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seemed like a nice run and then we got
the pullback we called that in the group
and also aetherium when it was worth
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have for you guys today is the hunt for
Satoshi Nakamoto now this has been going
on for a while we’ve had several people
come out and claim they are Satoshi
Nakamoto we’ve had people who had
nothing to do with it get accused of
being Satoshi Nakamoto if you guys
haven’t watch the documentary on Netflix
so a lot of things have been going on
both sad hilarious just several
different things well now they’re
actually going deeper and deeper to find
it so hashtag find Satoshi hunt is on
there trying to raise money to hire
private detectives the best private
detectives from Japan New York London
and Russia they’re trying to raise a
quarter of a million dollars just to
find who Satoshi Nakamoto
is who is the creator of Bitcoin I
wanted to ask you guys this before we
continue on in the video who do you
think it is do you think it is someone
that one is already in the spotlight
with kripp with cryptocurrency we just
don’t know that that’s a Toshi Nakamoto
do you think it is a group of people
whatever your guys’s thoughts are leave
it in the comments down below do you
think I am Satoshi Nakamoto guys don’t
count me out I swear it might be me
leave that in the comments down below
moving on those some bullish news this
is from a yell analyst so Yale economist
I don’t know how to pronounce his name
do you guys can look at him right here
who has taught economics at the
prestigious Yale University for many
years had said that every investor who
believes Bitcoin can perform as well as
it did in 2017 should invest at least 6%
of their holdings in crypto now I asked
you guys previously how much of your
portfolio or how much of your investment
portfolio do you have in cryptocurrency
we’ve got tons of different answers in
the comments absolutely loved reading
everything we’ve got people from 5 to
10% all the way to 100% of the
investment portfolio in cryptocurrency
so very interesting to see
he said if you believe that it will it
that it can perform as well as it did in
2017 you should hold 6% of your
portfolio in Bitcoin if you believe
it’ll do half as well you should hold 4%
and if you think it’ll do much worse
then you should still hold 1% now given
the scale of the market how fast that’s
grown I 100% agree that and this is more
for big-name investors people with a lot
a lot of money that they have
investments in real estate and they are
scattered in different places I know a
lot of people watching this right now
don’t have as many investments
cryptocurrency is one of the first or if
not the first investment that people
have gotten into so that explains the
wide range of percentages that we had
but still holding even 1% I 100% agree
even if you don’t even if you don’t
think it’s gonna perform as well this
year maybe you see something down the
future I think as an investment you
don’t want to miss out having at least a
little bit having some skin in the game
now I know a lot of people also think
it’s going to do far better at
continuing on in the coming years and
that’s why we’ve heard
people say to allocate a portion of
their cryptocurrency into Bitcoin or a
percentage of their investments into
cryptocurrency or Bitcoin there we go
now this isn’t the only person talking
about this so talking about some
billionaires that I wanted to share with
you that now billionaires a lot of them
are investors a lot of them continue to
grow their money through investment so
these guys usually know what they’re
talking about now obviously maybe some
luck was involved in some cases maybe
some people inherited money but for the
most part these guys are fairly smart
people so the billionaire co-founder of
Avenue Capital Group was did an
interview on with CNBC last month his
net worth is estimated to be one point
six eight billion dollars yes a lot of
money and he said that he has invested
more than one percent of his holdings in
crypto to him one percent is sixteen
point eight million dollars of his
family’s net worth but he said he’s
invested over one percent so it’s over
sixteen point eight million dollars
that’s a lot of money coming into the
market guys that shows that people are
instead this is just the beginning
people are you know starting to see how
it works they’re not gonna jump into
something without fully understanding it
and sure they’ve done their research
they’ve done the the risk analysis and
then they invested part of it and that
that investment will probably continue
to grow as they keep going they also
dollar-cost average they also buy it in
chunks they don’t just throw all money
in at one time similar to how I
recommend you guys do or how I share
that I do it myself now he’s not the
only one to do this so some billionaire
investors such as galaxy digital’s Mike
and Novogratz I don’t know if I
pronounced that correctly and PayPal
founder said that they have allocated a
significant chunk of their net worth in
Christian crypto and notably Novogratz
invested a substantial amount of his
personal holdings in other major crypto
currencies like yo Wes so again they’re
doing their research they’re coming out
with which ones they believe the most in
and that’s the one they’re investing so
somewhere in Bitcoin somewhere in the
theory summer in iOS and some I’m sure
are in ripple and of several other
crypto currencies out there but I wanted
