ENG] 비트코인에서 무조건 수익이 나는 필승스윙매매법 완결판!(비트맥스/바이빗)

Hello, I’m bitjin. In this video, I will explain swing trading using indicators. I have uploaded this trading method before. I’ll tell you in summary in this video. Bybit has a $ 300 bonus event, which was first come, first served. But there is still a chance.
All users can participate. From January 22 to February 4, if the deposit amount is 1btc or more, you can receive it. Even if you’re late, members who subscribed to my channel link will receive it unconditionally. New users get $ 90 more, so they can get up to $ 390. In February, the Korean bybit trading competition begins. Then you get $ 50 more. And members who subscribe to my channel link have other prize events. I want you to participate a lot and receive the prize. Now let me explain how to trade. Select xbtusd in the Tradingview. And add an indicator. “Waverend with Crosses” Here’s this indicator. If you add this indicator to the chart, These indicators are created.
A detailed explanation of this indicator is in my previous video. You can see them after watching this video. This indicator has a green dot and a red dot.
Green is the long position and red is the short position. If the candle with the dot is closed then you can enter. If you enter before the candle closes, the dot can disappear. However, the dot does not disappear after the candle is closed. You can have a position at 00:00 UTC on a day candle basis. I recommend you to trade with the market rather than the limit. The reason is that entry can fail. I like to do with day candles. But you can also trade with other time candles. So how can you test it? Add another indicator. “wave trend strategy” There is an arrow to the right of the indicator. Since tradingview are inconvenient to search, you have to do spaces together. Then similar indicators are added and graphs are created together. The profit margin is very high at 2200%. But there are things that need to be fixed. Click on Settings and change the order size and commission to properties. Change properties to% of equity 100. commission enter 0.06375 which is my channel discount. Then this is the real profit margin. This is profit when compounded with 1x leverage. Raising leverage will increase profit margins. 12 hour candle, 6 hour candle, 4 hour candle, You can check this and choose a good return. All you need to know is profitable 35%. In this trading method, two out of three lose money. But good profit and loss can make a lot of money Some candles are available for paid in the tradingview. And you can change the settings. You can find a better return by changing the two lengths in the inputs. If you find a good profit, change wavetrend with crosses. 12 17 So as I explained at first, you are trading. If you guys want to manage risk, look at the slope of the graph rather than profit. And this trading method has no stoploss. You have to switch when the color of the dot changes Since the red and green dots repeat, you have to switch. Whether it’s profit or loss And use small leverage.
If you guys want to stoploos, You have to find the value yourself through back testing. I add one more indicator here to reduce risk. The indicator is “Ehlers Stochastic CG Oscillator” Add this indicator. Some gains come from the 0.8 and -0.8 lines of this indicator. IIf you have a long position here, when the candle crosing 0.8 line is cross, You can have some profit. If you have a short position, then this indicator has some profit when the candle crosing -0.8 line is cross. The long position is 0.8 lines and the short position is -0.8 lines.
What if you lose when the indicator crosses these lines? I just keep holding. Some profits are 30% to 50% and stoploss for the entry price. So far I have explained my swing trading method. But you can change as the market changes. You must keep the basic principles Since the odds are 35%, don’t be afraid to lose. When you first start, use only 50% of your money If you lose your first trading, you can add money. In this way, you can gain a lot while reducing risk. And I send you my position on the Telegram channel. It can be helpful to your mind. Remember! I am a trader who trades with you guys. Telegram addresses are in information and fixed comments. This trading method is best suited for bitcoin margin. You also keep the principle, and continue to profit. You can hold the position like me. I hope you guys find some good indicators in the tradingview. So I hope you guys get a lot of money with a better strategy than me. If this video is difficult for you, take a look at the previous swing trading videos. Please subscribe to my channel Happy New Year I hope you guys make a lot of profits by 2020 See you later in live streaming

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