Earn FAST Paypal Cash Drawing Boxes On Photos

do you want to earn money in your spare
time? in this video I’m going to show you exactly how to earn PayPal cash right
NOW! by completing small and easy task now
before we get started if you are interested in making money online so you
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so that when I upload new videos you won’t miss out on them alright so this
website is spare five so look you can earn money in your spare time if there
are free web and mobile apps so that means all you need is you can use your
computer you can use your laptop you can call here and make money by going to
your internet browser alright with your Google Chrome Firefox or all of that
okay so it’s totally free okay it’s free to sign up to sign up is simple just
click any of these buttons you can sign up your Facebook with your Google
LinkedIn or email alright sign up is totally free all you need is just a PC
or a Mac and you just do small and simple tasks in your free time
and you can earn PayPal cash now let’s go through how it works it’s pretty
simple you sign up they give you small tasks you do it you get paid okay that’s
it you’ll need a PayPal account to receive your cash obviously okay and by
the way what’s really cool about this is that the minimum payout is only one
dollar okay that’s right you only need one dollar and you will be
able to cash out okay cash on PayPal so this is the process obviously are going
to sign up by clicking any of these buttons you can sign I through any of
these sign up then get some tasks I’m going to show you how to task in just a
moment get some tasks do the task and then you can get paid okay you can get
paid every single Friday they can cash out which means you can get paid fast
okay every single week you can actually catch up and the minimum is only $1 now
some of you are really curious right what are the tasks like so as you saw
from the title of this video you can make money by just drawing some boxes so
let’s go through very quickly in this very short video so they have a tons a
ton of different tasks most of them focus on just deriving the meaning of
different audio video or image files so it could be something like this assess
the language alright what is the tone of this image and then you just choose
accordingly and I’ll ask you and not take the image here you drop boxes and
you just describe what do you see okay you draw boxes and you just describe
accordingly all right if you see cloud and then you just draw a box and you
describe it to be a cloud if you see a mountain you draw a box and you say it’s
a mountain okay I mean even a five-year-old can do this
right you draw a bottle with this and then you just label okay this is water
you draw a box over here this is a road all right can also isolate elements key
find the edges of an object and they can help computers to see what you see or
you can simply provide key words all right so you see an image what do you
see again this is like some very basic stuff right what do you see in this
image and they just put in the keywords Rubin clouds doc all right so even a kid
can do this okay so they have a story from someone who is actually using spare
five back you can come and check it out if you’re actually interested so I don’t
waste your time I’d only want to give you all the good stuff in this short
video so you can come and check it out if you want to now who provided tasks so
this is a legit company you can see for yourself okay so some of you saw this
trance right you saw these tasks who where where are all these tasks coming
from they are not coming from random people here they are all coming from
reputable companies okay so spare five works with a variety of companies to
train their programs algorithm so these are companies they have worked with
alright so this is the logic way of earning money online okay
they are partnered with like Expedia and Pinterest Microsoft GoPro get the images
IBM k DoCoMo tons of them alright so this is a legit website including Google
for yourself and also one more cool thing on this charity right now is that
you can actually do it on your iPhone app as well okay so if you are using an
iPhone this is great news okay you can actually use the iPhone and you can earn
money so this is one of the right methods where you can also earn money
with your phone isn’t it awesome is this exciting so if you have an iPhone comes
to this website or just search in your Apple App Store search for spare five
the number five K now unfortunately it’s not available on the Android phone as of
now but this that’s not worry K even if you don’t have an iPhone then like I
said right you can just use your computer or laptop okay can use a PC or
a Mac and they just do it in your Google Chrome or Firefox web browser does that
make sense but of course if you have an iPhone then this is great like if you
are outside if you end up if you are commuting if you are queuing in line if
you are doing anything if you have nothing else to do if you have some
spare time to kill then you might as well just do this and just make money
and this is really awesome like I said the minimum pay is only $1 all right
you can check it out on the App Store read the reviews if you want to do your
homework alright nominated for of the year using over 100 countries get
gives back all right so this is it this is spare five and tons of interesting
stuff you can come and check it out for yourself okay all right now this is a
