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get started with some news COO coin
introduces Ian ballina as its first
global Titan ambassador now this is not
necessarily new news that believe this
came out a few days ago but I wanted to
ask you guys your opinion on this I
always love hearing what you guys have
to say and I love keeping this keeping
these videos engaging so I wanted to ask
you guys number one I saw a lot of
people laughing about this saying this
is why coupons twitter was it was not
available for a certain moment at a time
over there because of their whole Asia
they had but I wanted to know what you
guys think of yen baleen I know a lot of
people really liked him a lot of people
really dislike him he is the ico
I guess expert as most people would
refer to him
as so I wanna know what you guys think
of him in the comments down below let me
know what your thoughts on moving on
though for some more interesting news
the two top performing hedge funds of
2018 are focused on crypto currencies
and blockchain so it’s a true sign of
the times the two top performing hedge
hedge funds up 2018 according to data
providers pre Quinn I don’t know if
that’s how you pronounce it or both
focus on crypto currencies and the
blockchain so if that does not sound
like a you know that doesn’t sound like
bullish news if that doesn’t sound
exciting then I don’t know what does so
if we start reading through this silver
a capital read about them further in
read about the further on in this report
manage the highest returning hedge fund
last year focus on financial technology
with a with a particular focus on
blockchain and the crypto world
returning 770 point seven four percent
while global advisers Bitcoin investment
fund came in second with returns of
three hundred and thirty point zero
eight so the first one silver eight cap
will absolutely destroyed even second
place but I think it’s just the
beginning I think we’re gonna see a lot
more of this happen I think crypto
crazies gonna be a very fun sector to
watch out for they were gay we’re gonna
get a lot more people in which is gonna
cause a lot more price action
additionally it caused us to increase
into those trillions of dollars in
market cap which i think is coming in
due time a lot of people are to focus on
the short term when the long term is
where it’s really at that’s where the
interesting stuff is going to happen
that’s where the money the wealth is
actually going to be made so I’m excited
to see how things happen one of the
reasons I love cryptocurrency is because
of how high it can go how fast it can
run up don’t forget the bull run last
year lasted like two weeks right so as
much as we say end of 2017 or 2017 was a
great year that run that you’re thinking
about that run that everyone has in
their mind lasted around two weeks
that’s pretty insane if you consider the
price it was that before and the price
and God too after two weeks we were
seeing Bitcoin multiplied basically on a
daily basis
it was incredible but that’s what makes
it so exciting but again everything that
goes up does have its downsides it does
have a bear market therefore and when we
have the bull market we will also have
bear marks markets work
in cycles but I did want to share
against some good news some bullish news
not so delicious but some positive news
the benefits of the bear market so as a
lot of people don’t really like I know a
lot of people don’t like the bear market
trust me I wish we could have a bull
market all the time that’s just
unrealistic so when it comes to actually
understanding the market accepting how
things work we’re gonna have bull drugs
we’re gonna have barrows that’s just how
things are gonna happen but some of the
perks this article went through and I
like the elements II wanted to share
with you guys that thought was really
interesting so number one you discover
who you can trust so this is a big one I
think a lot a lot comes to light when
were in a bear market not just not just
it on YouTube for example I know a lot
of content creators don’t create content
when when the markets down that’s
because they don’t get views maybe
there’s not enough in it for them I
don’t know exactly what the reasons are
