[ENG/JPN SUB] A date with STELLAR (2016.02.24)

[ENG/JPN SUB] A date with STELLAR (2016.02.24)

– English Subtitles by Stellar Twinkles –
Gayoung: Tada!
Gayoung: Oppa, you must be tired from working today, too~
Gayoung: So I…
Gayoung: Tada! Brought you a sandwich!
Gayoung: Should we share one bite each?
Gayoung: Hold on…
Gayoung: You first~
Gayoung: Mmmm~ Isn’t it good?
Gayoung: Hang on a sec, you have some here.
Gayoung: Mmm~
Gayoung: To give you strength…
Gayoung: I’ll give you a kiss!
Hyoeun: Sorry~ I was a little late because I was getting ready.
Hyoeun: In return, I’ll show you a little aegyo so don’t stay angry… okay?
Hyoeun: Then…
Hyoeun: I’ll make a sentence relay from “one little bear” (gom dol ee han ma ree). You help me.
Hyoeun: Gom – One little bear~
Hyoeun: Dol – Turned around…
Hyoeun: Ee – From this side…
Hyoeun: Han – One more time~
Hyoeun: Ree – Replay~
Minhee: Tada~
Minhee: Honey, what did you do today?
Minhee: I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of you~
Minhee: Look, can you see my dark circles?
Minhee: Have more strength today thinking of me~ I love you~
Jeonyul: Huh? Sunbae~
Jeonyul: Hello~ How was your day today?
Jeonyul: It’s been so long~
Jeonyul: Do you maybe have some time today?
Jeonyul: Go on a date with me~
Jeonyul: Please~ Go with me Sunbae~ Have a cup of coffee with me. Please?
Jeonyul: Hurry, hurry~
Jeonyul: I know a really good coffee place.
Jeonyul: Let’s go there together.
Jeonyul: Today we’re going on a date together all day~ okay?

45 thoughts on “[ENG/JPN SUB] A date with STELLAR (2016.02.24)”

  1. i cant stop smiling from ear to ear…..blushes & runs off <3 <3 <3 thanks for the subbing as always! im really early today!

  2. Gooooood, what i do for deserve all this love? i hope they appear on my Dreams, my life is better now, thanks to them my life is so much good, and, also thank you for translate it, you don't know how hard is find this things en spanish, don't tell me that you can send them letters in korean… 😀

  3. even tho I got into these girls a couple weeks ago they kill me in this video with their cuteness gayoung is so cute and hyoeun killed me with the kiss and minhee I love her eyes and junyul she can kill you just from grabbing your hand I am jealous of the cameraman

  4. It's hard to pretend to be straight with Stellar.
    I'd go for Hyoeun anyway. I wanna be her little bear ♡♡♡♡

  5. The amount of fan service these girls do is amazing! I wouldn't be surprised if they end up having a version of an MV in the future in the similar style of what Girls' Day did with their "Hug Me Once" GAME Version MV! That would be awesome….

  6. damn! i didnt expect this kind of video O.O this is bad for my very dreamer head xD… I star my fan for this girls with the polemic with Vibrato (now i seen it like 10 times in a row xD and Sting too in its different versions and presentations) and find this… (sigh)

    Thanks very much for the subs that motivate me to follow more. And that i'm LEGGOs =D

  7. I was getting worried…Jeonyul was a tad late for our date. I'll let you all know how it turned out. Jeonyul is powdering her face now as I wait in the coffee shop for her to come back.

  8. Hyoeuns part was not quite cut short enough and…she broke character! I SAW IT I SAW IT! =) but seriously how sweet are these girls? I can't decide who I have the biggest crush on…Help!

  9. It's impossible to love just one of them… Gayoung is beautiful, Hyoeun is cute af, Minhee is like a breath of fresh air, and Jeonyul is basically a Goddess

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