – Yes. – Right here is gonna be pretty come here. What could you do on that? Oh, yeah. (gasping) – Ooh it’s too early in
the morning for this. (upbeat music) – There we go. – Yes. – Bam, okay lets go
inside and do some stuff. – Cool. – C’mon, you’re already
tired, I know it’s early. Wow, she’s got to stretch out. – Uh, let’s go. – This, we are gonna show you people, is how a ballerina enters her hotel room. (upbeat music) That’s pretty incredible that’s gonna be pretty hard to beat circus folk. Do a firebird, go. Please be in focus. – Wow, nailed it, that was close. – Boom, good luck. (laughing) Right there. (upbeat music) Nice. It’s great as a location,
you need to fill the doorway. It’s not a high thing, it’s a wide thing. That would work, there
yes do that, hold it. Nice you got it, working
with professionals. That’s great, okay. Merci, thank you so much. Oh boy, good, omg this is
gonna be really beautiful. Nice, wow Charlotte. – I don’t know if it is possible to do … – Oh to do that? – That’s not secure. – Okay, no worries. He said not again, but
we already got the shot. Merci thank you so much,
you can put the flowers. Are you ready? – Yes. – Okay I brought you a special prop. (gasps) (upbeat music) – Bye – Okay here’s your first
opportunity to vote. Ballet or circus. And our next challenge should
be arriving any moment. (Helicopter rumble) (coughing) We’ve got a helicopter,
we’re in Monte Carlo. We’ve got 30 minutes, ballet
starts, are you ready Clarice? – Yep. – Thank you, wow you know
your way around a helicopter. We did not go to central casting, however if we did we
would have picked somebody that looked just like that as our pilot. Boom like this. Nope, but okay here we go. Oh, did we get it on one try? Okay take a break, whoa. (upbeat music) Beautiful. – Yes. – Bam that’s gonna be tough to beat. What are you gonna do? – You’ll see. – Okay, you’ll see I
don’t have to do anything. Take a picture. (upbeat music) This shot is like
expectations versus reality. – This is – – And fix your face, fix the face. Let’s do this, this is the time. Nico, show expression,
this isn’t your first time in a helicopter you live in Monte Carlo. Mmh I think that was it. Okay vote your favorite
now, ballet versus circus. You guys ready for the next location? – Yeah got my car. – No we’re not taking a car. (cheering) This is awesome. – Woo, Monaco. – Wait do you even have a license? – Nope. (engine revving) – So you have to put your
foot on the brake, no. – Oh god, the right
foot goes on the brake. (yelling) I’m just gonna put on my seat belt. What could go wrong now
we have our seat belts on. Kids always wear your seat belts. Wait, isn’t this the Grand Prix route? – Yep. (yelling) – We’re in the square in Monte Carlo in front of the famous casino. Clarice is up first,
Clarice how are you feeling? – So ready. – Go, okay that took us one shot. – Mmh. – Ooh, mmh she doesn’t usually
say mmh, oh there it is. And that’s gonna be epic, go. (upbeat music) (groaning) She’s not thrilled so we’re
gonna do something else. – Oh that’s cute. – Alright we’re doing something else. Here we go, ready? That was beautiful, that’s gorgeous right? – Yeah, I need to get it higher. (yelling) – Let me see, good you nailed it. – Yes, take that circus. – Rene and Quincy have something kind of special in store for you. (upbeat music) You guys are golden keep
those legs straight. We’re gonna get this quickly, go. That’s just crazy. Okay that was perfect,
and you’re smiling big. But don’t block your face. Get those arms up there, you got it. That’s your spot right
there, easy expression. You got it. (laughing) Okay so vote which one you like more. No trip to Monaco is complete, without a fabulous art opening. And this one happens to be mine. Bonsoir. Je m’appelle Jordan. that was horrible, alright here we go. Oh they’re going with this move. Now Charlotte, can you look at the art while you’re doing that? Nice, oh that’s the shot. You guys rocked, here ya go way to go. – Awesome. – Awesome thank you so much. That was so good that’s gonna be a really hard act to follow. – I have an idea. – Oh g-d. This is not how it usually
