Ariva! They appraised Bitcoin for $ 100,000 for two
years and $ 500,000 for 10 years later. They said it was much better than gold, but
there is a critical level that it is struggling for now. What’s going on at Bitcoin? Are these predictions realistic or a populist
fantasy discourse with other aims behind it? Well, we’ll start bam bam! My friends, these developments, these explanations show that you will not go down the well with
anyone’s rope. You know why? The person who says that Bitcoin can reach
$ 500,000 in 10 years is a branch of a very familiar company. Yes, interestingly enough, I’m talking about
Morgan Creek, an asset management company of JP Morgan, which has discredited Bitcoin
in the past and says it’s garbage, so to speak. I’m not going to get into the JP Morgan thing
in this video, which we’ve talked about before. In the new video we need to talk about new
things. Now, Mark Yusko founded this Morgan Creek
in 2004 and still serves as CEO, he is also an American investor and is currently actively
managing $ 2 billion and investing in Blockchain and crypto. When I investigate this man’s background,
I see that he is very focused on institutional investors. He says that Bitcoin could rise astronomically
to reach $ 500,000 over the next decade. Here, too, my guess is that big corporate
investors will turn to Bitcoin and buy Bitcoin. At this point, I want to get together and
bring this image to the screen. I’m not giving you investment advice, I’m
not saying go get some Bitcoin, but look at this. There is so much money on the world stage
that can flow and raise crypto coins, especially to Bitcoin. The market value of gold is 7 trillion dollars,
the money circulating around the world is 90 trillion dollars, the stock market is 73
trillion dollars in real estate, real estate is 218 trillion dollars in real estate and
we come to crypto coins only 0.14 trillion dollars. These numbers may vary from three to five,
but I have been able to explain the logic of the event, right? There is a large number of people in the world
who are waiting to flow to the crypto money, but do not know or do not know the Bitcoin
or do not deal with the technical side of the business and do not invest in Bitcoin. There is also a large segment that does not
know. Even in Turkey, even in Istanbul. I did a Bitcoin interview series for a while,
if you remember, I went out on the street and asked people about Bitcoin, either they
didn’t hear it or they heard it, they’re just familiar with their ears or some people think
it’s a game. Anyway, folks, let me remind you before you
get into $ 500,000. At the end of this video, the first week’s
Ledger winners are announced. Ledger lottery of the second week also started
with this video. Just fill out the form from the link just
below this video, if you didn’t subscribe to my channel, just subscribe and tap the
bell next to it and write your comments and enjoy my videos. If you did, we can continue. Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek, a subsidiary
of JP Morgan, who now predicts Bitcoin may increase to $ 500,000 over the next 10 years,
is based on this prediction. First, although the market is not very good,
Bitcoin addresses have increased almost 50% in the last year, according to data from This shows an increasing interest. Secondly, the most important thing for Bitcoin
is network, network, adaptation. As adaptation increases, Bitcoin’s value will
likely increase automatically as people know and recognize it. Here, let me add my own comment. Banks will play a much more critical role
in this adaptation than you anticipated. Let me give names, but in one of Turkey’s
largest banks 1 Blockcha for the full day, crypto smart money and I gave a training to
employees on contracts in both those working in bank branches and headquarters. There is a branch manager who said that there
are too many people who want to come to the bank and get crypto money. E thought of crypto coins yet, it makes very
sense for people who have only heard the name of Bitcoin. Where’s the money, at the bank. Straight logic means that they say that a
money, crypto money e happens in the bank. Fortunately, these reasons, the positive work
of banks for crypto currencies can certainly lead to the adoption of Bitcoin and other
crypto currencies by many more people. Look, there’s new news about what I wanted
to tell you. ING Bank announced that it has developed a
crypto deposit service. This is a very critical, very vital issue. Recently there have been incidents I tell
ya, Bitcoin banks in Turkey and surged to the surface to receive further information
crypto money, I also want to take money crypto, with this audience in Turkey that I just had
not sanni. It could be like this all over the world. And expecting this audience to learn Bitcoin
and other crypto coins by itself would be a very optimistic prediction and you will
appreciate that as there has been a confidence in the market for decades, it is likely that
the ING Bank will be able to store crypto money, or even provide trading services, and
so on. Because all you guys watching this video,
I love these things. We take Ledger, we shoot, we shoot. We’re wasting a lot of energy to see what
this subcoin is going to be. After all, we are passionate. I think Crypto Dictionary viewers are also
very passionate, but we cannot expect that passion from everyone. And for example, I’m pretty sure that when
the audience sees the most popular crypto exchange today, what am I supposed to send
all my money to a website? Yes, this is a very serious transformation. In fact, when I was trading in Binance in
2017, I always said to my surroundings that someone would say that if you said that you
would send your money from a web site to a place consisting of an application, I would
say come from there. We, all of us have experienced this transformation,
but there are so many people who do not live as in the graph I showed at the beginning. Therefore, not only ING Bank, but many other
banks that see that there is demand for Bitcoin can provide this service, because there is
demand. Probably money from demand. And of course, while all of this happens,
almost all of the crypto coins, especially in Bitcoin, are and will be manipulated. I see the manipulation as a virus. These manipulations were of course and will. Even as I told you, banks are involved and
if we walk to $ 500,000 in Bitcoin like the prediction of the CEO of Morgan Creek, there
may be many more manipulators who want to make a premium on people’s inclination towards