to give you guys a sense of positivity
give you guys some confidence in the
market these guys are really smart
these guys are and
and then these guys are getting in the
market so I believe there’s still a long
way to go majority of the negative
things we hear said by very rich people
they’re like billionaires and
cryptocurrency usually they’re the
owners of banks so I kind of have a hard
time believing what they’re saying
simply because I believe there is a
hidden agenda there of suppressing I
don’t even think it’s hidden anymore I
think everyone knows about it that
they’re trying to suppress the price
because of how scared they are but for
people that aren’t the CEO of big banks
they seem to be pretty bullish on it too
now some news came out yesterday about
COO coin and I wanted to clear this up
clarify this because they did actually
make an announcement I got a ton of
messages with this because I’ve used
cool coin as well and a lot of you guys
also use cool coin and there was a
report that the COO coin Hong Kong
offices are empty and this is a major
crypto exchange you guys can see right
here they have a lot of money there’s a
lot of money in in cool coin if you guys
see this the picture that was posted by
someone by Joseph young empty this is
the Hong Kong suppose that Hong Kong
offices are empty now COO coin did
clarify this
shortly after saying that the
clarifications are they was titled two
clarifications on cuckoo and office
locations in their post the exchange
clarified that their headquarters is
located in Singapore that the Hong Kong
address is nothing but a mailing address
of one of co points many subsidiary
companies so if you guys believe that or
that’s gonna be up to you guys to do
have a trading volume of fourteen point
eight million dollars like I said
there’s a lot of money in there and the
another interesting thing is you guys
can see right here is on their official
Twitter account it shows something that
we don’t see very often if there’s a
warning message that says caution this
account is temporary resumed temporarily
restrictive so you have to click on the
yes view profile maybe that’s just
twitter taking actions cuz they got a
lot of reports I don’t know exactly what
that is I don’t know if that it is even
up by the time you guys are watching
this video anymore but I want to know do
you guys believe this or not let me know
in the comments do you think there is a
issue here with cool coin or do you
think they’re telling the truth and then
it is simply a mailing address let me
know that in the comments and last
article before we talk about a specific
cryptocurrency well there’s a lot of
interest and bitcoins hash rate and
they’re telling a bullish story so again
guys yes there are ups and there are
downs in the cryptocurrency market
you’ve seen even in the span of just one
a one day to the next we have a green
day then we have a red day we’ve seen
this happen all the time sometimes you
know the market is down 15% sometimes
it’s up 10% especially recently with the
amount of manipulation we have we’ve
seen these spike up and the spike down
again I want to help you guys make money
with that and that’s why I started the
cryptocurrency trade alerts crew because
there is a way where you can know with
with technical analysis that you can
kind of identify what direction the
market is headed and I’m doing that and
sharing it all in the group for you guys
along with all the trades of all coins
and stuff like that – so we can all make
money even while the market is down but
apparently miners are still very bullish
on Bitcoin you guys can see the chart
below Bitcoin hatchery has continued to
grow at an astonishing pace despite the
sell-off so this suggests that minor are
still very beautiful –is– on future
prices now that we did they they also do
some research find out that mining
doesn’t consume as much power as
previously thought obviously there are
different ways to go about I see a lot
more solar mining becoming anything a
lot of companies are starting this truck
they’re starting to try out solar mining
and trying to make that a thing we’ll
see how that plays off but other than
mining which is one good sign well there
is more about the ETF as well so we’ve
seen that there is a lot of interest in
in the Bitcoin ETF and a lot of very
wealthy investors are waiting for this
to happen now if you guys see the gold
ETF price right here what happened when
the first gold ETF was launched on March
2003 after that there was a huge
parabolic run for gold and if you guys
can see right here Bitcoin seems to be
following the same pattern we have seen
for gold as of right now and then moving
forward we’re gonna see what happens
after they eat yet a lot of people are
still expecting the ETF to happen
everyone expected the delay guys so a
lot of people sold and a lot of people
were scared simply because of the delay
everyone expected the delay every big
name in crypto
see expect the delay now some people are
saying it might take all the way up to
2019 so be prepared for September 30th
to not be the day that there is the
announcement there again I want to
emphasize that to you guys we might not
see it just because they postpone it to
September 30th doesn’t mean that’s going
to be the day it happens so a lot of
people are still speculating 2019 is
when it’s gonna happen and again I’m
just excited because maybe this is a
type of run I think there’s so much
built around the ETF which I don’t think
is great I don’t I don’t like the fact
