Dollar Tree DIY Glam Lighted Chandelier – Crystal Light Fixture Home Decor

Dollar Tree DIY Glam Lighted Chandelier – Crystal Light Fixture Home Decor

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make an elegant and glam chandelier using all Dollar Tree items so if you
want to learn how to make it well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and today’s craft is an elegant chandelier made out of Dollar
Tree items that I looked at em for awhile and I knew I wanted to do something with
these trays and so I finally came up with something I hope you guys really
like it I’m excited to show it to you because it’s really pretty cool actually
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and also my contact information but most importantly what items you’ll need to
make this beautiful chandelier so I think we need to get into it because I
can’t contain myself this is super cool I hope you guys like it let’s go do it okie-dokie first thing we’re going to be
doing is using our little acrylic gemstones and we’re going to be creating
the little sections that are going to be going inside of our squares you’re going
to understand that when we get to that part so how we’re going to do this is
each one is going to be five by five so five gemstones across five gemstones
down I like working on this granite countertop or if you have any kind of
stone countertop if not it’s great to work also on maybe on like a piece of
parchment paper or something that the glue will not stick to and what we’re
just going to be doing is gluing together our little gemstones here to
form a square so a little bit of glue will do it and then putting them I put
them all facedown so that the little points are sticking up now if you have
something that is a straight edge I’m just going to use this as my straight
edge it’s very very helpful because you can very easily get kind of cockeyed on
these so you definitely want to have a straight line going and just go ahead
and glue your row together you know I will tell you that normally I use the
gorilla glue glue sticks but they are kind of a cloudy earth you can see the
gorilla glue sticks as compared to these other ones I don’t even know where I got
these from but I highly recommend finding some glue sticks that are clear
for this project since our gemstones are clear that way they won’t show as much
this can be something it’s a great project to do while you listen like to
an audio book or something or if you have some good music you want to put on
okay so sometimes for me it sticks in my countertop I just give it a minute let
it cool off and then I use this thing to kind of move it in case it’s stuck but
here’s what we have so far one of these and we’re going to go ahead and put that
aside and form the rest of them take note when you’re pushing these together
that you also kind of make sure that they’re flat
because sometimes we push them together and the stones kind of overlap each
other without us realizing it so just make sure that they are still flat down
onto the table we’re gonna do five rows just like that I want to show you what a
small amount of glue I’m actually putting on there just a little dab that’s it okay so now that I have all
five of my rows here we’re going to start gluing these rows together so I do
every other one you don’t have to put glue on every single one of the five so
I’m just putting it also so that it doesn’t dry I mean or cool off too
quickly it’s easier to just do three of them and then again face down and you’re
going to attach these together again I use my little edge here to make sure
that these are all straight because these can end up also kind of cockeyed
I’m going to give it that a moment to cool off so I know that they’re nice and
stuck together and then because I this is why I was saying I like the granite
countertop for this because it’s cold and it cools it off much more quickly so
I just do recommend something that’s nonstick so that you don’t have a
problem giving this up and having it break so this is what we will have and
what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna make guess how many guys we’re gonna
make 15 of these so this is why I say pick a good audio book and put on and in
fact there’s one that I really like you guys it’s called I’m listening to it now
it’s called I’m a badass it is so great and I really highly recommend it so
anyway so we’re gonna make our 15 of these and take your time on them make
sure they’re all nice and flat and even once you get all of those done the next
thing we’re gonna do is again take our acrylic gems you know you don’t have
to do this all in one day you know take your time spend time on it it’s worth it
it’s time-consuming but it is really really gorgeous in the long run so I’m
flipping all of these so that they’re face down just to make it easier to work
with and then what we’re going to be doing is making one long long strand at
all of these and we’re going to glue them together in the same way we glued
the other ones together except for not 5×5 but just directly in line to each
other now you could use a nice straight surface for this as well it is helpful
so that you can keep these in line and straight and again don’t forget to make
sure that they are flat and not overlapping each other we’re gonna be
gluing together 21 in a row here once you get on a roll with this it does go
pretty quick and it’s probably best to separate out your stones I mean for me
it’s easier if I count and separate out how many I need so we’re gonna be using
twenty-one across the next thing we’re gonna do is a technique that I learned
from Helen at Beauty meets DIY and we’re going to take our little pony beads here
and we’re going to be gluing these onto the pointed side of our gemstone now I
found the easiest way to do that is to take your little pony bead put the tip
of your glue nozzle in it and give a little squirt of glue so it’s not very
much at all it’s just enough that it can stick on to the backside of your
gemstone here without leaving a bunch of goopy glue so just like this I’m putting
