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Hello everyone this is Running on Empty … Food Review! Well hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I am your host TheReportOfTheWeek and here we are running an empty food review A different setting an outdoor setting it’s a familiar setting But it might it might have a have a brief air of unfamiliarity to it But I’m outdoors. I’m I’m glad to be outdoors if you could hear the dog barking I imagine it’s glad to be outdoors too – And if it barks the whole video it barks the whole video it does what it does maybe it’s a Wendy’s advocate instead of a McDonald’s one or maybe it’s maybe it’s cheering us on maybe it isn’t just enjoying this so much already Just giving us praise and acclaim Well It’s easy as one two three Yeah easy as one two three at least That’s what McDonald’s likes to say what is easy as one two three a lot of things are But according to McDonald’s the new revised one to three dollar menu apparently McDonald’s is you know they had the dollar menu that had the famous dollar menu It was a huge hit and then I guess things got too expensive And they discontinued it and well there was so much protest rioting. Do you remember the time when it happened to the drive-through? They’re bringing it back and they brought it back It’s not your dollar menu anymore, though You can get things for a dollar, but it’s your one to three dollar menu as the bag again alludes to So what exactly is it and? You know what’s so special about it, and why is it so new and improved and revised well Here’s how it is there new dollar menu is devised into three tiers. Okay? There’s a one dollar tier a Two dollar tier and a three dollar tier, and it’s not like they’re gonna force you into something. It’s like they’re gonna say, okay You have to buy something for $1 You have to buy something for $2 and you have to buy something for $3 And if you’re not gonna do that get out of here, they’re not gonna do that you could buy whatever you want How much of anything that you want? Here’s what you can get though? This is what we want to know? For $1 you can get a cheeseburger You can get a McChicken sandwich You can get a sausage burrito, and you can get a soft drink of any size Now I decided to get something of the $1 – and $3 here. What did I get for $1? I got myself a large Coca Cola I think that’s the best value for a buck honestly a large soft drink You can’t beat it, and it’ll help you wash down some of the items coming up later in this menu for $2 what can you get in the $2 here you can get a bacon McDouble sandwich a 2 piece chicken tender can’t get the elusive three-piece meal anymore 2 piece chicken tender a sausage McGriddle, or a small Mc Cafe beverage For the $3 – you can get a triple cheeseburger a classic chicken sandwich, which is newly released by the way but no one cares about it and the sausage actually, I should say a sausage McMuffin with egg and or a happy meal So for the $2 here I got myself the bacon McDouble and for the $3 one I got myself the classic chicken sandwich Figure out what’s what here you might be saying Isn’t it kind of sick and twisted And that there’s no options for fries On this menu well We could have our complaints granted, but I think for what it is to be able to get these sandwiches for you know six dollars Not a bad deal, so I’m just gonna kind of go through it. Oh, you know I just tried these little sandwiches for you, and I’m kind of well let you know if the one to three dollar I Guess menu is worth it so far exclusively based on price I think it is a pretty good deal because you can get yourself for six bucks this huge soft drink double burger with some bacon and there classic chicken sandwich with their esteemed sriracha sauce So first and foremost let’s take a look at this bacon McDouble here It’s a McDouble with bacon on it now granted for two bucks. I’m not expecting the highest quality Here’s the bacon that we all want to see There we go I hid behind the bacon and you could see it. Well now right. There’s that the bacon looks like and You know comes with bacon cheese Looks like a pickle ketchup mustard You can see There it is your cheese nice and plasticky just the way you like it And the burger with a little bit of seasoning So it seems so it looks like you know what you would expect from a McDouble type sandwich I like the McDonnells honestly, but with bacon on it, so I’ll just try it out and quickly let you know what it tastes like so this is the bacon McDouble on a $2 menu going in It’s chilly outside I got my overcoat on with a wing collar in vest, but I Mean it’s probably 60 which is much much much nicer than what I had been in Yeah, we go High-res cross section we all we all have been dying for What does it taste like well to give it to you succinctly It’s what you would expect it’s standard of McDonald’s quality where you’re not gonna be going in there expecting a You know like a full-blown angus steak burger that would be worth fifty five dollars You know you you get two beef patties that are very salty The bacon itself can be lacking it tastes like microwavable bacon for what it is the cheese is plasticky But it’s what you would expect. It’s it’s you know. It’s it’s standard I would say it is completely standard for what it is when it comes down to You know McDonald’s type of items Now this is the important thing the classic chicken sandwich, this is a new release and What’s so classic about a classic a chicken sandwich you might ask Well according to McDonald’s at least It’s a breaded chicken patty as you can see dreaded. You know crispy kind of reminiscent of their southern style chicken sandwich actually And on it Too tomatoes And you might be saying well, what’s this sauce drizzle? You know what is that is that? I don’t know is it like paint Come on good question, I’m glad you asked. This is a sriracha sauce supposed to you know they’re kind of stuck in 2015 with that though the whole sriracha craze I feels kind of died out a little bit But they’re still they’re still trying it out. You know That’s what it is. It’s a simple sandwich, but I guess it’s the classic chicken sandwich. I guess that’s considered classic and McDonald’s vernacular And uh I’ll let you know what it tastes like so it’s the classic chicken sandwich from McDonald’s going in You know the classic chicken sandwich for Really for what it is. I’m impressed by it Now whenever they do this thing where they kind of market sriracha especially Know if you heard anyway Whenever they market something especially with sriracha and chicken I’ve had bad experiences from it with McDonald’s it’s like It’s a gimmick, and they just never do it right, but this time. Maybe they finally perfected upon it It’s a lot better than I expected it to be and it’s probably the Pick of the menu right here three dollars You’re getting a lot more chicken than I had expected. It’s actually a pretty decent pretty thick chicken fillet Chicken is actually pretty tender pretty juicy pretty flavorful And that’s the sriracha actually kind of gives it that little bit of a flavorful spiciness, but it’s not overbearing overpowering and It’s actually a pretty good chicken sandwich, so what do I have to say about the one to three dollar menu? The items might not be the highest quality in all cases right look at the dollar menu as it had previously been you know it Wasn’t you know didn’t have a Big Mac on the dollar menu? But for what it is. I think you can get a pretty good meal without breaking the bank at all like imagine this right? The bacon the bacon McDouble was a little iffy, I would rate it a six point five out of ten Because for what it is. It’s alright, but could be quite a bit better The classic chicken sandwich on the other hand is around an eight point three out of ten Much higher and because they’re not forcing you to pick one thing or the other or the other You know I would recommend like you go in there. You’ll get this classic chicken sandwich are three dollars We’ve got a large coke or soft drink for one dollar and there you go you have yourself a pretty solid meal for four bucks So I think it’s a good idea a good concept for what it is And you know some of the items can be hit or miss, but if you’re checking this out And you know you only got five bucks, and you’re wondering what about that classic chicken sandwich. I say go for it It’s better than better than I thought it was and there’s some pretty good deals on this menu, too So they’re my thoughts on the one to three dollar menu from McDonald’s and also to short reviews for the bacon McDouble sandwich and the classic chicken sandwich as well Thank you for watching. I’m your host ThReportOfTheWeek. Hope you have a wonderful Wonderful weekend and until next time my friends take care, and that is all.

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