that the market sells off just because
the ETF has been postponed but on the
other hand it does provide a pretty
solid a pretty interesting fact that if
it does get approve or when it does get
approved not if but when it does get
approved that the markets could see some
very serious gains just taking the
reverse of what we seen happen from the
delay I think the markets can see a very
nice run and like I said there’s no lack
of investor interest in Bitcoin ETF a
recent survey conducted by international
law firm fully and Lardner found that
nearly three-quarters of our
participants 72% we’re hopeful they’ll
have the opportunity to invest in an ETF
that holds Bitcoin or other
cryptocurrency ETS are probably going to
be far beyond I think they’re at
$200,000 so for most people watching
this you’re not going to get the chance
to participate in the a in the ETF this
for people with a lot of money that are
gonna be buying it but I’m glad to see
that there is investor interest in
getting in one of these now before we do
the Bitcoin giveaway talking a little
bit about the markets still recovering a
little bit from yesterday’s lows but two
hundred and twelve billion dollars in
market cap Bitcoin dominance still up at
some of the biggest movers as you get
you guys can see is actually a good
amount of green in the last 24 hours
given that we did have a significant
pullback previously so that’s why we are
up Knowles is up 15% a good crypto
currency right here just broke back into
the top 100 NCO of 14% chain link is up
and a lot of deeper crypto guys and we
keep scroll as you guys can see there’s
more than half of them are in the actual
green and by next coin of course seeing
some red given that the market is green
finance coin usually does the opposite
which is why a lot of people choose to
buy into it
when people believe the mark is going to
fall it’s another way to short a Bitcoin
if you can’t obviously be on certain
exchanges that allow you to do it
because of where you live some people
sell a Bitcoin to tether and buy back in
when it is lower some people sell to
finance point that way you still have
skin in the cryptocurrency game and yet
you’re not invested in Bitcoin and by
Nets point usually goes up if the market
overall has pulled back now talking
about ripple really quick guys before we
go into the giveaway so I’m sure a lot
of you guys who are invested in ripple
are gonna be very interested in hearing
this thirty cents a complete steel for
ripple I think what’s coming in the
future for them as long as everything
lines up correctly could return some
very serious gains we’re getting back to
the lows that we had all the way back
here because you see we’re getting close
to these lows over here which we’re at
20 cents while in 10 cents away from
that still from the all-time high so
much down so providing so much
opportunity still as the third biggest
cryptocurrency of rank number 3 third
biggest cryptocurrency in terms of
market cap tons of opportunity I believe
for it now we would like to see XR P is
one of the base assets on financer okay
this is what they’re trying to do
they’re trying to get X RP as one of the
base assets on by net who is they well
this is going to wise ratings they agree
that x RP should be a base currency on
buy net so now that we today at the CEO
of Finance and they wanted to get some
retweets to get them to know their
reasoning makes sense it is faster but
I’m not gonna read through everything
the main tweet that we see here from
Weiss ratings is we think that XR P is
the fastest digital asset to transfer
funds between exchanges it only makes
sense for buying it by nets to use it as
the base currency why should one have to
go through an intermediary
cryptocurrency to trade so I know a lot
of you a lot of you ripple fans are
going to really like this news you guys
would love to see Finance have ripple as
or XRP as a base currency so let me know
down below if you think that’s going to
happen and if you think it should happen
let me know your opinions on that down
below now let’s get into the Bitcoin
giveaway so this video I picked the big
news of the year for Bitcoin great video
did super well ton of engagement you
guys were awesome over there now let’s
see who won the Bitcoin giveaway let’s
see let’s see let’s see
sundar nada dots now I’m completely
butchered that most probably but
congratulations you want some free
Bitcoin now Tron is difficult to
understand but hoping it moons to I may
start coming up next to neck in top 5 to
10 crypto it it may start coming up next
neck in top 5 to 10 Kryptos let’s see if
Tron does break into the top 10 or maybe
in the top 5 I know a lot of people
think it could happen I’m excited to see
what the future holds for cryptocurrency
personally I think there’s a ton of
great ones out there as much as there is
a ton of shit coins out there I think
there’s a ton of great ones out there as
and in a few years we’re gonna look back
and honestly regret not picking up more
at these prices but guys but
congratulations on winning in order to
claim the Bitcoin giveaway all you guys
say all you have to do is leave a
comment down below leaving your Bitcoin
wallet address guys if they don’t claim
me in the next 24 hours I’m gonna
picking another winner in tomorrow’s
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down below in order to potentially enter
a chance to win tomorrow’s giveaway guys
thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video


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