[ENG/JPN/CHN SUB] STELLAR – Sting MV Making Film (2016.01.18)

[ENG/JPN/CHN SUB] STELLAR – Sting MV Making Film (2016.01.18)

– English Subtitles by Stellar Twinkles –
Minhee: I’m on the bed
Minhee: and when I pose like this while lying in bed,
Minhee: then the person who takes photos
Minhee: takes photos of me
Minhee: This is size M, so it’s very big
Minhee: This is ssipdeok point!
* “ssipdeok” is a neologism which means someone/something is extremely cute; it’s often used to describe cute Korean idol group members for their looks/personality/actions
Jeonyul: I’m preparing before
Jeonyul: filming my individual cut
Jeonyul: I wore a purple knit sweater today
Jeonyul: It’s very purple, right?
Jeonyul: I’m Sung Bo-ra
*Sung Bo-ra is one of the characters from the popular Korean drama, Reply 1988/Answer Me 1988; She mentioned her name b/c bora means purple in Korean
*This is one of the most popular lines from Reply 1988/Answer me 1988)
Jeonyul: I’m going to leave now to film my individual cut
Jeonyul: Follow me, everyone
Jeonyul: Go, go, go~!
Jeonyul: It was my
Jeonyul: music video individual cut
Jeonyul: on the spot
Jeonyul: Please look forward to it, everyone
Jeonyul: Bye~
Gayoung: When I was doing the individual cut
Gayoung: there were extra friends
Gayoung: they were ladybugs
Gayoung: Bye~
Hyoeun: Stellar’s
Hyoeun: ‘Sting’
Hyoeun: The title is ‘Sting’. ‘Sting’.
Hyoeun: [The girl in the song] realizes that her lover is getting sick of her
Hyoeun: So
Hyoeun: [She asks] “Are you sick of me now?”
Hyoeun: Please look forward to it
Hyoeun: Bye~
Hyoeun: Bye, love you~
Hyoeun: Paw print

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  1. Thanks! You're really helping Stellar to get more international support with this! Not like some other people who simply just copy the official video without doing anything just to get hits on their channel.

  2. hmm just curious… does anyone know if Stellar has ever shown their dorm before? it seems the company didn't do any reality show for them ya?

  3. hi guys! do you mind going to my channel and watch my dance cover of this song? it will only take a minute and i would really appreciate it thank you!! 🙂

  4. Stellar is so amazing!! They have such beautiful voices!! I cant help but think the mv concept regarding the mouse pointers is directed at all the netizen hate they got for being so so so sexy in their MV's and how the clickers behind the computers hurt them, but in the end, they get up and fiercely strut down that hallways showing that they've gotten up from the comments and hate and decided to move on . Such a deep MV and heartfelt song. Thank you for the subs!! Kangsamida!!!

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