Craig Wright: “BTC is not Bitcoin”

Craig Wright: “BTC is not Bitcoin”

7 thoughts on “Craig Wright: “BTC is not Bitcoin””

  1. All cryptos including BTC and BSV will go to zero. Govt's will not allow a system where the money they spend on Blackops, CIA, NSA, shadow banking, ect will be in a ledger for eternity! There is a reason they need a centralized system. Other wise how will they steal from citizens through inflation. They inflated gold, realestate, stocks, food prices, clothing prices, and all materialistic goods to steal from you. They create bubbles and pop them. BTC and BSV are honeypots to track and catch all illegal activity around the world. You are all being data based and profiled. Welcome to 1984!

  2. Tick-tock tick-tock BSVers! Only 10 days left for Faketoshi to invent a new excuse why he can't produce his 1.1 million BTC (again) and keep his base of gullible morons in suspense for who knows how much longer! 不不不不不不不不不Let's revisit this comment and see what he comes up with! See you then!

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