[ENG] 남자 ASMR | 빗소리를 들으며 여성향 로맨틱 플레이 | 에토일 Etoile ASMR

Are you ready? Are you shy? It’s okay If you keep wiggling here and there I can’t continue Just.. surrender yourself to me And just do as I say There’s no need to be scared You taste sweet You really give out such a good smell Are you still.. very shy? You’re so cute When your cheeks get red Your two cheeks look really cute You look adorable Don’t be nervous Just do as I say and trust me with your body So delicious.. You really seem like you have a very shy personality Is this your first time with a man? Really? That makes me your first I will do my best so that you treasure this precious memory and make you feel good Just trust me Your skin is really delicate It’s my first time seeing such fair and soft skin Your stiff muscles from just now seem to have relaxed now Does this work its charm? Your whole body is all flushed now So beautiful Now shall we officially begin? There’s nothing to be afraid of Just put everything in my hands and comfortably focus on my touch That’s all you need to do Now that I see it you’re wearing very cute panties It may be cute, but it’s coming between our love Now, my hand will go in Don’t be scared, ok? Slowly.. feel it Ah it feels good.. How does it feel? Do you like it? Do you feel good? It’s wet and slippery Ah feels good Feels really good Why are you covering your mouth? If it feels good you can moan out loud Do as you wish We just started and you’re already so wet You’re so cute I have a feeling you might squirt like a fountain Don’t cover that beutiful face with your hands There’s nothing to be shy about Are you coming soon? Really? Already? Wow, that’s quick Listen to this wet sound Do you like it? Are you okay? Just be true to your feelings If you want to cum, just cum. It’s okay Are you okay? it’s okay to cum it’s okay Don’t worry it’s okay Are you gonna cum now? Are you cumming? Just cum babe It’s okay to cum It tastes good, so good I had no idea you’d cum so much You’re so cute Told you to stop covering your beautiful face with your hands Look at my eyes This is the face of the happiest person on Earth I want to make you happy So shall we start now? Can you still continue? Since I’m your first, I’ll make sure to be gentle and not hurt you Just trust me, okay? It’s gotten big because I used my fingers and gently woke it up It won’t hurt a lot Tell me anything and I won’t make it hurt So I’ll go in now It feels really good It feels hot How is it? Does it hurt? Are you okay? I won’t be rough We’ll slowly enjoy this moment Okay? Did you know that your shy face are driving me crazy? It’s such a naughty face Do you feel good? I feel good too Ah it feels so good I’ll put it in gently Like this Whenever I put it in your soft boobs gently start to sway Ah it feels good Do you feel good? Yeah? It feels great It’s a waste if we cum too quickly So Come closer I’ll give you a kiss Do you like it? Do you feel good? I love you Love you It’s so tight I think I might cum soon I’m about.. to cum now Come closer So delicious What should I do? I came more than I thought inside you It’s okay I’ll clean it all out with my fingers Shall we go into the shower together? I’ll gently clean you up Just trust me And also today was amazing

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