Bitcoin secure wallet – Ledger wallet

Bitcoin secure wallet – Ledger wallet

Bitcoin is a disruptive technology that enables you to pay and be paid anywhere in the world with negligible fees, high-speed and confidence. but ensuring the security of your
transactions is no easy task are a breach of your data could make you
lose all your bitcoins ledgerwallet is a simple get really
secure device a smart-card, based hardware wallet
protecting your bitcoins against all kind of malewares and viruses. Ladger wallet bring state of the art security in a small physical wallet it they can connected to any USB port. Easy to carry and easy to take care of it. With ledger wallet you can use your bitcoins even under the worst of circumstances, even on an infected computer, even from a machine you cannot trust. Ledger Wallet! safeguards your data, checks your transactions, protects your bitcoins!

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  1. Очень простой и удобный. Доставка в Украину заняла всего 8 дней

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