it right there in the tip of that in that hole squeezing it a tiny little bit
in and then pressing it right on to the tip of my gemstone we’re going to go
through and do all 21 of those we’ll run that across okay so here’s what it looks
like when it’s finished so we will be making five of these okay
so the next thing we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be taking
our plastic trays here and I already took the tag off as you can see and what
we’re going to be doing is taking our I think these look like coasters don’t you
guys think and in fact I think I’m going to come up with a DIY for these as
coasters but anyway what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be gluing one
into each one of these sections so they don’t lay completely flat because the
sections are a little narrower than what we’ve got here so we want to see where
they’re actually making contact which is pretty much on the the outer edges of
our gemstones that are sitting in there so you’re going to go ahead and we’re
going to use a little E6000 on the edges of the gems and then on a
couple of them and then on a couple of them go ahead and use your hot glue
actually do both sides first with your E6000 and then go ahead and put your hot
glue and then go ahead and place that right into your tray try and be as
careful as you can with that and get that into place I kind of got mine a
little bit slide it slid down on the sides a little bit so it does show on
that one but I don’t think it’s gonna show in the long run when everything is
done there’s going to be so much glam and sparkle to this it will be beautiful
and nobody will be able to tell so we’re going to go ahead here’s what it’s going
to look like when you have the three sections done and we’re going to go
ahead and do this to all five of our trays okay so the next thing we’re gonna
be doing is putting together the shape of our light fixture here after much
trial and error I have found the easiest way to do this is going to be to use
some scotch tape and you can cut a couple pieces ahead at a time and have
them ready and what we’re going to do is stand your pieces up here your trays and
you’re going to want the back sides to be touching and then the front side to
be basically the flush with each other probably the
easiest way is just to take a piece of tape and put it across line up the backs
the line up the front and just stick it down with the tape now don’t stick the
tape down too firmly cuz you’re gonna have a hard time peeling it up later and
you’re gonna do the same thing on the bottom okay and then keep going around
and do the same thing so the back sides are stuck together and the front sides
are flush together that front edge you don’t necessarily need a lot of tape you
can just do one in the middle works just fine and it’s gonna temporarily hold it
in place until we’re ready to glue it alright so you got those front sides
matched up and then what we’re gonna be doing is going down and running our hot
glue down this line don’t go over your tape because you won’t be able to take
the tape off I mean I know that goes without saying but I’m saying that
anyway I’m gonna start with it kind of laying down like this so that I can put
the pieces together and run my glue right on that seam I’m leaving a little
bit of a space so that I can Reese the kit together now don’t worry about some
of the glue showing because we have those long strips we made and those are
going to be covering that up just make sure those seams are lined up until this
glue cools off so you’re nice and even and in place and you can go ahead and
peel off your tape so a little trick to for the tape which I did not do but when
you cut your piece of tape if you just fold down one little corner of it it
will give you a little tab to be able to pull this up more easily once this one
side has cooled go ahead and turn carefully and do the same thing on your
next scene and you can see why using clear glue
makes sense on this I’m sure so I’m gonna go around and do that to all of
the seams and then we’ll come back and get to the next step okay so this is
what it looks like when it’s finally all put together the next thing we’re gonna
be doing is taking our tray and I’m gonna flip it to use a pencil and go
ahead and trace out so I know where to cut and then we’re gonna just go ahead
and get this cut out here some of you may want to save this outer part for
something if that’s the case then just go ahead and poke a hole and then start
cutting and cut your shape out we’re gonna see how this fits now of course
because we traced it to that edge it’s going to fit to the edge we do want this
to kind of drop down inside so go ahead and just trim it a little bit smaller
following kind of your same line and take a little bit off all the way around
just so that we can get that to fit and trim it until it actually fits right in
there so here this fits in there pretty well and this is we’re putting that
reflective side down so that it will reflect any light from our little lights
that we put inside later to reinforce this top because it is flimsy and we
need it to be a little more sturdy we’re going to use some of our craft sticks
here and glue them around the edges and then overlapping on themselves this way
it’ll give it a little more firmness and some integrity there so that it doesn’t
just collapse on us not only reinforce it around the edges but around this
Center part as well because we’re going to be hanging our lights from in there
so we want to have it hold up okay and not just cave in in the center this is
all going to be on the top so it’s not going to show we’re gonna want to leave
this Center part open because that’s what we’re going to potentially poke a
hole in case you want to run some an actual lighting through this we’ll be
able to have a hole there now if you’d like you can
spray paint this or even buy another tray and cut another piece of this and
cover it you can cover it with foam core you can also if you’d like if you have a
large roll of bling wrap you can put some bling wrap on there just to cover
