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stuff of course oh look at these little favor boxes these look really big you
get two in a pack I said you haven’t been to a balloon
party before she’s looking at all of these balloons up here in the ceiling
before I forget we are combining the haul with B come with me I know I read
it wrong reading the analytics on YouTube can be really tricky if you know
you don’t do this type of stuff every day one two three
oh six we just went through that Oh check these out they’re balloons and kids are graduating if not already I think they all say the same
just two different colors beach toys these are different from the ones that
we showed last week you know where you have that mommy you
do that’s a little and bath toys as soon as you walk in the door who is
this this is cool oh it’s a dinosaur foot she wouldn’t try
it on oh that’s cute there’s a smiley face
again with the awesome dollar tree handmade cards Father’s Day edition papa
bear papa bear or he would like this one too you put the grand in grandpa oh it’s
cute well this one would be nice as well no you love these like this no no I’m not crying
and looks like they have a little Father’s Day gift section maybe looks
pretty pretty touched somebody can’t do here already we have that’s deodorant
this is new facial face wash shaving gel and face lotion well that’s
nice cool and refreshing cleans without drying with mint oil spirit wash they
all say the same thing but this one has jojoba and vitamin E and here’s the
shave gel no foam clear glide argan oil and jojoba oil and the face lotion has
jojoba oil and vitamin E oh is that one more yes it is
whoa that’s pretty cool control smooths and styles tames unruly hairs this is a
nice little surprise there’s one more one more got a look in the back after
shave reduces razor burns hydrates calms and repairs with aloe and vitamin E I
feel like these are perfect for my beauty hacks video which I post on
Thursdays you know and then over here is foaming body wash shampoo and
conditioner Oh three-in-one there you go said this was
deodorant in but it’s a body spray and we saw these gift bags in the last hour
tree oh I see new stuff let’s start off with I don’t know where to go dream like
a unicorn prettying I like the gold and
these are birds I wonder if they’re money banks no it’s not a money bank
it’s just a figure and then we saw the other ones already oh look at these
ombre ones so silly is that ombre or for my eyes playing tricks on
me I think they’re reflection from everything made it look ombre a unicorn
with the unicorn it’s just a figure it’s not a money bank or anything you’re too
late and this is the last one looks like a I don’t know what animal this is a
llama a dingo these new little Buddha figures think these are new so
there’s three different ones there’s this one this one’s cute and I thought I
saw another one maybe not it’s just those two this Dollar Tree has some
pretty cool Hot Wheels they had a nice selection in the previous one this was
thrown over here activated charcoal I can’t see mommy these are new they’re frozen and
keychains I’m not sure what you’re talking about right okay I can’t
remember if I showed this before vegetarian oh wow
may contain traces of dairy but it doesn’t have any dairy in it it’s always
nice to find this brand at dollar dream and somebody sticks or straws they have
lots of new snacks in here the ingredients look pretty good this pack
sweet potato avocado I think I saw these before at some point oh these are new
nail kits Minnie Mouse and frozen oh and then there’s a Disney Princess one up
here oh my goodness I see something new what
is is what windup eraser is this really any racing it is I’m getting it
I think it’s an eraser this is right we’re in the craft section and I found
these sponge dabbers extremely useful I’ve never seen them this found a new
little book baby steps I love the puzzle the puzzle
shape so this is like a first word book and I see another one foods is yes you
see all the books yeah this book section is it’s pretty packed about it makes a
mess I found another one two toys I’m just doing a little digging and I found
this it’s eight I’m guessing it’s a book with
eight masks elastic bands included was cold now we’re in the teachers cordon
and I found something new alphabet stencils
when it comes with their little ring and then these are number stencils trace and
stencil I’m sure that’s useful looks like
there’s some more back here we have shapes as I could use or maybe right
oh and this is an animal themed one this looks new word playing two books word
game oh and on this side there’s a lot of coloring books make a ton
they have this one in here that was too nice so the bank I was like what is this
