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we’ll need to look out for we’re all can
be talking about a possible Bitcoin etf
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of news I have is about coinbase you
guys remember recently coinbase got
whitelisted from facebook so now a lot
of people you guys have mentioned in the
comments and you guys sent me messages
that you’ve seen coinbase ads on
facebook well that didn’t stop there
coinbase now got their ads back on
Google meaning we’re going to be able to
expose more people to cryptocurrency so
although this might seem small for one
it’s just coinbase it’s not all it’s not
all I SEOs you’re not gonna see a ton of
ICO ads like you did at the end of 2017
but having coin based there is and
coinbase being one of the easiest ways
to get from fiat to Bitcoin or aetherium
or like coin or Bitcoin cash at the
current time now obviously there’s tons
of steps that are being taken by
exchanges to be able to allow Fiat
withdrawals but coinbase still showing
to be the easiest getting them in front
of a lot of people is great with with
advertising on Google and Facebook they
can get in front of billions of people
and I think that’s going to be good for
cryptocurrency people who are maybe
interested and looked up a little bit
but thought it was too complicated and
left well
coin base is gonna be able to target
their ads to those people to then give
them an easier way of buying in so
overall I think this is a good sign I
think we’re going to see more
more ads coming on obviously they’re
gonna have to be careful which add it
goes no ICO ads no no Forex ads stuff
like that the those are still banned but
hopefully we see more and more
cryptocurrency that may be actually
launched cryptocurrency ads too right
what do you guys think of that you guys
think that’s a good idea
but anyways moving on I got a lot of
questions talking about sec postponing
bitcoin ets and this is where we have to
be careful because headlines are very
very tricky and things easily get
mistaken and i think it’s just a lack of
care from the people publishing the
article i think they’re more interested
in getting the clicks so they try and
clickbait it but sometimes the clickbait
goes a little too far
and it ends up being just plain wrong so
what happened was an article came out
saying that the SEC has delayed the
decision for bitcoin ETS until September
and that scared a lot of people our
people got talking because we’re
expecting it to be on August 16th is the
earliest it could happen we’re hoping to
hear a result there well it turns out a
guy on reddit went on and explained the
whole thing very well so recently a news
article from coin desk up published
stating SEC is delaying the decision on
Bitcoin ETS until scintilla September
and without confirming the news with
actual fact but got the the best of many
people as it does a lot of the time and
people went crazy the title was later
changed to SEC delays decision on delays
decision on directions Bitcoin ETA until
September so the fact is the SEC is
delaying a different ETF the one the SEC
is postponing is filed by by another
company it was was filed by another
company in January that’s a different
one than the one from the CBOE that a
lot of people are excited about so keep
that in mind guys so far no delay has
been had from the CBOE Bitcoin ETF the
ETF proposal hopefully that does end up
going through for now obviously that
might still get delayed as well they’d
have the SEC has the right to postpone
their decision if they want to but they
haven’t made that announcement yet the
announcement that has been moving around
the cryptocurrency space was not the
correct one and they’re talking about a
different ETF so always be careful when
it comes to new
articles and what you believe in what
you hear around to because people spread
bad news very very fast and a lot of the
time it’s not confirmed or denied now
guys this is cool too so we talked a
little bit about coinbase ads and how
coinbase is easy because it can get feel
into a cryptocurrency or some specific
cryptocurrency as well bit tricks is
coming out to do the same now one of the
pros of this is that coin base has a
select few crypto currencies on there it
doesn’t have as many as bid tricks or
buying and so when we started hearing
about exchanges possibly adding a fiat
deposit that was great and I think
that’s going to be a great move because
it will allow people to go directly from
fiat to all coins it would possibly
break the pairing between all coins and
Bitcoin cuz now usually when Bitcoin
goes up all coins go up when Bitcoin
goes down all coins go down so this was
a pretend this was a possibility of
breaking that and it looks like that’s
continuing so bit tricks is now going
fiat the US based crypto exchange has
that currently handles one hundred and
fifty million dollars in trading volume
has begun offering USD deposits and
withdrawals now we’ve seen some
exchanges do this as well but they’ve
also done it with a specific fiat so we
saw the Euro happen on certain exchanges
now there’s one for the US dollar and
that is going to be bid tricks I think
they’re all going to add a lot more
obviously as time goes on but for now
USD is the first one on bit trick so
beatrix now supports eligible personal
and corporate accounts for u.s. dollar
trading US dollar deposits and US dollar
with jaws international customers and
those operating in California New York
Montana and Washington State will
identify verified accounts with identity
verified accounts are eligible so again
a small group of people but I think
that’s going to continue to grow over
time I think everyone eventually is
going to have access to this benefit it
always starts off there are they’re
