Coin Flip Golf Challenge With GM Golf

Coin Flip Golf Challenge With GM Golf

heads again this is gonna be bad this
could be bad that is on a really good line obliterate team shrubbery Oh Oh go
in go what is up guys we’re out here in Kansas
City we’re at the junior course six holes all
par threes except for the first hole it’s kind of a par four yeah absolutely
all righty we got everyone knows golf Garrett Clark he’s the reason why I
started YouTube so huge props to him couldn’t be where I am with this channel
without him I can’t thank him enough got my boy Steven who’s gonna be on my
team today and Matt right here is gonna introduce to you what we’re gonna be
doing today what are we doing hey folks I mean dial it right in here today okay
it’s gonna be me and GM golf against Zach and Steven and today we’re gonna be
using this half dollar coin all right we’re gonna go heads in tail so I’m
gonna be heads Garrett’s gonna be tails Zach’s gonna be heads Stephens gonna be
tails and we’re gonna flip and whatever it lands on that’s the person that’s
hitting the shot trust me when I say we’re gonna have a lot of intensity a
lot of violence a lot of speed lot of momentum here today so stay tuned to
stay ready par for just right away we got some some brush and then the greens
on the other side it’s about a six iron line about 200 yards downwind is pretty
easy hole honestly it’s not that bad all right how did I know I was good yeah
yeah I already had the club ready to go flipping right here Stephen tails heads
what do we got what else we got Stephen on deck first Stephen how do you feel
about that here today okay let me speak I’m the caddy
you’re listening to me okay you can’t we know we know the course really well it’s
a great advantage for us cos a cos nobody let me to talk aim for the bushes
six times oh yeah that was good layup oh yeah
thought we don’t lay up on this channel we don’t obliterate well that’s good
layup good lamp solid lab partner all right partner what are we thinking party sounds good robbery probably you guys
probably never seen my face before I know it’s gorgeous god calm down all
right calm down here’s Stephens ball right here nice
little open look to the green all right sir
flip it for us yeah tails again looks like you’re playing this whole solo alright guys obviously hit this one a
bit right not my best performance heads or tails heads as Matt tails is me
first try probably gonna be me again yes it was right there okay looking good that is tracking let’s go over your heads finally first
thought putting putter in my hand that’s what we talked about
yeah I really wants to make sure that he makes his putt because if he doesn’t
everybody knows I’m gonna make mine a lot of pressure on the line and he just
barely misses it what’s it gonna be folks it is a heads that’s a par four if
I get another if you get a tails I might as well not play because what yes I get
to play a pot finally some smooth strokes around too much I’m the last of
job tame shrubbery tell us a little bit about this whole how far is it I already
forgot guys okay so Stevens really kinda struggling here so I’m gonna take over
here Steven you know yeah it’s a hundred five yards to the pin
honestly the holes kind of easy itself the backside if you go along but you
might as well quit cuz you’re not gonna be able hit the ball was 105 yard part
three kind of simple here today yes there we go we found it
it is heads team calm it is heads that is looking good and the low left oh oh whoa looks really good if it goes
whoa that is what we needed right there stuck it close here on – looks like
we’re about six seven feet that’s so long bro that’s what happens you don’t
give me caddy advice slip it on in my hand go
heads again this is gonna be bad this could be bad this would be really bad
this could be really really bad guaranteed I make it prove it on camera just now to show you practice man up
your head okay good good uh-huh fourth shot not the play we were looking for
well hot potato I can’t say it’s too close it is tails there it is that is
tails are you are you gonna ever like not let me but you see guys clearly
tails here today that’s a fine all right steam is gonna
make this putt for us right here tails it is tails Stephen roll the rock
sir boom that’s my partner let’s go what do
we feel about this I don’t feel good cuz you’re shot for terrible the hole the
pin is usually tucked left and that’s I believe where it’s at right now and the
tee box is shaped to where you got to kind of go over the trees if you want to
get the job done right gotta hit a good one here up and over the trees just kind
of rope right at the pin how far it’s got 125 I actually did almost think a
hole-in-one the other day at this hole alrighty I’m gonna flip the coin here
for team oh that is heads right there alright yup flip for you alright guys I
really need some tails just Matt it’s not that show today give me a heads and
I’ll prove your own yeah it is the heads now can you prove us
wrong probably not that is on a really good line how’s it well short but it was a good line of
thing we’re on hold free and we just decide do we decide yeah
all right we’re gonna play match play so this is looking good for us really good
it’s all square okay so here’s where my ball ended up a little short not too bad hey thanks you can’t get on here but