for them not for people who used to
upload daily to not upload deal anymore
I still do my best to post every single
day just because I love doing this I
love interacting with you guys I love
talking about cryptocurrency even in the
bear market like I said there’s still
money to be made and it’s just fun the
process is fun but you discover who you
can trust
number two this is good these are the
big ones back coins die faster so we
don’t want to have the quote-unquote
shit coins in the market where a lot of
people can lose their money we want the
bad projects who stand for nothing who
are trying to scam people try and write
people off we’re trying to run with
money we want those guys out of the
market as fast as poss we wanna make it
harder for them to get it obviously
there’s always going to be some it’s
very very hard to block everything but
still having the bad coins aren’t going
to die because one they don’t have what
it takes to survive so they don’t have
the patience to survive and three people
start realizing what the bad projects
are because projects in the bear market
we’ve seen a lot of good projects have
actually been you know developing like
crazy they’ve been growing like crazy
they’ve been preparing not just for the
bull run but also for mass adoption and
that you know that’s how I still have
news to talk about every single day how
I can still make videos is that there’s
still positive things happening even in
the bear market so something to keep in
mind this is pretty cool to see now next
up there’s time to
learn so while everything was going
crazy those two weeks a lot of people
bought in not knowing exactly what they
were buying into that’s another thing to
keep in mind it’s important to know what
projects you will you are investing in
so the work you put in now will pay off
10x over the next time bull run of the
next time bulls reign supreme and that’s
true now is the time to look at projects
find them find the hidden gems find
projects that are severely undervalued
trust me now in the market there are
tons of them get in on those and that
brings to the next one there’s time to
accumulate so you can pick up more and
more and more and just wait until the
bull run come you can get in at cheap
prices trust me big investors we say
this all the time with price
manipulation big investors don’t want to
pay a premium they want to get Bitcoin
at you know $4,000 rather than $20,000
and they know they can drag the price
down to do it that’s manipulation it
happens it sucks but it happens now you
can take advantage of this – right if
the if the price is gonna go down to 4k
there’s gonna be a 4k Bitcoin that not
only they will be buying but you can
also be buying and this goes for a lot
of different cryptocurrencies as well
things are gonna be cheap and that’s
gonna give you the opportunity to buy in
it even cheaper prices accumulate more
and therefore when the bull run comes
again you’ll have more to gain so just
like that as much as people give you
know big investors are like Wall Street
a hard time saying oh they’re driving
the price down to get in early so they
can make the most gains yes we will yes
it sucks we can complain about it but on
the other hand thinking of it as a min a
more you know constructive sense we can
take that same opportunity as they are
and buy and cheap and then have the big
run up with them and make a ton of money
as well so that’s just kind of what I
had in mind that last there’s time to
develop new interest so they’re
basically saying don’t look at your
portfolio the whole time keep up to date
with the news keep watching Patrick’s
video they basically say that in the
article keep watching Patrick’s video
every single day but still you know
finally to play some sports play some
video games
do something I I don’t know what it is
but you get that you have time to figure
out other things you like you’re not
tied to your portfolio the whole time
now moving on talking about some bad
news so investors sues AT&T after losing
24 million dollars in cryptocurrency now
this is not the first time this is how
I know a lot of people really dislike
mobile providers for this and there is a
huge issue with it so a u.s.