obviously trying to make sure that they
don’t run into any legal issues and
nothing like that happens so it’s still
in my opinion a very bullish sign for
crypto currency for all coins it’s gonna
help break the pairing to Bitcoin making
them able to go up if they deserve to go
up even if bitcoin is going down I think
that’s gonna help with that and overall
just make it easier for people to enter
the crypto currencies
I think that’s great I think it’s
something that we need well I’m having
to buy on coinbase then transfer
something else other than transfer to
another exchange so then by the all
point on that exchange comes with more
fees and it comes with an extra process
in the middle that you shouldn’t have to
do so overall a great sign now if we
look at the cryptocurrency market cap
today guys things are looking pretty
good getting close to that 300 million a
billion not million billion dollar
market cap again big words almonds
continuing to climb at 47% but now let’s
look at some of the biggest movers so in
the last 24 hours
we can see that Bitcoin private had the
biggest run-up adds up 15% the last 24
mid throw is up 13 mmm 8 safe coin is up
9 Tron is up 8 and a half so I know a
lot of people happy with that they did
actually confirm the acquisition of bit
tricks o or BitTorrent that’s something
that they didn’t do before they they had
if they hadn’t confirmed or denied it
people just heard about it and now they
did officially come out and confirm it
so Bitcoin also one of the biggest
movers at six point one eight percent
usually don’t see Bitcoin as one of the
top movers but very happy to see that
and on the other side obviously that
when there are ups there are down so
augur is down waves 10x lots of other
cryptocurrency down as well but it looks
like there’s more crypto currencies in
the green than there are in the red now
all coins seem like they don’t have a
fixed direction that they are moving it
although bitcoin is continuing to go up
it looks like all coins are not
following right now several reasons for
why this could happen again I mentioned
these in several other videos so if you
guys want more in-depth information I
would recommend looking back at some of
the previous videos but mainly people
are expecting a lot of good things for
Bitcoin to come so a lot of people are
moving their money into Bitcoin a lot of
people are buying into Bitcoin and
they’re not necessarily looking as much
at all coins but if you guys are scared
of metal that you missed out on the big
point opportunity you’re looking for
other crypto currencies to invest in
that could be good well with all coins
falling this does provide a good
opportunity to dollar cost average on
some of your favorite all coins because
this eventually these good projects will
come back up and one that I’m looking at
and one that I think is a very safe
but very under price right now is
ethereal so second biggest
cryptocurrency it’s at four hundred and
seventy three dollars a forty seven
almost forty eight billion dollar market
cap like I said it’s ranked number two I
think at the areum is at a very low
point as you can tell by the chart to
one of its lowest points this year and I
think it’s going to have its run up very
very soon and I’m very excited for that
so I am holding on to the etherium that
I have but again news coming out that
this is the highest level of Bitcoin
dominance since December so definitely
something to keep an eye out on Bitcoin
has been doing very very well hopefully
it does continue I think it will
continue leading up to the big point etf
announcement and then that’s gonna be
the important date on if it sets
cryptocurrency to the moon if we get if
it gets approve if we do get the big
point etf if that gets approved then I
think we’re going to have a very nice
cryptocurrency run but if it gets
postponed I can see people starting to
get a little starting to you know feel
the fear the fear uncertainty doubt foot
I think that’s going to come around and
now how long it gets postponed is gonna
be another key indicator on where the
market goes so definitely something to
keep in mind but I think Bitcoin
hopefully will have will continue to
have its run up all the way to ten K in
aetherium and other all coins I believe
eventually will start to follow as well
now last news I have is about V chain so
V chain did finance did complete the
venn main net swap to ve T so if you
guys go on Finance and you’re wondering
where is where are your V and tokens
well they’re now ve T tokens so just
wanted to share with that it is up five
point three six percent today doing
fairly well rank number nineteen again
just over a billion dollars in market
cap also like other all coins at one of
its lowest points this year so a perfect
opportunity to dollar cost average if it
does continue to fall your dollar cost
average but a perfect opportunity to
pick up some very very cheap
cryptocurrency this even though we have
seen a lot of green recently we see
green in the market right now guys a lot
of all coins are still down
significantly from their all-time high
and if it’s a good project it should get
back up to the all-time high we all
expect Bitcoin to get back up there will
expect etherium to get back up there
Ripple to get back up there a bit quick
ash if you like it stellar card Domino
all these good cryptocurrencies should
get back up to their all-time highs when
we do have the Bitcoin bull run so still
a great time to prepare your portfolio
don’t invest more than you get and then
you’re willing to lose of course and
don’t forget I’m non financial advisor
and this is not financial advice but
guys thank you so much for watching if
you did enjoy this video and don’t
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