100 thoughts on “BITCOIN $5000 LAST DUMP?! 🛑 Halving Calculation – Programmer Explains”

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  2. Ivan, you are one of my top 3 crypto guys! You are intelligent and nice – and very positive about things in general. I am typically a positive person, but crypto supporters/investors need a dose of reality: This "Halving" is not going to cause a huge price increase. The Chinese mining farms will work harder, spend more so the price will go up. BUT, the price will then go down as they sell much more to satisfy their costs. Hopefully the positive outweighs the negative. I think if BTC hits 20k by the end of 2021, it would be fantastic – but I am not holding my breath It is ALL a guess, but mine is 12k end of 2021…

  3. The best way for either China or the US to "censor" BTC is simply to make about 500 "secret" accounts. They then purchase most of the coins for sale for the next year or 2. They then hold a HUGE amount and can do what they wish …

  4. Actually your audio levels are set fairly well: the sound of you smacking your lips is more of a nuisance to your listeners than the sound of the drilling is.

    Please reconsider drinking or eating anything during your live streams.

  5. I learned that you need to be a Builder in the Crypto Space other wise you are forever in this Hamster Wheel. Best start would be, with the Academy.

  6. Ivan, have you heard of Ultra? an EOSIO chain and a game distribution platform poised to compete with steam. Ubisoft is a BP and a partnership with AMD was just announced today!

  7. Remember when the USA Nationalized Gold? I can see a future where governments render Bitcoin illegal tender, buy BTC back from everyone whom own's any & make BTC illegal to own or transact with… Giving prison terms & outrageous fines/seizures for having any BTC. Like they did for Gold.
    Yes, governments printing their funny money or shitcoin & forcing them down our portfolios for our Bitcoin, on the basis of national financial security!!!
    I'm scared … I hear the drums of war ahead … could it happen today?

  8. Im still asking myself are we going to go above 10k again, and in 2020. It just doesnt make sense we went almost to 14k and then all of a sudden we are struggling to pass 7500 again.
    It just seems to be very very controlled.

  9. Reminder that tone was bearish all the way through 2016, calling for double digit prices while we rallied up to $700.. Reminder that Tone thought $3000 was the top of the market cycle in mid 2017. He also thought $7000 was the top later that year, and when we were at 20k he was calling for 25k. Reminder that he thought we were going to 1k in 2018, reminder that he was bearish for the huge 200% bounce from 3k this year.
    Tone is literal dogshit at large macro calls. Calls make no sense he's just talking his own bias constantly and selling you garbage analysis.

  10. I learned that Ivan on tech can become Ivan the terrible when his streams are interrupted 😂👍 thank you for the quality of the videos

  11. I really love your videos …but in the last weeks you developed a habit touching you mic stand. Every time you do this it produces a very depp sound, I dislike. (My like-button is still smashed) Could you please try doing this less? Learned not to touch my mic-stand too often 😉

  12. Ivan- something that's helped me with holding BTC, that I haven't heard you mention is to take any BTC off of the exchanges- the trouble I had was seeing the price correlation between BTC and USD. I would panic, seeing the value drop thousands of dollars. I decided to buy a coldcard wallet. This way I have my BTC stashed away where i cant see the exchange rate. I know that I have X ammount BTC safely stashed in a vault, and any BTC I purchase I send directly to that wallet

    It's just to stressful seeing what you put in dip and dive- also important to "value your wealth in bitcoin"…. the noobs don't understand this yet, like you said, trying to make a quick buck.

  13. I learned there is a new Ethereum course at the academy. Will check that out after I finish with the 101. Was also cool to take a look at the Bitcoin Core github repo. My C++ is a bit rusty but it's still neat to check out the source and see the code does what people have been saying.

  14. Hex is on fire : https://www.lassecash.com/hex/@lasseehlers/the-hex-might-have-bottomed-out-at-around

    Get 10% bonus: http://hexprofits.tech

  15. Ive learned that Ivan has enough juice to tell his neighbors to stop working on their project. And China is banning people's social media.

  16. Im Holding and dca. Someone said that it has to feel like shit to buy when the biggest opportunity is there. That is how it feels right now. I have been holding since December 2017 and bought every month since then. Right now I am at break even on my entire btc holdings – more or less. Thank You for all the great videos. Love it. ❤️😃👍🏼

  17. I learned that the Bitcoin Halving is not that many lines of code in Bitcoin Core repository. I learned that Justin Sun was banned from Weibo.

  18. I learned that Censorship can come from above and can also be Sin-sore-ship !?! It's a 'sin' 2 interupt Ivan On Tech hosted Livestresm and can hit a 'sore' spot wIOT (jk) and IOT intimidates drillers wpumping! Let the 'ship' (livestream) sail…..
    Ooops ! Comemeanted b4 end – come-meant: come b4 the end – meant 2 wait til end 2b contendor 4 academy !
    Learned Mom & GrandMom handled drillers…..all quiet !!!!
    Oooops, 16:30 spoke to soon!

  19. Bro next time dont stop , just continue to make Analytics, that guy probably is from XRP and try to sabotage the show…😁😁😇😈

  20. So what I heard is, we will have futures whether we like it or not. We don’t have a choice. It’s not our market. It’s somebody else’s.

  21. @Ivan on Tech

    You really are a great guy. Very well analyzed! Thank you for your help! It's great that you share your knowledge with us. Live long and prosper.

  22. I learned something about BTC source code and get a little bit excited into programing, definitely, I will start study programming next year.

  23. I learned that it's difficult to do a once in a life time crypto podcast with neighbors drilling n the background. We need silence for this important information

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