Can Bitcoin Market Break $7,800? NEX Project Update!!!

Can Bitcoin Market Break $7,800? NEX Project Update!!!

14 thoughts on “Can Bitcoin Market Break $7,800? NEX Project Update!!!”

  1. NEX calculates $18.54/1 NEO, while the current price is about ~$24.6. Buying NEX at that price means an instant loss of ~25%. Do you think its worth it? Or am I calculating wrong?

  2. Hey everyone OhHeyMatty here thanks for visiting the comments section!!! If you want to learn more about how i originally scored NEX make sure to check out the spread sheet link in the description. Remember nothing is financial advice just positive vibes and thoughts in the space. Thanks for stopping by :).

  3. People still falsely associate the success of NEX with NEOs, even though it has been confirmed several times that NEX is not dependent on NEO or any blockchain. NEX is a nep5 token solely designed to be staked and that's about it. The Exchange itself will support tokens from several chains so I don't understand why people try to make NEX seem like they depend on NEO so much.

  4. Just Contributed in Nex ICO & I can't agree more this is the best Smooth Transaction I have Seen Extension works so smooth no lag nothing That's all star team for You🤑 . Team is very very smart they bought this ICO right on Time when NEO Value was to it's lowest. so They will be Raising nearly 1.2M + NEO if NEO goes even say 60$ they are raising 75M🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  5. much better video than the last few trading videos, i have the same assesment we could reach 7600 although we are kind of looking burnt out now tbh, then down to test a lower low where i think support wont hold i feel like there is mt gox sell off fud on the way and etf denial late september. this will be the final low imo im very bullish for the last week of october/first week of november

    side note your chart is just a bit messy for me if you are using cloud you dont need all of those moving averages since moku is literally 5 moving averages itself. macd is crap, rsi and a/d are so similar in what they show you really only need the one. the chart the most important part takes up only 25% of the screen

  6. matty will you have cover wandx again its changed a lot since you first talked about it, seems like awesome project that amazingly not many people know about

  7. Great video! very informative. I just started looking into ICO and found your video very helpful. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex.

  8. Glad I decided not to go long at $6900.

    I see ETH going to $150 which will cause a lot of Alts yo go to zero.

    Like I said, more pain and abandonment to come.

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