[ENG/JPN SUB] STELLAR 2016 New Year Greeting Message (2016.02.06)

[ENG/JPN SUB] STELLAR 2016 New Year Greeting Message (2016.02.06)

– English Translations courtesy of 가영효은미니율 /
Subtitles by Stellar Twinkles –
All: Hello, we are Stellar~
All: Ggachi Ggachi Seolnaleun Eojeoggegoyo~
(New Year’s Eve was yesterday~)
All: Woori Woori Seolnaleun Onuel-yiraeyo~!
(Our New Year’s Day is today~)
Hyoeun: It’s New Year’s Day!
Gayoung: Yes, it is new year’s day. Everybody, happy new year and a wonderful holiday with your families~
Hyoeun: Also please love ‘Sting’ during the holidays.
Jeonyul: Eat a lot of Dduk-gook (Korean traditional soup) and become a year older!
Gayoung: I don’t want to!
Minhee: Then finally, we will finish by making a bow.
All: Everyone, happy new year!
Jeonyul: New Year’s money!

19 thoughts on “[ENG/JPN SUB] STELLAR 2016 New Year Greeting Message (2016.02.06)”

  1. I see you in any video about stellar. I just wanted to thank you for translate as much as you can! I personally appreciate a lot and I bet everyone does. I'm pretty sure Stellar staff or even one of the members saw you in comments haha. Just thank you so so much for all the help and support to our girls 😍😭💪
    [If you need any help, just tell me I'm an editor too!]

  2. Well finally, it's about time! Geez you must have taken your own sweet time to do this huh? kekeke Thanks again for the hard work! Hey have you seen the fan signing video of Hyoeun and Gayoung? I love how classy Hyoeun is throughout and then suddenly she challenges a fan to a rock-paper-scissors game (and won) kekeke and boy does she love that little flashing yellow ducky/chicky toy! kekeke

  3. Haha it'll be real funny if twinkles made a collection and sent Jeonyul some new year money. Idols have to be careful what they wish for cause they might get it kekeke

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