apple cinnamon apple cinnamon baked baked baked pups mr. comfortable that is hilarious
Oh Ben Carson I’m not sure who she is cute cover down some more new books over
here I think that’s the same way look at these little note names see also each pad is different colors on
the inside some more inspirational gift books now think these come with
envelopes you just have to look behind them there it is you check these
out pencils with the eraser latex cream so you get four in a panic and they have
this one up here it’d be kind of cool zari do you like these erasers and
pencils and here’s some pencil toppers erasers we have the Disney Princess and
Fancy Nancy it’s just this oh that’s not it right here I wonder if these are
pastel colors or if it’s just a packaging found some new clipboards be
clever that’s what it says oh this is pretty
okay get that out some floral printed ones we will check
this out says happy birthday candles in this one oh hey it’s not your birthday’s
over these are kind of cute oh these are new cinnamon coffee cake wax mills found
in a candle namaste mahogany and tea it smells refreshing smells really good um
let’s see what does this smell like smells like tea a fruity tea but there’s
more did we see these already I know I feel like we saw these this one is
breathed eucalyptus mint eucalyptus and mint okay it smells exactly like as the
name is on the package it smells like eucalyptus like that you get this is calmed down a
little bit by the mint so they have calms renewal and happy this most like
old fried food oh my goodness would like a fruity after scent to it not that’s
not nice why would they do that this one smells like some fruit chew
candy like the real old-school fruit chew candy this one smells like pine
baby powder I am on it today with these scents of description air fresh lavender
and patchouli coconut and sandalwood oh my goodness this one I said so good oh
man I really do smell good you guys
oh it says compared to Glade atmosphere collection I’m the what I’m not bossy
I’m the boss okay that’s still pretty cool that’s a
huge plus oh I see so many new things so many new things best cat ever and this
was is best dog ever that’s cute and this looks now welcome home and I
think this is a repeat we saw that one last time these are new tabletop decor
pieces all right I found all three of these and I think yep the tabletop decor
pieces I’m gonna film this it’s a metal home sign
I like these with the burlap I think I don’t know these might be I’ve
seen the word I see more girl boss okay there’s that the best
signs I’ll be here with the picture frames I like that one I like that
there’s different colors since the Gold Line and silver or like the gold one
these are pretty terrarium canvas images and we saw that one already and that’s
this is new no be cute the nursery okay I’m not sure if these are new the candle
holders I’m getting so I don’t know there’s just so many and they all are
like similar in color but maybe different in shape so I’m just gonna
quickly show these and these down here it’s gorgeous
these looking new you guys they look larger than the regular like dome shaped
balls and we typically see a dollar dream it’s not the perfect little fish
bowl it’s a pretty good deal you get ten for a dollar should be labels much more
dollars and 98 cents well you know that’s not gonna happen in here look at
this you guys it’s pretty awesome so we have two colors left in this dollar tree
yo check this out it’s just randomly placed right here near the lights and
buckets more coconut snacks they have vegan popping twirl green apple chips Oh
only ingredient is Apple’s so you need help yes banana fruit crisp freeze-dried
bananas these options are all of the things torch here’s another one lightly
toasted coconut chips some freeze-dried Fuji apples and we always see this
freeze-dried fruit over here there’s more corn bread crisp it has a food
allergy warning for just wheat can you have some black bean Chris mango chili
lime no food allergy warnings just hit the toiletry snacks healthy snacks
ginger snap okay maybe we saw ginger snaps before
the babies brownie brittle just felt really thin
well it’s brittle I know love bites dairy-free low-sodium contains soy oh
that’s nice I’m so tempted to buy a ton of snacks
and I’m do like a dollar tree snack video but and I’m sure there are other people on
YouTube who do that and this one is the cornbread crisp in honey butter this is
baked not fried wonder if they have any different granola bite flavors but I
think they’re all chocolate chocolate flavor bricks
crisp and thin oven baked all these are good and they are vegan too sugar and
these are like the plain ones this one has milk in it the parmesan