Bitcoin. This is most likely to hit areas without the
enthusiasm of ascension and without research, without recognizing crypto coins. Of course, if we go back to ourselves, the
question is, where will you be if the market is experiencing harsh downturns and harsh
ascents again and again? How much will you manage your emotions? But if you ask for my comments on this $ 100,000
and then $ 500,000 conversation, CEO Mark Yusko’s fundamentals in this prediction are
fine, of course, but not enough alone. In other words, the adaptation and the increase
of Bitcoin wallets by 50% compared to last year does not give us 100.000 dollars, 500.000
dollars as direct net price, but I think it is true that there is an increasing interest
but there is also this. How active are your opened wallets? Or 50% more Bitcoin wallets have been opened
compared to last year, but how many have not been used since 2017? The answer to these questions is also important. Here is why I wanted to bring this person
to the agenda in this video because as I said, he is actively managing a $ 2 billion investment. It comes from the money and knows the institutional
investor. Again, of course we should not go down to
the well with anyone’s rope. We need to take our own risk. Two years later, if you don’t have $ 500,000
for Bitcoin, you can’t go and ask this guy. So yes, listen to the ideas, know what’s going
on. But do not change your investment strategy
according to every idea. Like I said, he comes from the money, like
Tim Draper. For example, he is one of the early investors
of Bitcoin and believes that Bitcoin will rise very high. But, of course, you don’t know, at the moment,
while Bitcoin is traveling around 7000 dollars, 500.000 dollars means, at some point, it remains
a populist discourse and a fantasy discourse. And for example, my friends, this CEO made
a prediction of $ 100,000 in two years and $ 500,000 in 10 years, and there are no others
who say otherwise. For example, Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific
Capital, says that Bitcoin is a very speculative asset, not a currency and no longer growing. Look at the trends in Google, said new buyers
are not coming, but unfortunately, the new buyers are already coming up when Bitcoin
rises. I’m sorry, but like this. He doesn’t get $ 3,000 Bitcoin, he’s dying
to get $ 7,000. Who doesn’t get $ 7000 is dying to get $ 15,000. Of course, anyone can do what they want. Schiff’s Bitcoin very speculative asset statement
should respond to the graph of gold in the last 100 years. Yes safe harbor gold see how safe the harbor. Ha Bitcoin is now much easier to buy and sell
than gold, and because it addresses a much smaller audience than gold may be easier to
manipulate and live in 100 years of gold Bitcoin lived in 3 years or something. And, for example, my friends, you know you’re
going to idle a bit lately. 7000-7500 dollars in the region of descending
and rising, if you remember the very similar 6000-6500 dollars in the region lived months
ago. Even though we saw the 8000 dollars between
June 2018 and November, we came back and came to around 6000-6500 dollars. I said bitcoin idling, that’s actually good
in one way. While it may be good for Bitcoin to be perceived
as money, it can also be generally bad for attracting new investors to the market. Ultimately, whether or not we accept Bitcoin
dIt is on its way to becoming a digital gold. In this episode, I didn’t do an analysis of
Bitcoin’s present day, because it’s already hanging without volume. And what we said in this section, my friends,
we said we will do our Ledger lottery and we started the new lottery. Please do not forget to fill out the form
below and subscribe to my channel, touch the bell and like at least 1 comment. You also support me for their new videos. Now, I would like to talk to you about Coinsbit,
which is based in Estonia as a sponsor, without any investment advice. This is an exchange that gives you the chance
to win $ 200 and is ranked 7th in volume according to data reported on coinmarketcap, my friends. They define itself as one of the most technologically
advanced and secure exchanges not only in Europe but also in the world and they say that more than 1 million users are members
of the platform. Again, I’m passing on the information from
Coinsbit, my friends, we have a full processing capacity of up to 10,000 data per second,
and 95% of the coins of these more than 1 million users
are stored in a closed wall in the cold wallet. Apart from these, they have integrated 200,000
pos devices into the platform and we are the first in the world in this field. For now, these pos devices work in countries
like South Korea, China, India and Vietnam, but it is an idea that can be used even more
for diffusion and adaptation. And my friends, they have a very attractive
reference program. So they say that you can open your own business
that way, not just a reference program. They promise 25%, 15% and 10% earnings in
this reference revenue event, which you can recall from Binance. Details are in the link below. And my friends Coinsbit has his own coin,
CNB token. If you keep your own coin, you get a 50% discount
on transaction fees and stock services. That’s what they said again, the information
they shared with me. The link is in the description part of this
video. You can look at. Apart from these, there is also a coin event
that is taken with pre-sale over the stock market that we call IEO. You know, IEO is a pre-sale that is integrated
into the stock market and when the pre-sale is finished, that coin is automatically listed
in that stock market. Let us give a brief explanation for those
who do not know. And Coinsbit, for example, says that we accept
visa and mastercard with the minimum commissions possible. Stable coins also
have a wide variety of coinsbit such as USDT, PAX, USDS, USDA, PLC. Stable coins, you know, are usually coins
that claim to be fixed to $ 1 coins, and especially when
we think that there will be a price decrease in coins are used to protect against these
decreases. If you ask my comments, according to the data
reported in coinmarketcap’te volume of all the crypto money exchanges in the 7th place
and partially high reference income
can be said to look like a nice point, but if you say there is a very striking feature,
it seems more like a decision. Like I said, nothing I’m talking about in
the videos is investment advice. Now, if you push, let’s move on to the Ledger lottery. Let’s see who won the Ledger device from us
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