Community Engagement Awards 2018 – Stellar Support of Students – NBC Universal

[ Music ]>>NBC’s Campus 2 Career
internship program as probably one of the best models that I’ve seen around. It’s comprehensive, it incorporates
numerous departments and divisions, gives students a wonderful opportunity to
learn and grow within the organization, and opens up tremendous career opportunities.>>Probably about 2012, 13, I think we realized
that this was not a coffee run internship that the interns were doing
really impactful work.>>They are actually part of our team.>>These people believe in you, they want you on
their team, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.>>It’s very just like hands-on experience based
and you’re just surrounded in an environment that really encourages you to
learn while you’re experiencing it.>>We do have a very large
program, we bring in about 600, 700 interns at any given point of the year. So we form this team that sort of operates
like an internal career services center, career development center, student activity
center that’s to help them navigate their career in this complex organization, figure out
soft skills, networking, things of that sort, and also help them progress in their career.>>So they are not bringing
in students to fill a role and do a job they genuinely have the
best interest of the student at heart.>>Both of my supervisors and just everyone
else in the office is really supportive. I feel like I can come to questions without
anyone and when I do come to questions they like take the time to make sure you’ve
understanded [phonetic] the material and how it like connects to the long-term goals.>>They have wonderful programming like lunch
and learns where they sit down with people from different departments, different divisions.>>So our intern orientation it’s basically
an amazing way for all of our interns to get acclimated, to learn about NBC Universal
as a company, to network with other interns.>>They definitely welcome the opportunity
for students to explore their passions and give them opportunities to complete
internships in different departments so they can sort of build their
skillset, as well as find their way and what they’re passionate
about within entertainment.>>One of our students interned at E in one
area and then noticed she really liked editing and switched the next semester
and worked on the editing team.>>Really every network, every business unit
kind of serves and operates as its own company within NBC Universal so you could have an intern
who’s working in film one semester who then goes over and does news the next semester.>>In a company like NBC where
you have so many people that work in so many different jobs there’s also
a great opportunity to network as well. I mean and that’s huge.>>Two weeks in I already knew the lingo
that they were using, how to pull up a show and clip things, and how to reuse them for
different languages and different countries.>>We definitely have had parts
of intern ideas be used for ideas that have rolled out onto television.>>Actually on my first day being
an intern I was given an assignment to listen to a Macaulay Culkin podcast. So I listened to it, I sent
through all my notes, and it was actually turned into an article. And so I went to the article and I scrolled
all the way to the bottom because I read it and it cited my name and I was like wow
I did not expect that being an intern and then being my first day as well.>>To be able to be trusted as an intern to do I would say really important
things is an awesome opportunity.>>We have a number of interns who have
done two or three internships and they’re like NBC loyalists at this point.>>I think one thing that I take away from this
program is that they really do value diversity.>>If we are looking to be leaders in the
diversity space and making sure our program, you know, while students in our
programs come from all walks of life, then for those who may not live in New York
City or Los Angeles and can’t necessarily afford to you know start a career here
the pay really does help them.>>And the fact that they pay leaves
the gates wide open for all students to have the opportunity to
intern at a really big company and get great experience to put on their resume.>>So I think having the paid internship
opportunity just gives you time to really perfect not only
skills in your internship, but also maintain your level in school as well.>>NBC Universal has been the
dream for a lot of our students and it’s fun watching them work really
hard to get there and then they get there and they go it’s as great as I wanted it to be.>>What’s up Cal State Fullerton
it’s Jason Kennedy.>>I’m Zuri Hall.>>We’re just hanging out on the E! News set and we just wanted
to say hello and thank you because we get a lot of great students.>>Yeah.>>From your school come here as interns to E! News.>>Yeah.>>They crush it.>>Your interns are dope, we love you guys.>>We love you too. Bye.

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