In this section, we continue our full analysis
in December with 2 coins and 2 items. In the previous chapter, we gave Bitcoin,
Ethereum and Cardano a great deal of space. I even shared a date at Bitcoin in December
that we should pay particular attention to. If you haven’t watched the previous video,
watch it. Now, let’s briefly look at today’s and tomorrow’s
Bitcoin’s and then briefly talk about Tezos within the first 15 most important crypto-money
analyzes. And I have a very nice surprise for you. and
very little in it of yet unsold interested in money but in Turkey there is a crypto device
it will benefit a lot of work. I’m not selling it, of course, but I’m gonna
give it a surprise for now. Wait. Our telegram raffle continues. You can subscribe to my channel, tap the bell,
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winning. Now, my friends, I’m going to say this before
Bitcoin. China, you know, on the eve of producing its
own crypto money. Since China is a very central country, it
is already being talked about that The cryptocurrency of China has different purposes. For example, John McAfee has recently joined
the MoneroTalk podcasts, although his past is not so bright, and he said that China has
no other purpose. The problem of China is to use more crypto
money in China and to observe, control and analyze every user. I agree with that. Because China has made copies of applications
such as Youtube, Facebook for their own country and makes people use it. The pros and cons of this are discussed. Of course, while this is happening, China
certainly does not want to end its domination over Bitcoin or even to lose it to America
or anything. So it probably leaves a bit of an open door
to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin, like Google, was an American invention
like Facebook, he would reject it. Meanwhile, while all of this is happening,
we are talking about it in China, America and Japan. The Bank of Japan is currently investigating
crypto currencies. In fact, the neighbors China’s crypto money
into the market has also been under the spotlight. Anyway, I hope we are also opening our own
crypto Turkey as a good use of our money it brings to the name of the Blockcha beautiful
place and country, we can move to a more innovative value matching the crypto-currency. Don’t look, it can even contribute to the
country’s image. Now, my friends, in Article 1, if we talk
about Bitcoin today, tomorrow, briefly, let me tell you about the monthly Bitcoin analysis
in the previous video. Think of it with him. In this video, I will give you a new perspective. I had already warned you about a large descending
triangular formation, that is, mold movement, and that there could be hard declines, but
now that I have realized, my friends, we are not finished with that fall. Triangle descending into the wedge that you
see already, in fact we have been going for a while in the wedge. That’s a good thing, actually. Of course we cannot say 100%, but according
to this situation, Bitcoin may eventually break itself up from somewhere and say yeter
enough yeter. This formation, the longer the movement of
this pattern, the longer the natural law of life, the harder it can be, the more violent
it can be, but we’ve broken it so that we can go higher, we need to exceed $ 8100, but
this is not fixed at $ 8100. If this hard break occurs in December, for
example, as time goes on, December 10 – December 20 or so, the amount that Bitcoin will need
to exceed to break hard and rise will fall. At the current point, we can get support at
6200 dollars at the bottom and 7750-7500 dollars at the top. So much so that the 7500s, which have been
supporting for a long time, have turned into resistance in the last days, and in the previous
video, I told you that in the previous video, on the 19th of December, fibonacci time zone
might have been a harsh move, and I warned you. Stretch folks, as it calendar December 19
and December 29. Give me some share, so if it happens, it can
happen in 10 days. Let me tell you this before I go to Tezos
as a news flash. Chicago-based CME, which offered the first
futures transactions at Bitcoin, now announced Bitcoin option contracts on January 13th. Inside, there will be physical operations
similar to the Bakkt platform. We will discuss the details later, but the
financial white-collar economy, which collides with the agricultural and industrial economy
and tries to crush it, will now go one step further and absorb a bit of Bitcoin’s blood. It’il put him down. The derivative market after all. Anyway, this topic goes away. Other than these, as item 2 in the last few
days, we briefly talk about the positive sense of Tezos’tan the most hot news I think Tezos’a
support from Binance’ten. No more staking service from Tezos holders
on Binance that is, Tezos tut will be able to benefit from the coin boiler service free
of charge. The Coinbase and exchanges charge
a transaction fee of around 25%, while Binance will not charge the transaction. We all know that Binance didn’t do this job
for Tezos’ black eyebrows. He has researched, he has seen a volume of
Tezos in which he can grow even more by pulling on himself, it is highly probable that he
did it, or he may have said that now I can give free staking service, and I can make
it paid when investors get used to it. Friends do not normally doom to stock exchanges
for these staking services anyway. You can do it by downloading your own wallet
or something but you really have to accept it. Now the guy goes down to Binance instead of
pulling out the wallets one by one. It’s easy, but when you look at it, this kind
of news brings a nice comment to Tezos. Therefore, Tezos has not had the chance to
be delistized from Binance in the near future, so that he can get into the stock market thoroughly. Let’s face it or not, because Binance is a
stock market that can dominate the sector, the delists that can be experienced on it
can lower the price of coins. In this respect, this is good news for Tezos
investors. On the other hand, the Tezos foundation has
appointed a new council member. That’s Alex Bonte. Alex Bonte is the founder and CEO of E-republik. This company is also part of the Stillfront
group. This group is a game company that reaches
500 million users all over the world with its 3 studios and 35 games. This may be the point where Tezos can go. Crypto currency is a very critical thing in
the network after all. I have a more detailed review of Tezos in
my channel. Tezos’s technical analysis is of course not
