[ENG/JPN SUB] Stellar Hyoeun Broadcast – Hyoeun & Jeonyul’s First Broadcast (2016.09.20)

[ENG/JPN SUB] Stellar Hyoeun Broadcast – Hyoeun & Jeonyul’s First Broadcast (2016.09.20)

– English Subtitles by
Stellar Communications Project Contributors –
Hyoeun: Excuse me, aren’t you Stellar’s Jeonyul?
Jeonyul: Omo, why are you doing this? Oh~
Hyoeun: Hey-
Jeonyul: Ah~ don’t film me, I #$%^@?
Hyoeun: Wait, I guess you’re not Jeonyul. Excuse me~
Jeonyul: Hello~
Hyoeun: Yes~ I met Yuri~
Jeonyul: Yay~ right now, we are~ going to the company to practice for our concert.
Hyoeun: Yes~
Jeonyul: Everyone, Hyoeun is-
Hyoeun: Ah, I, um my eyes are a little swollen right now~
Hyoeun: Actually, I wanted to say “Ta-da” [and come out]~ but my eyes are too swollen~ I think Yuri looks pretty so I’m going to show Yuri to you guys first~
Jeonyul: What if I look like this on screen?
Hyoeun: By the way, since we’re doing an improvised broadcast~ we don’t have lighting.
Jeonyul: Yeah.
Hyoeun: So Yuri actually, ah, really-
Jeonyul: Me like this~
Hyoeun: Hold on a sec, I only have 20% [of the battery], hold on, hold on.
Hyoeun: I’ll film this from far away. Good, good.
Hyoeun: Um, many of you right now, ah, bad camera work, it’s because I’m laughing and filming right now…
Jeonyul: Ah, film it prettily~
Hyoeun: Everyone, if you can hear me, shout hello, shout hello… ah, you can’t shout hello. Then please write hello. Say hello.
Jeonyul: Write hello in comments.
Hyoeun: [@go***a: Hello!] Oh~ you can hear me~
Jeonyul: Everyone, there’s a reason why we suddenly started twitter live broadcast right now~ because~
Hyoeun: How did this happen?
Jeonyul: because, because, 10 minutes? We’re planning to do V app in 10 minutes~
Hyoeun: Yup, actually we tried to do V app on our phone~
Hyoeun: but! Oh my, it kept bouncing back and forth~ So we told our company eonni,
Hyoeun: “What’s going on~ we want to do it but it doesn’t work.” Then, the official said it might be like that due to an error and told us to wait a little,
Hyoeun: but we couldn’t wait, so we’re doing this Twitter live broadcast right now and Yuri is so~ she’s so happy right now, look at her fly like that.
Hyoeun: This area is, ah today we~ um, Rodeo, right? Rodeo, we ate delicious soba noodles on Apgujeong Rodeo Street~
Hyoeun: [Talking to Jeonyul] Looks like you’re doing a storytelling.
Hyoeun: We ate soba noodles~ and we came here after using public transportation to go to our company.
Hyoeun: We want to go on a picnic since the weather is so nice today~ but Yuri is over there…
Hyoeun: yes, what do you guys say to taking a walk outside since the weather is nice?
Jeonyul: Yes, the weather is so nice today.
Hyoeun: [@Ji***n: It’s Gayoung] She’s not Gayoung eonni. She’s Yuri.
Jeonyul: It’s Yuri.
Hyoeun: Ah, the weather is so nice. Huh? There are so many ginkgo nuts on the ground. Ginkgo nuts.
Jeonyul: It stinks when you step on them.
Hyoeun: [@Ji***n: No, I meant Gayoung is in the chat room] Huh? Ah~ Gayoung eonni is in the chat room together~
Jeonyul: Gayoung eonni is in the chat room?
Hyoeun: No, that’s not it, [fans] said, “It’s Gayoung.” So I said, “It’s Yuri.” But Gayoung eonni wrote comments here~
Hyoeun: Ah Gayoung eonni~ glad to see you~
Jeonyul: Hello~
Hyoeun: Eonni~ are you doing well right now? Yuri is coming out ugly on here right now but it’s a secret~
Jeonyul: Aaah~
Hyoeun: Wait a sec, you’re a victim right now.
Hyoeun: [@Stellar_GY: Taking a break from filming] Ah~ [you’re] on a break~
Hyoeun: Oh~ Gayoung eonni is~ um, filming right now.
Hyoeun: But the weather is nice today~ so I think she’ll hit a nice shot~
Hyoeun: [@Stellar_GY: Notification was on so I saw] Ah~ notification was on.
Hyoeun: [@Stellar_GY: Walk carefully] Gayoung eonni says you should walk carefully~
Jeonyul: Me?
Hyoeun: Yuri stepped on ginkgo nuts so many times. I think her shoes will smell right now.
Hyoeun: [@Stellar_GY: Don’t fall] Don’t fall… Hey there, Kim Gayoung-ssi, you’re writing five letters right now and it’s… fun.
Jeonyul: A lot of people are watching?
Hyoeun: [@Stellar_GY: Yuri, your feet will smell like ginkgo nuts] Says your feet smell like ginkgo nuts. Yup, they’re pressing hearts right now- they’re saying your shoes will smell weird.
Hyoeun: Actually, I~ Yuri! Your back looks so pretty right now. No, I said your back looks pretty.
Hyoeun: [@Ji***5: Hyoeunnie, show us your face too] Ah, you guys want me to show my face to you? You’ll be so~ shocked when you see my face.
Hyoeun: Yuri, can you film me from the back?
Jeonyul: Sure~
