Dollar Tree Beach Theme Decor

Hi everyone and welcome back So for today’s DIY We’re gonna take these three candle holders all from the Dollar Tree and we’re going to spray-paint them with this krylon frosted glass spray paint I Have not used this before so this is the first time for me. I’m going to Spray Each of these differently. I couldn’t find my blue painters tape. So I just used this masking tape and I’m going to go ahead and tape off the tallest candle holder just like this And then the second tallest one like this And for the third candle holder the smallest one I’m going to just paint the whole thing And while that dries I’m going to take these 3c art pieces from the Dollar Tree and I want to wrap the gold part with nautical rope these would also look really great if you just wanted to paint them and also if you want it to Still see the shape of the stand But you want it to wrap it twine would be a great alternative because it’s much smaller You would be able to still see all those little dips and bends and the stand But I just wanted to use nautical rope. I just like the Chunkier feel of it. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap the bottom using the rope and hot glue And I’m going to do the same thing to the other two pieces the starfish and the other shell And I decided to add some smaller shells. I don’t know if you guys remember I think it was right after Christmas or right after Valentine’s Day Dollar Tree started selling these little bottles of shells and this is where I got the shells from that I used to glue on to the bottom of the Little decor pieces. If not, you could just use Regular shells, you could also glue some pearls on there the Dollar Tree pearls, that would look really cute as well And this is how the smallest candlestick turned out after the spray-paint It was a little splotchy, but that was my fault. So I’m going to take this Salted sea grass candle from Dollar Tree and hot glue it right on top and that candle actually smells really good Even when you burn it, it smells really good So this is how the other two came out the masking tape did not stop the bleeding Some of the edges are a little fuzzy but it’s fine. I think you still get the idea of the effect I decided that for the tallest candle holder. I wanted to wrap some of the bottom and Not a full rope as well so Just like I did with the decor pieces. I’m just going to use hot glue to attach the nautical rope To this candle holder Again if you wanted to use twine, that would also be a great alternative you could also paint some of this Rope if you want to I like the natural color of it and then for the smaller candle holder I added some rope as well I thought I got it on film but I did not my apologies, but that’s how that turned out and I found this starfish at Walmart. I actually picked up two of them and I’m going to use a little bit of hot glue To attach it to the tallest Candle holder right there in the center, and I’m just putting hot glue on the center of the starfish You could also add a little paint to the starfish Make it a nice beachy color a coral color would be really pretty on that for now I’m going to leave it in the natural white color and then for the next largest candle holder I’m going to take this small candle holder and I got that from Dollar Tree came to in a pack and Place it on the bottom because I don’t have any really tall candles to use for this I only have the small candles and I’m gonna take some of this sea glass and I also got from Dollar Tree. I love this sea glass. It’s so pretty and I’m going to place it around the candle holder So you can’t see it from the outside. You’ll only be able to see the sea glass from the outside And these are my options I got this on clearance from jo-ann’s It has a little realistic flame and if you don’t have this you can use the little ones from the Dollar Tree like this one Which also has like a warm yellow glow to it? And That comes to in a pack for a dollar And just for comparison’s sake that’s what they look like and I’m actually going to use both of these but for this particular Candle holder I’m going to use the one that I got from Joanna’s I’m gonna place it in Little tip is to turn it on before you place all of the Remaining seat glass around it. Otherwise when you lift up the seat glass Or when you lift up the candle The sea glass will kind of fall into the center and you won’t be able to place it back so that’s how that works and I decided to use this little terrarium because it kind of reminds me of Almost like a little porthole sort of And I’m gonna use some of this white sand from Dollar Tree they have sinned in a bunch of different colors They even have it in the natural sand color But I have the white sand. So that’s what I’m going to use and I put some in the bottom of the terrarium along with the remaining sea glass from the last candle holder and This is where I’m going to use the small Dollar Tree candle And Dollar Tree is selling the large bags of seashells like these now and So I’m gonna go in here and take a few shells out to include them I found this really gorgeous red shell. I love that when it’s so pretty and then I found another Shell that was an orange color And I’m gonna use that one as well and I decided but for the top that I wanted to put a little handle This isn’t a handle that I’m going to use. This is just for decoration and I’m gonna use hot glue to put that in place and Then I tried to make it stand up but it wouldn’t it’s fine Now I do have this tall LED candle from Dollar Tree and I’m gonna use that for my tallest Candle holder With nothing else in there I’m just gonna put the candle in and I found this with tray at the target dollar spot And this is what I’m going to use it was five dollars This is how I’m gonna set up the display for all of these and nautical themed items and here they are all together I did add some of the extra shells from the bag of shells from the Dollar Tree and As you can see I also added some of the fishing netting decor again from Dollar Tree that’s leftover from my summer sign project and I lit all of the candles the fake ones and the real ones and these candles Actually smell really good I got the blue one and the white one and they both smell really really good, especially when you burn them You can really smell them and here I’ve staged it on my coffee table and This is how it looks but this would look so pretty on an outdoor patio or On a serving table with food you may want to pick different candles for the serving table because these candles do have a fragrance so you don’t want to distort the fragrance of the food in any way but How do you guys think this turned out? It was so super simple, but I think it has a great nautical effect I really really love it that shell that red shell has to be one of my favorites Leave me a comment below and let me know What you think about this what you would change about it? If you liked this project Let me know by giving me a thumbs up and share this video with someone who is so ready for the summer season I know I am Thank you guys so much for joining me today. I appreciate your time so much I will see you in my next video until then everyone. Take care. Bye

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