Communist Chinese low denomination coins and banknotes in a New Year pack

hello people and according to
the this – an official coin set I’ve been you seen traditional Chinese
now simplified and it celebrates the year of the what Oh year of the monkey
that need to read Chinese to actually understand as a monkey on day so open it
up see what’s inside okay here we have um yeah traditional Chinese um good luck if you can read Chinese
my wife Dean bill or I can’t just take you about two denominations when one
year Nico’s tenjou was 150 something about 3,000 years of currency he’s our
denominations 1 to 5 then 1/2 a one-in-five Joe onion banknotes of one
to five thin one to five job and that’s it nothing else that looks nice and here
we have it I’ve actually put a lot of blood
yeah banknotes in yeah and this is the Chinese one thin banknote now you do
have three issues this as I’ve read Latin numbers this one here has two then
you have ones with a Latin number and numbers as well Justin there’s a truck
says I know that’s doing quite young it’s remember you’re some sheet one
thing not a bad back Mack on the back is a 1953 to date that these
were issued and it has Chinese coat of arms has Mongolia as we Ganga Tibetan
and Chinese know bad if we can see the Mongolian script goes from top to bottom
which is very unique in the script in the world okay if I show you the two
Jiao has a dc-3 or think that’s the aircraft was mainly used by the
Americans will go to Chinese would have call this some everything mmm the
Russians also built them as well okay to thin any water max no it’s nice 53 and
the last one is okay that’s probably a fishing ship on it you first fire banknotes also sound like this
and on this side we have detail banknotes there’s a 1980 issue these
have different ethnic groups on them this is the one gel let’s see he has a
numeration actually still you sees think the one in 500 most common use the back
looks nice and it has another language I can’t remember what language daddies mmm
looks nice that’s a to ciao two females different ethnic groups okay and you
security features you can see it at watermark that’s award Macanese one ciao
same md5 ciao not bad there’s a nice coloration how all just
flows into each other I still use these ones but they also do
over-queen and I have it here so daiva one two and
five in these are the current coins here one jell-o jell-o onion only one not the
any means by gum Japanese on the back these ones have flowers and this room
has the coat of arms of China now the thing you need to know is that they
actually have a minted these for a while they still meet this one but these ones
are not in circulation as far as I know these banknotes have been withdrawn from
circulation about 2007 and I think it’s still legal tender but they’re no longer
use they’re very low fare you anything said well with anyone use them so those
are the low denomination coins and banknotes of China I hope you like him
they’re not bad they’re quite nice

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