garlic and herb and these are pretty good too Wow there’s so much in here
this bags about to Wow we’re definitely gonna get some of the
cinnamon and sugar ones these are really good
oh my goodness they have vegan white cheddar popcorn at Dollar Tree everybody
stop what you’re doing okay just stop okay just just stop all right
I don’t care if you’re vegan or not if you want some like healthier snack
options just buy vegan okay just just just buy vegan all right how it’s
healthier you got white cheddar right here okay you don’t have to get the
dairy with all the added fat and this is the plain popcorn right here what I
don’t think this one’s I’m pretty sure it is it because it says
real cheese but this is a huge score you guys oh my gosh it’s still a huge score
to find these specs at Dollar Tree yes white cheddar popcorn some boom chicka
pop this one has milk in it is still a huge score
okay I decided I’m gonna pick up a few but only because I really want to taste
those yeah I haven’t it’s been a long time so make
sure you come back for the home what they have cliff bars at Dollar Tree okay
you guys these bars are like three dollars three to four dollars yes most
of them are vegan goodness chocolate you guys there’s so many snacks like good
and other snacks in here like all sorts of stuff is ridiculous I mean it says
snack zone for goodness sake there’s more pineapple coconut mango
almond oh look at the ingredients oh and it says vegan vegan kosher gluten-free
non gmo I think the dollar tree it’s gonna turn into a snack haul
because I just had to pick up somebody’s back I just need to check these out a
snack pack and this is definitely worth more than a dime and chocolate dark
chocolate says contains soy and coconut oh that’s new hazelnut spread M&Ms who
LA Colors setting spray look at that that’s know there’s a decent amount in
here Oh Max Factor I think they saw this as CVS this is a lip tint and I don’t
see colors I mean I do see the colors but I don’t see like names looks like
there’s two different packs these are lip stains
I think this is no metallic rose gold liquid liner and there’s a metallic gold
one that someone tried to open I haven’t seen these in a while
bronze eyeshadow the baked trio and that’s the only one they have OMG new
elf makeup and Dollar Tree can you see the glitter they got
everything I remember these lip gloss and fairy it appeared and blossom from
what I remember these are nice and creamy there’s joy they all look like
they’re in the same color family you know like the light pink colors oh and
there’s bubblegum only everyone looks coral I like this one does this little
compartment bag is zipping okay I’ve never seen this before it’s a cosmetic
bag oh well that’s super fancy come with a
little handle um no handle oh this Dollar Tree is the garnier
and deep conditioning little these are new I thought it was like beauty related
but they’re just cleaning pad non-scratch cleaning pads turmeric 100%
pure 12 capsules I’ve never seen this in dollar tree before look at these baking
cups that’s new you get 24 and I don’t see
any other like themed ones they’re all the same
look at this Thai green curry Brown jasmine rice
when coconut turmeric but organic pasta but you gotta say that right organic
pasta dollar tree this knowledge is the gift that just keeps on giving today Wow
more snacks what this looks like it came straight
out of Walmart Wow looks like a Dollar Tree brand or label and then there’s
another one over here that’s pretty awesome check this out
kids and shower caps you get three in a pack that’s nice
check out these cute bows scrunchie zari over here some I
apologize okay they have a lot of new hair accessories and this Dollar Tree
and if I didn’t mention it before this is the big Dollar Tree yeah these are
super thick oh my goodness you guys Star Wars mugs I’m guessing this is and we
saw these they’re so pretty yes we did we’re back in the car we’re back in the
car we’re not in the car with the house we’re back at the house you guys let’s
jump right in and check out all of the goodies we picked up and I do have some
delicious looking snacks to try so make sure you stick around for the whole haul
the whole haul first up I grabbed a cute little
headband from Lily Jane cute in the book section I found this
one my first shapes 100 stickers are included so as always gonna be happy and
I’ll just flip through here really quick this book is great for matching
identifying shapes and placing them properly on top of the blank ones with
the stickers I picked up two packs of these sponge dabbers because this is a
really really good deal it’s so fluffy like a marshmallow
speaking of marshmallows we picked up this wind-up
