Dollar Tree Haul – Organizing Products

– All right, so here we
are at the Dollar Tree. And believe it or not, the Dollar Tree is actually great for organizing items, especially for obviously
organizing on a budget. Because here at the Dollar Tree, everything is $1. So you can go crazy and deck
out your organizing systems. If you want even more
organizing inspiration, be sure to subscribe to our channel. (upbeat music) All right, so one of my
favorite things for organizing are these. These little ones comes three
to a pack for just a dollar. And these bigger ones comes two to a pack. And these are perfect for
organizing little knick knacks inside of drawers and
since they’re so cheap, you can buy several and just line them up in your drawer and keep
it super organized. Okay, this little slim tray
would be great in the office for little knick knacks,
little paperclips, pens, something else over here. Or, I think you could
use it in your vanity for organizing your makeup, like your makeup brushes,
little things like that. This is another favorite
because it’s shallow. And it fits papers great. So if you want to use it
like an inbox on your desk or something like that for papers, or store copy paper. And, if you don’t like the color, you can totally spray paint plastic and make it look really cute. Another great item for
maximizing storage space is to use over the door hooks. They don’t damage anything, they’re super easy, no installation. And you can hang things
like coats or towels or even necklaces or scarves on these. So these little magnetic
tins would be great for like office paperclips,
little knick knacks like that. Or even like spices in the
kitchen on the refrigerator. Another thing from the
Dollar Tree that I love are these hangers. There’s eight for a pack, and of course everything is a dollar, so it’s a great price. And one way to make your
closet look super neat and tidy is to use all matching hangers. So these are so affordable, you can probably get yourself
entire matching hangers. And I also love the little groove here. If you have a strap, it
won’t fall off of the hanger. All right, so this is a
great idea for storing things like toys, other items,
and it even says on here you can write directly
on it with dry erase. So that’s a pretty cool
built in labeling system. All right, another favorite is these
little mini laundry baskets. These are great for organizing. I actually have used
them in my kids closets. Especially when they were really little. You can just put their onesies in here, not even worry about folding them and they look really neat all stacked up, lined up on the shelf. Just anything that you
want to throw things in and not have to place it in so neatly. It will keep them corralled. And they have a few different
colors here at my Dollar Tree. These bins are definitely
one of my favorites because they have these handles. You can pull them out. I’ve used them in places
like my laundry room, I emptied all those laundry pods in here and I can just pull it off the shelf. Even if your shelves
are up a little higher, these handles make them great for storage. All right, this is another
great organizing bin. It’s pretty flexible. And it has handles, so you can carry it around. So if you wanted to use it, it’s also great for like
party stuff at parties and it’s so cheap. That you could buy several of them. Or put them in a closet,
put kids things in here. And I also like, you can’t see through them, so if what you have in
here is not super tidy, it won’t even be noticeable. (upbeat music)

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