Dollar Tree Haul | Fall and Halloween Deco

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel as I’ve mentioned in a few other videos I absolutely love shopping at the Dollar Tree you can get so many great products but for super cheap So today I figured I would do a quick haul for you. Let’s get into it The first few items that I grabbed at the Dollar Tree today are fall themed I know that it’s not exactly fall yet because it’s just the beginning of September But I was so excited that they came out with some stuff So the first item is this cute little welcome sign and it’s just a scarecrow. They had a few different colors like orange What else was there green brown, but I thought this one would be cute on my door. I love hanging things With the seasons, I don’t know. So I just thought this is cute. So I grabbed it. I also grabbed Apple scented soap because I love everything to smell like apples or pumpkins during the season so I just figured Grabbing, some apple soap would be fun Like I mentioned I like Apple so I decided to grab two different air fresheners of apple cinnamon I love these things, I think They’re great, especially if you have pets and if you’ve watched my about me video, I have two cats with my boyfriend So having these around are definitely helpful to make sure that it doesn’t smell like cat. Um the next items that I grabbed were This cute little vase. It’s not perfectly put together right now and then a few different sets of flowers So the base can be changed out I can also use this for Christmas because it’s red and then I grabbed cute little leaves for one these burgundy color cuz I love tying that in and then they have these cute little Burlap flowers that are orange and yellow, so I thought these would be really cute styled in this space Even though I know that I’m definitely getting ahead of my stuff. I saw that they came out with a ton of Halloween stuff so obviously I had to get more don’t tell my boyfriend who’s actually on a trip driving to Washington State from New York State so that’s why I’m filming this video So he doesn’t see how much Halloween stuff I bought because every year we have a Halloween party and I love Halloween It’s one of my favorite holidays So I always end up buying some more Halloween decorations and just keep them in my pile to reuse every single year So this year I decided to give this ugly little wrap because I like putting things like in the bathroom or in the refrigerator So when people are least expecting it we had these little guys to scare them. I also bought this creepy cloth that’s literally what it says and I buy one of these every years because I think They’re so fun to like hang over the light or the curtains Just to kind of darken up the room But I also always buy some of these wall decorations They literally cling to the wall. So you don’t even have to tape them up. Um, this one is like a cemetery And then this one is just a stone wall our walls here in our apartment are white So I want it like I said darken up the room. So these are the perfect way to do it Next I Bought this awesome jello mold and it’s like a brain So I thought it would be fun to make some jello and put like little Eyeballs or spiders in it and use this mold Next I grabbed Streamers, I always buy these streamers at the Dollar Tree. They have every color So if you’re looking to decorate your room for a party or you’re surprising your friends for their birthday I think these are super great I got black because it’s Halloween and I just like to tape it at the top of the wall Then you twist it a little bit and then tape at the bottom and it looks super fancy But it’s so easy and it’s from the Dollar Tree. So I’ll definitely take a picture and show you guys how that looks What’s Halloween gets a little bit closer? and then I bought this little spider tray I have an orange one from last year That’s a pumpkin but usually people bring like desserts or snacks for the party so I thought this would be a good addition to put some snacks on for the Halloween party and Then last but not least with the Halloween stuff. I got this cute little door hanger So they had a few colors and vests as well. This is obviously orange in black They had purple and black and green and black and then there’s just little with shoes at the bottom So I thought this would be cute for my office door at work so I can have a little bit of the Halloween Style, but not like the creepy style. So definitely check out your Dollar Tree because they have awesome Halloween stuff right now I Also always buy my cleaning supplies at the Dollar Tree The only thing that I don’t get there is like bleach products just because I haven’t seen them But one thing that I do always get are their sponges So if you’re looking to do the dishes and I just think it’s gross to use sponges too much So I always get a few packs of these sponges to make sure that we’re stocked up. I Also, grab some Lysol wipes. I just started my internship and I also have a job at a different place So I want to make sure that I have these for when people start getting sick and I don’t want to catch their germs And then this isn’t new as you can tell but this is something that I always pick up at the Dollar Tree So I just wanted to throw it in there. It’s just spic-and-span everyday antibacterial spray This is great for cleaning your counters cleaning your bathroom. I love this stuff and I always pick it up Lastly for cleaning supplies. I always get this pet fresh carpet odor eliminator and about once a month I’ll use this and I just sprinkle it all over my carpets throughout the apartment. You’re supposed to let it sit for 10 minutes I believe so I usually do that and then just vacuum it up and it makes sure that your carpets and your rooms are smelling fresh and clean and Just kind of takes away that cat or dog whatever you may have that kind of smell Um speaking of my cats I always get them a cat toy, which is really bad because they don’t need any more, but I always pick up Something they can play with so this time I just grabbed this little ball that they can push around and play with silly but whatever A few random things that I grabbed I grabbed these thin little black Hair ties because I always steal my sister’s so she probably has none left so I decided it was probably time to grab some of my own and Probably should mail her down some because like I said, I’d take all of her Um, I also grab these little snack bags I’ve eaten these before. I think that they have Yeah, they definitely have some sugar in them So if you don’t want to take in sugar I don’t recommend these but these are great for a snack when you’re hiking when you’re working when your internship in-between classes I really like picking these up So I grab two I’ve had this one before it’s banana chips cranberries almonds cashews and blueberries and I love it And I decided that I would try the cranberry blended Whoa, which has peanuts raisins cranberries almonds and pumpkin seeds. So definitely try these out if you haven’t already And then I also always grab school supplies, so like sheet protectors I love putting my syllabus in these for class and throw them in a binder Um, it just I don’t know fancies up a little bit and it’s easy to turn the pages I just love it using these and then they also have really cute folders right now So I grabbed two this one is a pluming low and it says stand tall and I just thought it was really cute Um, cuz it will may go on the back and they’re glittery on the front This one has feathers and it says stay wild and then just has the feathers again on the back the Next items is I always get pens from the Dollar Tree if you like Jelly, blue ones I get those there and then they always have really cute like designed pens and I love using these when I’m like working with students or writing in my planner so school supplies are also great to get at the Dollar Tree and Then the last item that I’m going to mention today is a little bit weird But it’s a Jillian Michaels workout Video and I actually got one of these for my best friend a while ago and she loved it. She said it was great Great workout It’s only $1 So I figured grabbing one of these would be a good idea so that I do have an excuse not to work out sometimes And this one is the 10 minute Body Transformation Workout, so I’m excited to try this out and see what it’s like Let me know in the comments down below if you shop at the Dollar Tree and what some of your favorite I don’t swim there a bar I Hope that you enjoyed watching this Dollar Tree haul Let me know if you’re interested in more kind of Falls from different stores, and I’ll definitely work on filming them I’m super excited about my video that’s coming out next week because I’m surprising my best friend with an adventure day So keep your eyes out for that video coming out. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it Click that subscribe button and I’ll see you next week

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