70 thoughts on “COIN App: How Much I Got PAID To WALK!”

  1. Can you run both Coin and Sweat Coin? I walk back and forth to work and I’m considering simply having them run in the background.

  2. Concerned about setting up wallet. Have over 10,000 wondering if scam. Bought 12.00 sentinel. No going for any monthly subscriptions.

  3. So the 101.79 XYO were for 5 hours walking or more?? You didn't say that exactly…

  4. Aw I found this app called Pyramid. If you get others to download it, you can earn free digital currency of the future. Passive income yo!

  5. Oh man, these apps they come with are funny sometimes. Great review. I seen that ad so many times and I’m like hmm just another thing I don’t wanna fall for lol

    Oh review this one app called “make money”

  6. When are people going to realize that all those apps are made to gather data from you and not actually pay you money…?

  7. I walked miles,For health. never for wealth.. Thank you ryan scribner. You introduce us to the stuff that we never even image to have..Who agrees?

  8. Its a bullshit apt. These companies think we don't do anything. But i do think they found the solution to big people.

  9. You're essentially mining the coin for them while your burn out your battery, get your data collected, deal with advertisements, unfavorable exchange rates, and the only benefit you get is some mild exercise and a few cents. That's a big no for me.

  10. Can you do a review of the cashapp stock trading option? It hasn’t been out very long and reviews are limited. They offer fractional shares for as little as $1.

  11. I've been using an app like this for like one and a half years now, called ActiFit, and it does pay you out with steem (another cryptocurrency) upvotes.

  12. Could you please make a video about investment platforms like Webull or M1 for non US citizens? For people from all over the world and not exclusively for US citizens, please.

  13. You could probably make more money if you invested into a kitten and puppy. Then, you take said Kitten and Puppy, put a hat on both of them, and make a video out of it. Post it on youtube, and rake in the revenue from video of "I put a hat on a Kitten and Puppy".
    On top of that, you give a rescue home to Kitten and Puppy.
    Remember that video of that person tickling the Kitten on its tummy? That video ALONE earned about…………$50 Trillion dollars. Now that person lives on Jupiter, with a gold rocket car made of Mojo.

  14. XYO is a scam,all initial investors are down 95 per cent of their initial investment and they are sellling t shirts and hats and paying this youtubers to try to dupe some more idiots,BEWARE!!!!!!!

  15. Great video, Ryan!
    The purpose of our app is to introduce Blockchain/Crypto to the masses while enabling users to earn digital currency. Users can earn COIN at any speed.
    Just to clear up some confusion, users are collecting "COIN" which holds a different value than XYO, and if you were to redeem the COIN for XYO at the current price in this video ($0.000264), you would actually receive 18,939.39 XYO for 10,000 COIN. Thank you for checking out our app 🙂

  16. thanks for saving me time and energy. i was unsure what crypto or payout they were doing. BTC is what I wanted or Ripple. You're dope for this Ryan!

  17. Turn it on when you drive somewhere as it works best, I easily make 3-4000+ coin each day with pro version, just doing my normal driving

  18. i usually reach 10000 xyo in like 2 weeks with the sentinel. They have been giving less coins since the last update. And with driving it works with any speed.

  19. I don’t know if you have seen them, but I see a lot of in game ads for “free money” slot machine type apps. I look at these ads and think yeah, right, of course you can win thousands of dollars a day for nothing, but I do worry that they are marketing to people with empty wallets who might try them and get scammed… have you tried any of those?

  20. Lol it will costs you a shitload more on your data than you'll ever earn with this app are people that gullible? And even if you have unlimited data you're earning squat! You can be way more productive with your time than with these stupid apps that hardly pay anything, I mean isn't your time worth more than what this thing offers? Come on people!

  21. The only one that makes any cash is coin. What a rip off, your better off purchasing your own equipment for mining crypto currency

  22. Ryan. I am.currently using Coin app. After about a week it offered me a 3 day trial of the 36x premium bundle. I went from earning 100 if lucky to 700 without much peristance. I ever got 2 days grace when i couldnt pay the free (accidental takeaway).

    I have since surpased the 10,000 threshold and decided to try the smaller pro plan (suggestong 24x rewards).

    On attemtping to withdraw i was told accounts must be 2 aeeks old. I have 3 days left.

    Would you like an update on payout status?

    I think i think the Sentinels are thier primary mining devices. The app is likely designed to bounce the singal across a more global platform. If sentinels are the primary mining platforms; then connecting your phone to multiple sentinels is not disimilar to a mining pool in practice; although very different in architecture.

    With a classic mining pool. The pool is connected to the central network but the nodes only connect to the pool.

    In the system. The nodes never disconect. The pool is just a relay to increase signal stregnth.

    If im right about what thier algorithm mines; our location data itself is not important. Its just the signal itself. They essentially send thier transactuon singal by global gps signal off satelites. So the signal needs more modes world wide to worl smoothly.

    Phones get rewards for acting as relays between signals. When you connect the sentinel to your app; it helps triangulate the relay (your phones gps). Your phone basically allows thw sentinels it is connected with to mine quicker as they recieve block data from a closer distancs then your phone did.

    I believe the Tor Network works the same wah as the app withoit a sentinel. The block bounces between relayes (mobile phones) until landing one one with an attached Sentinel. The sentinel then downloads the block and mines it.

    The reason you connect to the sentinel by bluetooth; its a different signal. Both your phone while the app is active; amd your sentinel are always connected to the central network.

    The premium plans i believe are actually cloud mining contracts. I believe the company mine ETH and BTC; as well as thier own XYO. And the App allows you to choose what payment you prefer.

    If they do not up the payout to gain ratio (lowering the amount gained from an equal payout) it would up the price of thier coin. But if they announce this too it will have the wrong effect. So they fluctuate the price of thier payout in XYO regularly. I noticed this entering and exiting the payout screen for XYO.

    Thier BTC and ETH payout also change in tandom with exchange prices. So they do look very legit to me.

    The 2 week payout limit makes sense. No way on earth you can get 10k in 2 weeks wothout a sub or a sentinel.

    Pro plan easy 10k in a week. Easy 30-40k a month. No sentinel.

    I will see my daily average on the plus plan for a few weeks and if i get my payouts. If the payout occurs and this plan is not bad. Ill try a sentinel.

    I think for £370 give or take, a year; current exhcange rate; £650-800 return. But you need to keep moving as much as possible

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