cryptocurrency investor filed a
complaint against his cell phone service
provider AT&T citing security issues
that made him loose cryptocurrencies
worth 24 million u.s. dollars Jose
California filed a 69 page complaint
with the US District Court in Los
Angeles claiming that AT&T did not abide
by its statutory statutory duties and
privacy policy commitments and that they
also cooperated with the phone hackers
so we’ve seen this happen a lot now this
having a lot of different industries
recently we also heard well because of a
mobile phone provider a big twitch
streamer for fortnight he also got all
of his accounts and I’ll keep in mind
these guys our streamers and basically
social media personalities right he got
his twitch hack YouTube hack Instagram
hack Twitter hack all of his social
media thinks every where he makes his
income all got hacked because the phone
provider did it you know didn’t go
through with the security that they
usually do they kind of played into the
hackers game they played into and it’s
actually not that hard to do there’s a
lot of this happening of with
cryptocurrency isn’t the first time
again like I’ve seen this even a year
ago I heard people having the same
issues now it’s just happening more cuz
obviously crypto currencies more in the
spotlight stay safe though stay safe
keep in mind yeah always stuff happens
but Airbnb co-founder back to 22 million
dollar funding for crypto dealer that’s
pretty cool news but they even bigger
news Bitcoin etn it makes its debut in
the United States so Egan is an
exchange-traded notes it is similar to
an ETF but it’s not basically invested
in the United States who wish to trade
Bitcoin without having to buy the
cryptocurrency have been given another
route to the top ranked virtual currency
via Bitcoin traded notes of etn now it
does say if you go right here wearing
Hero ETS and ETF are similar in some
respects as they provide an opportunity
to invest in an asset without actually
owning the asset such a trading Avenue
seems perfect for cryptocurrencies given
the price volatility however a few a few
subtle differences does exist between
the two rather than being an asset pool
each hands more like a debt instrument
that is backed by a bank or any other
recognized issuing institution so I
think this is one step I believe it’s
not what we’re all expecting while
waiting for the ETF and that’s what
we’re all excited about but they do say
this could represent a soft opening for
a Bitcoin ETF and as we all still expect
it to go through and I’ll still expect
the ETF to happen this is just a cool
you know first stepping stone give us a
little bit more positivity to move on
into bigger things now let’s take a look
at the cryptocurrency market caps still
over 200 billion dollars in market cap
knock off friends gonna stay that way
though we’ll see how things play out
Bitcoin dominance at 53.2%
some green in the market obviously
yesterday we had a pretty decent day we
had a lot of green going on the market a
lot of double-digit greens today it’s
looking like things have sort of either
leveled off or pulled back a little bit
we did actually time this perfectly
again the cryptocurrency trade alerts
group we go we managed to short big one
from 6600 all the way to 6300 after
previously going long from 6,000 to 6600
it worked pretty much great and again
that’s why I always emphasize that if
you guys are interested in move in not
only learning technical analysis going
through all of my trades and stuff to
make sure you check out the group in the
description but V chained up with ton
ontology up a ton we’re gonna talk about
in just a bit if they’re in plastics now
at number 11 up a ton as well still some
good movers still some good movers I’d
say it’s probably split half half there
are some big losers as well none over
10% though but we see Aurora down 9 10 X
down 7 wax down 6.3 overall though like
I said it seems like we had weird most
cryptocurrency trading sideways from
yesterday’s run some are pulling back a
little some like populist or just
continuing to go up as we can tell by
the charts so a lot of uncertainty
though under 10 $10,000 for Bitcoin and
I haven’t said yet but I just mentioned
this is a group of under $10,000 for
Bitcoin it’s a very volatile area for
cryptocurrency there’s gonna be a lot of
ups a lot of downs a lot of
opportunities to make money don’t get me
wrong I absolutely love it a lot of
opportunities to make money but
definitely something to keep an eye out
for now ontology up 15% if I give this a
refresh still a 50% at one point for
seven US dollars I just wanted to share
with you guys that it is offering a
400 Ong rewards in new bug bounty
program so if you guys are interested in
helping them out with their bug bounty
program go ahead and check that out I
don’t know if anyone who watches this is
in that stuff or is trying to get those
rewards we’ve seen Tron do it before we
seen several different cryptocurrencies
do it before so I want to share with you
guys in case you hadn’t seen it in in
case you are interested in getting
involved now next up Ripple always in
the news hasn’t changed one bit
constantly trying to you know grow their
adoption I think Ripple a very good
cryptocurrency again a lot of people
some people like it some people dislike
it at this price it’s hard not to like
it I think it’s gonna have it’s gonna
have its share its share of growth and I
think we could definitely see ripple
back up at at $3 when the Bull Run comes
they did actually come they endorsed
their preferred crypto exchanges so the
partner basically with three exchanges
one of them being bit tricks that would
be the biggest one then bit so and coins
dot pH they now serve as ripples
preferred digital asset exchanges as
part of its effort to build out the XRP
ecosystem but guys that’s gonna be it
for this video hopefully you did enjoy
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for another video


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