Coin Roll Hunting Pennies – Indian Head, Wheaties, and a King George Canadian

all right everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we have our second box from Wells Fargo to hunt with Penny’s this
week if you watched my last video we got 11 wheat cents so double digits that was
fun and we also got a lot of nice coins a couple of 1990 ones that were really
great shape some sixties coins in really great shape
and I’m still thinking about that 72 double die obverse large date s the San
Francisco mint penny but now I’m excited so we’re gonna get into this box just
like the last one I went ahead and checked I don’t see any wheat cent enders but we had over three pounds of copper in the last box so that’s great looks
like there’s a lot more copper in this one as well you’ll find some cool finds
as always we’ll start cracking rules and if I find something along the way
I’ll be sure to loop you in third roll in got our first fine of the box 1956
Philadelphia wheat cent we’ll take it we’re on the board very next roll guys
and it’s facing me and it’s a 41 1946 wheat cent Philadelphia that’s two in
the Box let’s hope there’s a lot more roll number 17 guys and as I’m searching
I’m looking fell down this is gonna be another King George penny 1940 back
looks in really good shape and the fronts in really good shape too
that’s a beautiful King George 1940 Canadian coin here yeah really nice well
take those all day long beautiful also wanted to show you take a look at this
1970s man if that had been the small date or the s double diverse holy cow we
looked at at under the microscope it’s neither of those but it’s
definitely gonna go into a penny book roll number 20 got a wheatie 1944 Philadelphia will take it
oldest of the box third wheat cent roll 24 guys got a wheat cent could tell from
the back thought it was just a toasty one looks like it’s a 1942 Philadelphia
1942 Philadelphia pretty toasty but guess what
it’s our third from the 40s out of the four that we have found and it’s our
oldest one so we’ll take it okay guys roll 25 I’m super excited look
at this look at this oh my goodness so I had five in my first five boxes like I
said many times and I’ve gone a hundred boxes without any Indian Head pennies
and then I got one us and Endor just a couple of weeks ago from a Chase Bank
this is Wells Fargo and we’ve got an Indian Head Penny
right there unbelievable I’m not gonna do a live stream I’m not gonna name
crazy I’m just gonna open this up or just gonna flip it around and see what
it is and I know I’m touching it barehanded guys but I don’t feel like
putting on gloves just yet it’s got pretty decent detail it’s probably gonna
be the 1900s it’s another 1907 unbelievable so the last two Indian Head
pennies I have found were both 1907 don’t get me wrong I’ll take it all day it’s a beautiful cent beautiful beautiful beautiful
unbelievable I have now gotten to Internet pennies in my last I guess six
boxes maybe they come in droves I had those five earlier on when I end my
hunts and we had none forever now we’ve got to bummer that it’s another 1907 I
now have three 1907 Indian Head Penny so it looks like I’ll have some of these
things for forgive aways but unbelievable holy cow awesome what’s
this one right here I knew it was only ten I could tell by how old it looked
that’s got a pretty good detail but it is a 37 philadelphia that’s now our
oldest wheat cent and that’s five of the box in the first 25 rolls and that’s
exciting because those are pretty old pennies I just pulled let me just take a
quick look while I have you here in case there’s something else we’ve got another
one right here yeah it looks pretty good too but it’s a 41 philadelphia as well
so that roll had a 37 philadelphia a 41 philadelphia and a 1907 Indian Head
Penny and we’re gonna look a little bit more just to make sure okay that’s it
for wheat pennies and Indian Head pennies unbelievable guys that’s why you
keep hunting and we’re only halfway through the box so we could have more in
here very next roll guys roll 26 we’ve got another wheat cent here it’s not that bad a shape 56 D but you
know what we’ll take it that is now seven wheat cents and an Indian Head
Penny oh and a King George I forgot I even got that box of shade up too
beautiful well twenty-nine guys and look at this
one it’s another wheat cent and it looks really old but it’s only a forty
seventy I’ll still take it though it is now our eighth wheat cent six are
pre-1950s ones pre 40s of course we also the Indian headed into King George penny
as well role 32 guys got another wheat cent here 1956 D we’ll take it so a
third from the 50s and now our ninth in the box
roll thirty four guys laid them out and we’ve got a wheat cent could be older it’s a nice 47s though another one from
the 40s wheat cent number ten roll 37 pulling him down found another wheat
cent 1949 Philadelphia another from the 40s and it’s wheat cent number 11 roll
42 it was almost an Ender second from the last coin of the roll in 1956 D that
is now wheat cent number 12 and only for the 12 are from the 50s plus move an
Indian Head roll 45 guys excuse me boom another wheat cent 19:47 philadelphia will take it and it’s
another from the 40s and that’s a dozen Wheaties
well 47 guys splayed them out and this one caught my eye
it’s another wheat cent 1949 d will take it wheat cent number 13
okay another box of pennies hundred another three pounds of copper and
twelve 2009’s King George 1940 Canadian beautiful penny to 1959 s 13 wheat cents
we got 56 56 D 56 D and 56 d 37 Philly 41 Philly 42 Philly 44 Philly 46 Philly
47 D 47 s 49 Philadelphia 49 Philadelphia and 49 Denver I also got a
1907 Indian Head Penny unbelievable look at all these good
coins in this box guys you got a nice 68 D in Nice 69 d couple of nice 70 asses
74 deep 75d 75d 70 70 and in 1980 d all in great shape and in that box we only
got to inspect one 1969’s but i’ll take it every time what an epic box
unbelievable I hope you guys enjoyed the home with me this was one of my most fun
hunts love seeing that mini weed scents along with a King George and an Indian
Head Penny if you enjoyed the hunt please give the video a thumbs up and as
always thanks for watching

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