we’re gonna see it his heads they’re still out just don’t flip beds that is
tails yes yes oh here we go see first it’s me now it’s me again I mean him I
mean us I mean you we have to use it way more than they do
yes we’ve put in my enemy did I put the tail spot okay good I want to go again
anyway thankfully this is match-play so we’re
y’all squared dude come on we first Charlie fine here it’s finished
and it’s tails there nice act about the flip it’s gonna get heads again so he
can just cut it right in we’re gonna make the birdie two holes in a row that
is heads we’re gonna roll the rock no it really hard Steven that’s what I like to
see yeah bit aggressive there okay we made five we made five in this hole so
this should be easy for you guys to win you oh I don’t know if Steven you make
that either so definitely not sag just decided to play his hole hole himself
all right we are in with the win on three one up on two for me flip is you
always flip that’s flippin tiring yeah tails thank you finally finally
some good luck it’s Zack again Stephen just doesn’t want to play you know hey
this is a lock little down the hill about 85 yards from here even though we
have the tee box I guess I’m gonna like Gary go first yes loke go in oh oh go in
go it’s good I love you guys you have ten minutes less than that actually I
love you Peter yes ten minutes folks Zack heads
Zacks facts doing everything on camera flip it for Ian Garrett and it’s heads
which means up button let’s go all right as you guys can tell his ex ball is down
there he’s looking at about a 15-foot her up the hill left to right we got a
play speed golf no practice strokes no nothing just right in the hole I met you
need to make this one there we go yes good bird ate all square through
four I’ll square that we are all square through four holes yeah I think Matt and
I are gonna take the Dove today why am i carrying the club because I’m vlogging
huh that’s a good excuse oh five guy that’s a really short hole
straight in front of you know Sam bunkers no nothing no nothing heads no
it’s tail so it means Steven and Garrett are going yep little short good line sounded good where’d it go
short left right Zach here flipping the coin for all of us I had doubts heads
all you wanna do is leave short go hit it harder dude like bro your pudding did he make it or just a little short it
was in the heart flip it for everyone for everyone
oh baby that’s right thank you Matt I love to see it what do
they do Wow when you’re playing speed golf it’s really tough to focus on those
short putts especially when you just walk it up and hitting those putts
guarantee is that coulda made that putt any day of the week
speed ah that’s just speed golf where you guys it’s interesting it’s a
different it’s a different atmosphere to provide all right we got a course I’m
half dollar I’m gonna flip it first person
alright guys it is heads last poll heads Matt sixty-degree go for it that needs
to get down on a Saturday that’s Tuesday yep we got a putt so Steven we’ve kind
of collapsed here well I take full responsibility my putter is literally
not even come out of the bag yeah not rolling it very good however I need you
to hit this up and down because I’ve got a feeling
coins gonna be flipped in your favor for hitting this down the hill shot here
Steven is flipping for both teams heads again
obviously he was chosen I’m not really sure what club he’s hitting what coffee
in he’s got 60 degree this rough is really tough to chip out of but honestly
guys that have really good really good what a shot I don’t like I’m bad all
right here let me Steven subdued thank you
that’s fantastic alright so we uh wasn’t the channel after that it was really hot
out here about 150 degrees you’d say and we had a lot of fun first time for Zach
playing little genial chord she plays before haven’t you
yep he’s been a while been a little while but nonetheless me and Garrett
didn’t get the job done we had a little rough start I love you guys you know I
love you get off my course team calm didn’t roll the rock at all today but
did have fun rubbery team shrubbery yeah yeah
team shrubbery did get the victory they won one up I do feel a you know rematch
happening at some point I can smell in the future
yes thanks so much guys for coming out here thanks for having me
coming out here it was like I invited you out here you invited me out here so
yeah we’ll see you when most rain will sing well yeah see you only say

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  1. Without removing you any credit Zac, good lord is Matt funny, its incredible! Here today. Nice vid as always, fun little challenge!!

  2. Awesome that you had the whole gang from gm_golf with you in this video dude. Love seeing the collaborations.

  3. Basically learned how to play competitive golf at Sunflower Hills. Solid track – hope you got to play the big course. If you hit the basement of the clubhouse you might see my Wyco Open win plaque back in the date.

  4. What is this 90s throwback golf? Matt’s Valdez level hair-slick… Stephen’s bunched up goodwill tube socks? I mean I understand KC ain’t the Mecca of style, but this looks like they should be going by Chandler and Ross.

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