investment advice, but it looks fine. There is a rising triangle. The price is resisting to stay above the 50-day
moving average. In this formation, our expectations are generally
rising. If we go in a scenario like this, we can go
up to $ 1.24 before 1.32 and then to $ 1.40, but of course it really broke the triangle,
and to say it’s going to rise hard, we need to see a $ 1.47 or something first and then
throw it up the triangle. On the contrary, if the downside scenario
is realized and cannot hold at 1.24 dollars, it may fall down to 1.15, but the rise expectation
from this triangle has been broken down to 1.07 dollars then it is even below the 200-day
moving average. So the essence of the word Tezos here around
17-20 cents unless there is a sharp increase in the possibility of a sharp increase. If we talk about December, this may be the
rise until December 21 because the triangle will be narrowed by then. E is very likely to break out of the place
where the account of the cop. Yes, folks, Bitcoin, if we talked about the
events of Tezos for December, I would like to talk about an arbitrage application called
Arbismart today as a sponsor, without giving investment advice. The link is at the top of the description
section. You can also look directly from there. Arbismart is basically an application that
promises to earn money through arbitrage, with Turkish language support, but what is
arbitrage when it is ready before, how to earn money from arbitrage, or more accurately. If we talk briefly about no scams, arbitrage
is called to buy a coin cheaper than a stock exchange and sell it more expensive on the
b stock exchange. Of course, if I said coin, the arbitrage event
is not something that starts with crypto money: it is much older: For example, if it is traded
at $ 1.35 in Tezos Binance, you have reached 1.70 in Huobi. Trying to buy from Binance and sell it from
Huobi is called arbitrage, but of course it’s not that easy in practice. You’re gonna get it there, send it to the
other side, sometimes the differences can be closed in a blink of an eye. Even if you give this job 24/7, it can be
difficult to catch and even if you catch that coin until you send a drop, delay or something
even to get out of this harmful. At this point, arbismart says, we are a regulated
arbitrage system in Europe, which acts in accordance with legal regulations. Users with zero risk (of course there is always
risk, first of all, you are entrusting your money to a coat, you should not ignore this
risk) anyway, I’m telling you with their comments, you can earn up to 1% a day, he says. 1% may sound very small, but I’m looking at
whether such platforms are coming up with too good an offer to be true, or are they
offering a realistic profit promise on the ground. Because if it’s too good to be true, it usually
doesn’t, but I think% 1 might be real. Anyway, I just told you about the difficulties
of making arbitrage between exchanges, Arbismart says that at this point, the volume crypto
is important every second on the stock exchanges, and we can make these buy and sell transactions
in real time by making high volume transactions at the same time. Actually It may make sense, because instead
of sending it from one place to another manually, Arbismart, which probably has money on every
stock exchange, does this automatically without losing a coin transfer between them. He says that we monitor the market on the
one hand to ensure that all processes are automated and we take prudent action by engaging
human intervention with our risk management team when necessary. For example, seven days ago, Nasdaq, a New
York-based stock market, also mentioned Arbismart on its website. More precisely, a person from Arbismart joined
as a guest writer and said that Lending, staking or something, yields lower profits and arbitrage
is a more sensible investment. Of course, she said so, there is no such thing
as 100%. I’m just helping you decide. As I said, there is a link in the description
section. Totally up to you. Arbitrage, meanwhile, offers more opportunities
when the market is more active. At the moment, when I look directly at Arbismart
and the market is more stagnant and more horizontal nowadays, even though there are not very high
differences, I can be prepared by arbitrage the bullish season. So my strategy in the bull can only be said
to be arbitrage. By the way, I’m not saying that you should
do this arbitrage at Arbismart. A different strategy can be followed, for
example, that I will not open long positions in the bull, just do arbitrage. That’s a point of view. For example, when we look directly at the
panel, we can see the differences between exchanges of 5 euro and 7 euro and even 10
euro. However, it is very important to note that
this panel also draws from a web service that we call API in the end. It might sound wrong. So we need to go to that stock market and
check it out. Is
it really like the price here? There are also stock exchanges that we do
not know here. Inside, Bitcoin, Ethereum, bank transfer or
credit card deposit can be made. Only the minimum investment figure came to
me at least 300 euro can be invested. They added a profit calculator module inside. Arbismart also has its own token called RBIS. According to the company, earnings can also
be drawn in euros. There’s a rewards program. Like on Facebook, follow twitter-style tiny
applications you can earn your own token. Although he doesn’t need any experience to
use the Arbismart platform, he still needs to know how to deposit and withdraw crypto
money. To sum up, yes, if the arbitrage business
can be simplified, high profits can be achieved. I have just told you to take it by hand and
send it here and there are risks and benefits. Ha Arbismart seems to have made it easier
with software running in the background. The link is below. You can look, you
can become a member if you want. Let me do the classic stimulation. If he wants to enter first, we
will enter into tiny, experiment, experiment, check, and as a result, we will knowingly
enter into risks without forgetting that Binance is an online service like big or small. Now, my friends, let’s move on to today’s
bonus information. Today I’m going to tell you about speed reading. It’s a topic I’m very fond of. Do you know how fast the world speed reading
champion Anne Jones finished her 607-page Hary Potter? Only 47 minutes. 607 pages only 47 minutes. He read 13 pages per minute.

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