eraser first thing I want to know is can I erase this and I really erase with
this Oh what my goodness yes you can this is like a real eraser oh my
goodness who comes up okay I think the bottom part just fell out
but I was saying who comes up with this stuff maybe you can glue it in place who
sits around and says okay we’re about to make a windup eraser that’s funny
also from Lily Jane I grabbed the shower cap pack oh they’re not the super cheap
ones this is nice Wow I was expecting them to have that plastic sort of like
material like ash it’s hard to breathe the plastic oh like the deep
conditioning caps I was expecting it to be like that but this feels like a real
shower cap and they also grabbed this cute little headband we found some
really cute headbands last week at Dollar Tree this one is so pretty it
looks small but I’m pretty sure I can fit this one looks like a little uh
bikini top picks up some dental floss floss picks my favorite favorite brand
in the stationery section I grabbed some pencils with these chunky erasers at the
top this glare is just walk away I picked up another drain thingamajig this
thing is amazing okay all you do is insert it into your sink and you pull it
out and there comes the hair in the teacher’s corner I decided to go with
the shapes these stencil shapes okay so comes on a ball chain and okay
they can trace oh I like that you can trace inside and around it okay that’s
that’s good and then on the inside they have the words for the shape and then
smaller size shapes picked up some wide popsicle sticks so the next four items
are all makeup items let’s start with the most interesting one I picked up
that glitter eyeliner you’re gonna be unimpressed with this which I I mean I
figured it would be just like this you know right here yeah it’s pretty sheer
with some speckles this will look nice over top of like a darker colored liner
next up we have the setting spray this right here it says non sticky
lightweight I’m just gonna spray it on my arm really quick it’s pretty heavy
it’s not a mist yeah that’s a lot you guys so maybe you want to back it up
some and then spray you know like back it up a whole lot cuz that was that was
too close it’s not even dry my face would look like I got rained on if I had
to do that close again next I want to open up this metallic rose gold liner
that’s pretty pretty definitely has a metallic finish to it rose gold I don’t
know as far as color but this is like a copper like a pretty copper penny color
last thing we have hyper shine and lip gloss in bubblegum somebody’s texting me
oh that’s pretty look at that okay ready to go it’s so
sheer on camera but it looks like bubblegum pink in person and after you
like blend it out you know blend it out a little bit it does become sheer
so it’s like a nice pink gloss first I would like to say that I think this is
dollar trees largest snack section okay they hit snack zone
I haven’t never been to a Dollar Tree other than this one where it says snack
zone like I said all the turnover like parties and stuff mmm
I don’t know how they do it how do they make it taste
you know like it’s crazy I want to try these munch writes apple cinnamon you guys these it taste like the Taco
Bell cinnamon twist thingies I don’t know the name this is nice and freshen I
love snacks that have like cornmeal in it let’s keep the cinnamon flavors
rolling and try Stacey’s pita chips cinnamon sugar the reason why I love
these chips so much it has a savory sweetness to it it’s not like a super
sweet cinnamon sugar cinnamon bun it just tastes so savory and I just mmm I
just love it this one is the mango almond one almond if I was into like
fruit bars and stuff I will go back to that Dollar Tree and rack up let’s try
the cornbread crisps the barbecue they’re good who comes up with this stuff
cornbread crisp next up I think we should try vegetable chips this big puffy bag on
the side it shows you all the root vegetables that’s inside of the bag is
this you know we have this much left next up I want to try these granola
bites I don’t really like that one let’s try this Stacy’s plain of pita chips
that one tastes a little stale all right I want to try the pineapple coconut
fruit cheese bar that is really sweet alright the last bag that we’re gonna
open up is the flame skinny pop bag of popcorn popcorn sunflower oil and salt
that’s it that’s in here okay so that video was way longer than I wanted it to
but we’ll see you guys tomorrow for another come with me to Dollar Tree and
a haul at the end want to see more click to the left and the right and if you’re
still thinking about subscribing we’ll just go ahead and click it and don’t
forget to visit the description see you in the next one

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