Hyoeun: Wait a sec~ I guess we can’t use the selfie mode on this, you guys~
Jeonyul: Yes, eonni~
Hyoeun: Alright, my back.
Jeonyul: She’s so bubbly~ pretty, huh?
Jeonyul: [@On***U: It’s Yuri!~ :] Hello~ It’s me, Yuri~ merong~ (merong is used when someone is teasing someone.)
Jeonyul: [@Ji***5: Turn around!!] Turn around!!
Jeonyul: Hello~
Jeonyul: Everyone~ hearts come up like pong pong pong, it’s so cool. (Jeonyul used pong pong pong to describe the way hearts appear on the side of the screen.)
Hyoeun: What did you say?
Jeonyul: Hearts are, pong pong pong, come out like pong pong pong.
Jeonyul: [@mi***3: Gonna control you!!] I’m gonna control you!
Hyoeun: My face is too swollen.
Jeonyul: Hyoeun~ I’ll pat your head. Oh, you looked pretty just now.
Jeonyul: [@in***5: Yul-nim, you have to rub your shoes on the ground as you walk] Rub my shoes…
Hyoeun: By the way~ we actually walked past our company right now.
Jeonyul: Yeah, we gotta go back.
Jeonyul: Yes, [Hyoeun] almost got into a minor collision.
Jeonyul: I’m gonna step on ginkgo nuts first and go to our company, then rub my shoes everywhere~
Hyoeun: Hello~
Jeonyul: Huh? You look really pretty right now.
Hyoeun: Um, this is Hyoeun who worked out hard and ate soba noodles.
Jeonyul: [@gi***s: SAY “I LOVE YOU NICKY”] say I love you, Nicky.
Hyoeun: I love you, I love you thank you so much.
Jeonyul: [@go***a: Blurred her own face] Blurred her own face.
Jeonyul: [@in***5: Bare-faced!?] Yes, both of our faces are almost bare-faced.
Hyoeun: but you know what~ let’s go!
Jeonyul: [@GO***L: Konglish] Konglish.
Jeonyul: [@gi***s: OH MY GOD] Oh my God~ hul~
Jeonyul: [@ne***l: stellar] Stellar.
Hyoeun: Oh look at those ginkgo nuts over there. Can you see them right now? A ginkgo tree.
Jeonyul: Can’t see them.
Hyoeun: Everyone! Right~ there! Can’t see them?
Hyoeun: Move closer.
Jeonyul: No, no-
Jeonyul: Huh? They’re right here, they’re right here!
Hyoeun: When you look here, can you see? These are ginkgo nuts that are on the soles Yuri’s shoes.
Jeonyul: This right here is Kookmin Bank~ and this right here is Woori Bank~ (*Jeonyul’s making a joke here with ginkgo nuts because both “bank” and “ginkgo nut” are __(pronounced as eunhaeng) in Korean lol)
Hyoeun: It’s okay for you guys to leave this broadcast. This, ugh, ugh! No, the selfie mode doesn’t work on this.
Jeonyul: Doesn’t it work when I do this?
Jeonyul: Does it come out ugly?
Hyoeun: Of course~
Hyoeun: Maybe we should buy lighting or something~
Jeonyul: We only have 10% of the battery now…
Hyoeun: Hold on, hold on! You should tell them now. Because you’re pretty.
Hyoeun: Ah a little, a little, stay right there.
Jeonyul: Then pretty Yuri will talk. We’re planning to do V app in 10 minutes~ Hope many of you join us~
Hyoeun: Hey but hey, we really don’t have lighting… what do we do….
Hyoeun: Everyone~ Um, everyone~
Jeonyul: Just talk.
Hyoeun: But~ with faces like these~ we didn’t go to a salon~ what do we do…
Jeonyul: Yes, we gave up our looks and chose to communicate with you all.
Hyoeun: I don’t know. I don’t know how this will turn out.
Jeonyul: We’re really cool celebrities!
Hyoeun: Ah, but I think a lot of them left right when you said that.
Jeonyul: Don’t go.
Hyoeun: Huh? They were leaving but came back.
Jeonyul: Why are you leaving~
Hyoeun: Aaah~
Jeonyul: We had a good relationship together~ then you can’t leave like that~
Hyoeun: I’m going to film your mouth only.
Jeonyul: Don’t do it.
Hyoeun: Ah, then everyone, we need to go get our company eonni’s phone right now~
Hyoeun: so see you all in 10 minutes at our cafe~ see you on V app~
Jeonyul: Bye~
Hyoeun: How do I turn this off?
Jeonyul: If you can’t watch V app, that means we couldn’t figure things out and be on V app so please don’t be mad at us.
Hyoeun: Our broadcast is going to be a communicative broadcast. We’re going to communicate with you guys a lot so please join us~ come see pretty Yuri too~
Jeonyul: Bye~
Hyoeun: How do I turn this off~
Jeonyul: Turn it off~
Hyoeun: Bye~
Jeonyul: [singing a verse from Swamp of Illusion by Park Kyung-lim] Fall~ fall~ Everyone fall into me~

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  1. Could you guys look into subbing some of their V Live shows ('on their channel). There are like four that haven't been subbed, and probably never will be since they're a over month old.

  2. hello i have a question do they speak Spainsh and do they want to go to Spain and Latin American countries example Mexico Colombia Argentina Brazil and others ?

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