bonus section now I’m going to show you a different way where you can make even
more money through this method by simply helping your friends make money
okay sounds exciting isn’t it look if you scroll all the way down if you
actually click on this help button right if you click into help they do have a
referral program okay so but there are a few different things that can go through
that’s like general info as I pay out so I’m sure a lot of you’ll be interesting
payouts right so we are going to go through this in just a moment but right
now let me show you something they have a referral program you can actually
share can inform your friends that hey look you can actually make some money
with your iPhone or with your internet browser okay and you can refer them and
both of you can make money together isn’t that awesome this is a win-win
situation so let’s check out how does a spare five referral program work they
have a refer-a-friend program which makes it easy and rewarding for you to
actually invite your friends kay so I’m sure you have a lot of friends so you
can just invite them you can help them let them know that it can actually make
money online and doing the spare time key so you can actually tell your
friends and you can earn up to twenty dollars doing it and both of you are not
only going to make money first you are going to refer him to this so that you
can show you the Hey look there is this app where they can make money with your
iPhone or chemically with your computer or laptop but look by actually referring
to your friend both of you make extra money so look after a while you will be
able to invite your friends so each time your friends $10 okay because you
referred him to this platform every time he runs $10 you will get an extra $2
okay isn’t it awesome now because you refer your friend to this platform your
friend will earn an extra $1 okay so look if you did not refer your friend
then he would make zero dollars isn’t it right but if your friend registered
himself then he would only earn $10 but look if you refer your friend then your
friend will not only earn $10 he will earn an extra $1 each time your friends
$10 k so look both of you will win okay it’s a win-win situation every time your
friend earns $10 you get extra $2 your friend gets an extra $1 that’s an extra
$3 every time your friends $10 isn’t is great this is really a win-win situation
both of you can make additional money together okay so for it actually invite
your friend very simple just click on refer-a-friend
button and then just share your invite code
all right so spare five has a very detailed FAQ database so come and check
it out if you are curious about all these different questions like why do
you not have any available tasks get all these different questions you can come
and check it out alright so this is the general FAQ the USFL payouts FAQ like
when do we get paid so let’s go here and check it out is there a minimum payout
can I get paid if I don’t have a PayPal account why didn’t I get paid all of
these things can come and check it out alright so anyway let’s go through some
of them the important ones like when do you get paid they up here is every 5
p.m. on Friday and then the minimum is actually $1 like I said earlier in the
beginning you must earn at least $1 keep on first you can raise it up if you want
to that’s completely up to you but basically the minimum to receive a pair
is $1 all right so what if you don’t have a PayPal account well that’s the
only way they pay up for now ok so I mean people it’s available for most
countries right almost every countries it’s available so go hit register for
people but if for whatever reason you can’t get a PayPal account then check
out my other videos check out my playlist I’ll put a link down below to
my make money online playlist there will be tons of different ways for you to
make money online some of them are paid through Payoneer so they pay you direct
your bank account through wire transfer ok so I believe for most of you people
like how this is gonna work for you if you didn’t get paid here are some of the
possibilities kay so I’m not gonna go through everything go and check out the
FAQ if you’re serious about actually making money online but if you are not
going to do anything then nobody can help you if you don’t even want to help
yourself alright oh and by the way if you want to
create multiple streams of income if you want to find out even more different
ways to make money online make sure you check out my free youtube playlists okay
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income ok so all these videos are free so what is your excuse for not actually
watching them so go ahead watch them Panda
different different strategies care-a-lot I will pay you in PayPal cash
all right so it’s a very diverse it diversify way of making money online
some will pay you Street by PayPal cash you’ve just your phone some you can make
money by watching videos some you’re using Google some is a lot quicker
Sam you’re doing past some you’re using fiber some you are using YouTube
okay tons of different ways including a flea marketing freelance work okay and
different apps also okay so make sure you come and check out my free place if
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so that’s it for this video once again I want to thank you for watching I can’t
wait to see you again in my next video have a great day thank you

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