Today, in this section, I would like to examine and analyze all aspects of the Bithumb exchange in order to show you the different opportunities in crypto currency. What is Bithumb Global and BG staking that
can offer you the opportunity to make money without any investment but staying within
the ecosystem? How Turkish crypto currency users can use. We’ll talk about all this and and there’s
also the opportunity to have a mini airdrop dedicated to this video. I will tell him at the end of this video. Let’s start full throttle without giving investment
advice. If you want to support me getting started,
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and write your comments abundantly. There’s a Bithumb and a Bithumb Global. Our focus will be on Bithumb Global. What is Bithumb Global, what is the basis
of this stock market, what are they doing? Turkish users have been able to use, did they
do anything special to Turkey Let’s take them one clean. First of all, when you select Turkish at Bithumb
Global, you can use it in Turkish, although it is not everywhere in Turkish. You can also become a member by clicking on
that link. I will talk about that gift at the end of
the video. Do you know how the Bithumb Global stock exchange,
now based in Korea, defines themselves? We define it as a comprehensive digital financial
ecosystem and pay particular attention to 5 points. 1- Brand 2- Technology 3- Product 4- Business
5- Special customer service. They say they can get customer support from
us 24/7. These are the most important areas for us,
we take Bithumb’s brand reputation very seriously, while using the latest technology, we try
to keep a wide range of financial products in the stock market. We have years of market experience, they say,
and I researched it in 2014 as an established company and we also have certain advantages
stemming from being a global brand, Bithumb says. He lists these as follows. For example, we have an advanced user and
wallet system. All user systems, including Bithumb’s partners,
are interconnected, perform all transactions jointly and share the same transaction depth. They act in accordance with the legislation
that varies from country to country. In addition to this, we, as Bithumb, state
that we conduct continuous risk control in order to be able to follow any threat to our
stock market in real time. Now, folks, if we talked about Bithumb for
a while, let’s look at the site as a stock market, right? Well, when we look at the site as I said in
Turkish and this record, we will talk about the authentication stages we call KYC to become
a member on the site right above the orange color can be registered by clicking the register
button. On that screen, you can write your e-mail
address and the verification code that will come to your address and set the password,
then you need to open the authentication or SMS verification we call Google 2fa. In general, according to SMS, Google Authentication
can be a click safer. Do not use anything at this time without enabling
additional layers of security. On the other hand, if you want to perform
the authentication we call KYC, after you become a member, right click on my personal
page from the orange menu above, then press the orange button that comes up. Then you have to write the country, the document,
the type of document, the number, the name, the gender and the date of birth, and then
take photos of the front and back of your document. In the final stage, you need to hold that
document in your hand, throw a date on a blank sheet of paper and upload a photo of Bithumb
Global. These are already the standard processes that
these procedures are in almost every stock exchange. By the way, I wanted to explain these procedures
if there were any new friends. It’s up to you, whether you fill it or not. I’m not giving you any advice, I’m telling
you how you can do it if you want to. Even if you say the general benefit of this
authentication, which is called KYC, it will be easier to prove yourself because there
will be unauthorized access to your account or documents before, and we will talk shortly
as the usage limits of the authenticators in the stock market increase. projects. I can say that there are three basic benefits. Besides, fellas, let’s talk about it. Bithumb Global also has a relatively different
project called BG staging which does not require investment. The purpose of this project is that, in the
ICOs and the IEO projects that are normally sold by the stock exchanges, those who buy
those coins from the front share a pressure on them to sell them before anyone else at
the right time. er. In fact, I do not exaggerate, constantly looking
at the screen of the stock market, seconds, I end up in a few seconds, if I end up competing
with the account will remain frozen. It’s a little bit of adrenaline, though. There are also those who love it, but these
events have already made the market a little more unhealthy manuplative and unhealthy. Here’s what Bithumb says to change that I
am doing a project called Bithumb Global Staging, BG staging. I don’t want anyone to pay any money, but
users who will join BG Staging should keep a coin on the Bithumb exchange. He says he will do that much, but he doesn’t. He says that if they keep a lot of coins,
then I will give them tickets that will allow them to earn coins. The authentication process I’ve just told
you, won 1 lottery ticket for every $ 200 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, XRP, Bitcoin
Cash, Litecoin or EOS coin they hold on the stock exchange, but they don’t accept some
bitcoin-style combinations. Keep this in mind. For example, XRP is a full $ 200 XRP, Bitcoin
is a full $ 200 from Bitcoin’dan net account and one person can earn up to 50 tickets. What happens next? When the project in BG staging is bought and
sold on the stock exchange, coupons are distributed and a multi-stage holding process that allows
token to gradually become involved in the commercial cycle in the stock exchange begins
and let me give an example if you wonder what happened in previous staging. Bithumb global’s website and app have been
visited more than 1 million times, giving users more than 50 million tokens. But if we ask what the benefit of this business
is for Bithumb, they may be aiming to increase user volume, project participation and increase
the amount of coin held in the stock exchange. And if you want, let’s talk about Bithumb’s
own coin or Bithumb coin. Bithumb coin is actually part of an ecosystem
and a very new business. Part of the ecosystem called Bithumb family
as a main coin. This is a complex ecosystem, and there are
STOs called SeriesOne and Kodebox, that is, security tokens outside Bithumb. Bithumb has a platform where buyers and sellers
come together. Bithumb’s own chainchain, but this blockchain
will begin life in the first 3 months of 2020, as if it is explained that the beginning of
the video to explain the airdrop event, let’s clarify. Now enter the link below this video and members
who complete the authentication process will win 300 mpay token. Bithumb gave me such information, and I wanted
to share it with you. Speaking of Mpay token, two Turkish projects,
Mpay and TFB, are currently listed in Bithumb. I’ll tell you that. Mpay was also able to enter the Fintech100
report of KPMG, an audit, tax and consulting services provider, according to their information. Let me share this information. My friends, I wanted to talk about Bithumb
for you . in this episode. I hope you like. To support me, subscribe to
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BG Staging, you do not need to invest in the end. Take care of yourself, see you around.

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