it but it is going to be up high and not really visible okay so the next step
we’re going to do is to make the holes for the garden chain to hook through so
I have spray-painted my garden chain silver that is the only part that I can
think of this project that is not from Dollar Tree is the silver spray paint so
if you don’t have silver spray paint you can use some Diamond wrap to wrap around
and cover your chain with whatever other options are available to you okay so
what we’re going to do because the chain has three sections and this has five we
can’t do it in each space here and we do have to have it evenly spaced so that
the lamp doesn’t hang cockeyed so measuring around this is thirty inches
if we go every 10 inches and we poke a hole into this little lip here of the
plastic we can use that to hook our chain with so I’m going to be using this
soldering iron to do that and if you don’t have a soldering iron you can use
the tip of your glue gun or other people have heated up something really hot with
a flame and then poke that in these soldering guns are really inexpensive or
the wood-burning tool so what bringing tools are usually a little more
expensive that these soldering guns are less than ten dollars and it’s a great
little thing to have available to use for many different projects so I’m just
going to go ahead and start my first hole and I’m not going to center it
because I know the other ones won’t be centered and I’m just gonna go ahead and
you can see that just melts like buttah so it’s a little smoky afterwards but
make sure you’re just in a well-ventilated area when you do this
okay so from that hole there I am gonna measure 10 inches to make my next hole
now if you’re using your glue gun that’s going to take a little more effort to
make the hole so I have my three holes in place now ready to
go so next what we’re gonna do is because we have our top here and we do
need to pass the lights through it so what we’re going to be doing is using
again the wood-burning tool or the soldering iron or whatever it is you’re
using and we’re gonna make a hole in the center that’s large enough for us to
pass our lights through because we’re going to be hiding the battery pack up
here on the top I didn’t measure I’m just kind of guessing where center is
and making a hole there that should be big enough to pass through the lights
and it’s pretty well centered not perfect but it’s all good
and then we’re gonna set this aside until we are ready to put that all
together okay so what we’re gonna start doing right now is we’re gonna be
putting some bling wrap on these little crossing bar things so I’ve cut some
single strips of bling wrap and just by the way FYI I love having this ginormous
a roll of bling wrap and I’m gonna leave the link down below I got it from
Totally Dazzled if this is something you guys use often
I really recommend buying it this way it’s so much more cost effective than
the little one dollar one dollar one dollar roles that finish quickly because
I have used this and used this and there is just tons of it there and it lasts
forever so anyway the link will be down below in case you’re interested so what
we’re gonna be doing is taking strips and gluing them here across this little
center point you can do a single strip if you want a double strip whatever you
prefer or if you don’t want any strip there at all initially I wasn’t even
going to put anything there and I actually really really like the way it
looks so I’ve changed my mind and I am adding it on there already I’m gonna go
around and get that done on all the sides and be right back okay so our next
step is going to be to take our remember these guys
our little strips we made and we’re going to be gluing those into place
running down the side here of each of the little seams I’m going to do this a
little at a time by adding some hot glue into each one and
gluing them down and then I’m just gonna go around and do that on all the sides
this is how it looks once it’s in place so I decided to go ahead and cover my
top with bling wrap it with the light showing on it all you see is popsicle
stick still but it is covered and then what I did is I went ahead and took my
lights and the strand is a little longer than what we need so I just took and
folded it in half and put untwisted this upper part a little bit this wire and
just shoved one of the little lights right through there just to kind of hold
it so that there in half but before we do that we’re gonna go ahead and feed
the lights through the top of the the top through the top of the top and bring
them all the way down now there’s different there’s seasonal lights always
it seems I can always find lights of one type or another at Dollar Tree look for
them to have a silver wire instead of the dark wire it just will look better
and it won’t distract or take away from your lighting okay now that I have that
through I’m just gonna pass this through here to shorten up my strand and then
we’ll be placing this right on top of our piece here figure out which way it
fits because it depends on when you cut it which way it was facing at the time
now it seems to fit in there nicely if you are going to be hanging your light
fixture lower you’re gonna want to not feed them through first but attach your
battery pack from underneath in this case you’re going to just want to do it
in such a way you can either glue it or tape it or somehow to this underneath
side and then again fold your lights up so they don’t hang down too long I’m
going to be displaying this a little bit lower for the video purpose
so I’m going to go ahead temporarily and just use some scotch tape and tape my
battery pack to the inside if you do it with scotch tape you have the option of
changing it around at a later time in case you want to put it on top later I’m
also going to add a small piece of tape just to bring the lights back to Center
so they’re not hanging down from the sides and then I’m going to bring in and
attach our chain here and show you this all done are you guys excited I’m so

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