goes right, the laughing part. Okay, okay, if you fall don’t land on the prints they’re expensive. – Can I have a wine glass please? – What, you’re 17. – Oh yeah, oh well. – Grace the intern is
actually a photographer now. Loves dance photography, she’s
inspired by Brandon Woelfel. Okay Grace. (cheering) – I’m gonna jump down, three – – What direction, oh okay you go. (cheering) Okay everybody, vote for your favorite. C’mon vote for me, vote
for me, vote for me. We are in the atrium of
the Casino de Monte Carlo. And we are waiting for
the manager of Chopard to bring in several million
dollars worth of jewelry. And a security guard, but
this stuff is so valuable, we have no idea how he gets here. We have special access
to this entire casino. we’re going into a private gambling room. Good to see you, wonderful
nice to see you too. – There’s a watch too? – Yes this is the Gucci
watch of diamonds, and this is the necklace. – Whoa that’s more than beautiful. I’ve never sparkled so much
on my wrist in my life. – And you can see around
all these beautiful diamonds you have around 220 carat. (gasping) – How nice do I have to be to you, for you to give me a watch? (laughing) – I’m so sparkly, look at my sparkles. (upbeat music) – Nice, do the same
thing you’ve been doing. Nice right there, right there. Wait a second – there
that, that’s gorgeous. That was pretty stunning. So what would happen if I like
tried to steal the jewelry? I’m not gonna steal the jewelry. – Oh my goodness. – Beautiful. – Wow, that ring is insane. – The size is like six carat, forty-three. – It’s a big diamond. – There we are. – Wow, that’s so gorgeous. (laughing) – I want to do a photo where you are just destroying everybody
in the game of roulette. So you have a ton of chips,
and nobody else has anything. Let’s do it. – Ow, oh man she just broke my knuckle with a six carat ring. – 200 thousand euro. – Three million, you just
won three million dollars. This is your moment okay
ready, this is her moment. There we go, boom I
think that was awesome. That was like over five million
dollars worth of jewelry. Awesome, vote now which
one you like better. Okay we’re gonna do a fun thing, we’re gonna recreate a meme. Really act it out with your expressions, really act it out Charlotte
just looking straight ahead yes. This is so nice, can I try it on? (grunting) Okay everyone, hope you enjoyed that adventure around Monaco. I want to ask you to please subscribe and definitely hit notifications. Because we’re gonna start
dropping random videos, and you won’t know what happened if you didn’t hit your notifications. In order to do this Porsche bit, we had to get a special
mount for the camera. – Whoa whoa. – You want to get really high in the sky? Watch this, watch this move. Kids at home, the lower you- (laughing) Kids at home, watch out
for revolving doors. Okay so we ran into some fans, and they want to do photos with the dancers and circus people so we’re gonna do that now as a bonus thing. Okay, so lets see. – Put number two right
here and keep your legs like so tight, like so
100 percent straight. Okay, stay tight, tight,
tight just like a stick. – I can’t, oh my gosh. – Whoa how cool was that? – Did that just happen,
wait we got to get a photo. You want a photo right? – That was amazing. – I got to get a photo of that. (upbeat music) Wow are you kidding me, hold it. That was awesome, really cool huh. Pretend that I’m Nico, and you do this. Higher, there. – Do it, keep doing it
there, don’t move yes. Hold it for a second. – Good job, that was amazing. (cheering) – How cute was that? – Is it gonna be in the video? – Yes it will be in the video. If you’re enjoying these videos, please subscribe and I promise you, when I hit two million subscribers I will do the next ten
minute photo challenge underwater in the Caribbean. And as a thank you to my fans, I’m gonna fly one of
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