[ENG SUB] STELLAR Behind the Scenes – China Promotions Part 1 (2015.06.18)

[ENG SUB] STELLAR Behind the Scenes – China Promotions Part 1 (2015.06.18)

– English Subtitles by Stellar Twinkles – [Stellar’s 3 night 4 day
promotion in China] [Behind the story Part. 1] This is the Shenzhen
airport. It’s more than I imagined. No, not saying more than I imagined, but it’s extremely spacious, extremely large and the ceiling looks like a
beehive. It’s as if we became bees. This is a beehive. We came to China
for a showcase. We will have our showcase tomorrow. That’s why today we have
a rehearsal. We put our luggage in the hotel for now took a look at the pool What’s the concept for the look today? Today, the girls are sombre looking. They are wearing all black. But since I am unique, I am dressed vividly and fresh. I heard that it’s a bit hot
in China. That’s why
See, so fresh. And my cute backpack. Circle backpack. Why are you laughing? Don’t you feel embarrassed since
people are staring at you? If you’re in this business,
you have to have audacity. When I wear these black sunglasses, I gain more confidence. Because people can’t
look at my eyes. That’s why in the past,
when I danced, If I were to just randomly dance,
I really could not do it. But if it was a masked dance,
when I wore the mask, strangely
I was able to dance it all. – Because my confidence went up.
– Dance for us now. I can’t I need a mask that only has eyeholes. I can’t right now. I’m not covered up enough so I’m still a little embarrassed. – Are you hungry?
– Yes I will briefly teach you some Chinese right here. I’m hungry. We use this phrase a lot, right? You need to know this in China. It’s eu-uh. – One more time.
– Eu-uh. Here, repeat after me. Eu-uh. Come here.
Let’s talk. Don’t come here. Hyo-eun, how do you feel being in China. I’m expressing how I feel being in China. I got hit. I got hit. You’re saying that you have sweat even in your scalp. – This is my traffic light friend. – Hello. She is in charge of the yellow
traffic light. She’s the yellow light.
Yellow light. We’re thinking of casting the green light. – Should Yoori dye her hair green?
– What should we do? Who wants to dye their hair green? Ah, you want to be green? Green light You can be green light. The role of the citizen passing by. We have to raise our hands and cross the street. I’m hungry. Eu-uh The situation in Shenzhen is that
it is very humid and very hot. That is what they say. Here, get on.
Come on! We are on the bus
on the way to the hotel. Please film the outside for us once. It’s pretty. It looks like America. I’m hungry. ‘Eu-uh’ ‘Eu-uh’ See you soon at the hotel. I’m not a girl who eats vegetables. The gimbap is white. There’s no seaweed. I will not eat it. Is this sushi? I’m eating only this. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Who am I kidding,
I’ll eat this all in one bite. Why aren’t you leaving? We ordered meat. I called the worker first We’re also eating pasta. I ordered steak. I called the worker. Min-hee’s bragging Ah, I’m looking forward to it. Right now Right now we are.. we have our show tomorrow.
You know. We are on our way to rehearsal. We had a one hour break just now. I slept. You were intensely reading something earlier. Ah, this… It’s the greeting and introduction
because I have to memorize it. It’s really long. That’s why even now I’m in between sleep and wake,
I am memorizing it. The introductions… the self-introductions
will be in Chinese. And although the introduction of the song will be in Korean, that is actually more difficult. It’s enormous. How many lines is this… It’s about 7 lines. It’s super long.
Super. Super. On an A4 size of paper, if it’s 6 or 7 lines, it’s really big. It’s extremely long. Look here. Can you see it? Since you’re not familiar, They say we have to be detailed in the memorization.
Don’t talk to me. I’m the swollen Yoori. To be honest, Yoori fell asleep 15 minutes before me. I slept a lot. I thought since she was listening to music, ‘Oh? She’s listening to music’ is what I thought.
But she was sleeping. I slept a lot.
I was very tired. Yoori was listening to 2NE1’s
Play Boy, It’s Pretty Boy.
Pretty boy While listening to Pretty Boy Hey Pretty Boy, you’re lacking something.
You don’t have any charm, you’re just pretty. Isn’t it not a song you would
listen to while sleeping? I don’t care ~ I thought since she was listening to that
she was playing on her own. She was sleeping. It put me to sleep really well. Everyone, if you want to go into a sound sleep, try listening to a dance song. and by this I mean
Stellar’s dance song. Uh…
Dance songs… – But we don’t have any upbeat…
– Try listening to UFO. – You will be lured to sleep.
– Don’t listen to it. I don’t know what’s so exciting between these two. Min-hee. One second, we’re trying to get rid of
Ga-young unnie’s hiccups. They are doing something
to get rid of the hiccups. Should I try recording? What are you guys doing? We’re trying to stop her hiccups. Fail. Fail. Fail. We failed. Ah the hiccups…
They’re not going away. You turned red. It looks like you’re praying. Ay, Ay, the hiccups. – Give up, give up.
– It’s not working, not working. Ah, I’m tired. Min-hee, what is that
rolled on your forehead? They are hair rollers.
Hair rollers. Your pink nails are coordinating with the hair rollers. – What to do.
– My pink nails peeled. I think we have arrived. Hurry and tell Ga-young unnie your very own know-how method
of how to get rid of hiccups. Hello I began to hiccup earlier, Earlier at the hotel… but it just would not stop. It stopped at the hotel, So that’s why I used the method
that Min-hee taught me, and it stopped earlier.
Miraculously. But it started again and would not stop. There’s a method that Min-hee showed me. The first step is to take a big breath in. You can’t reveal these things. The breath goes…
And then you let go all of the air. Slowly.
You have to concentrate. Until the point you feel like your lungs are shrinking.
After you let it all out, and when you feel like you’re about to die,
you plug your nose you stop and hold your breath. You hold your breath for a moment. You hold your breath,
and when you think that you’re about to die, you let go of your hands and
very slowly You can’t breathe like this. Can you do that again? You can’t do that. You breathe like this
and it will stop. I will see whether it will stop again. You have to start with step 1. Begin. Now let it go, let it go. Ay. Fail. Ah what to do, I just I’ve tried 10 times, but I can’t get past step 1. Hey, it looks like your hiccups stopped. I just hiccuped. Ah, so funny. So tired. The hiccup cycle is getting
faster and faster. Okay now say the final goodbyes I’m going to shut it off. Bye But my hiccups haven’t stopped yet. We’re headed to the rehearsal. But they haven’t stopped. I said to say goodbye. Say goodbye. I said my goodbyes. Goodbye. Ppyong. Everyone, you are currently at Stellar’s
China showcase scene. Yes, this is the stage where we will
perform. How is it?
Isn’t it very pretty? It’s a similar feel to the
mini concert we had in Korea. The fact that our Korean fans cannot
see us here makes me feel sad. But don’t worry. Stellar is eternal. I’ll put on my mic and be back.
Bye bye. Come back. Come back. Come back. Won’t come back. It is so cold when the air conditioner is on
but so hot when you go outside. How much more do I have endure? You’re always that way. It’s really making me angry. I said to stop it. Stop it, I say! Lower your eyes. I’m a gangster, gangster. Hey, you got money? Give me 50 cents. Ay, this unnie will pay you back later. How was it?
Did you feel like you got robbed? You don’t feel robbed? Hey. These days, I’m pushing to be an MC. Who are you kidding.
Hello. This is Yoori’s center. – There are a lot of stages prepared for today.
– It’s not fun. Not fun. Then let’s begin with the first stage.
Let’s meet them. No fun. Yes, this is yellow haired Min-hee. Song title – No fun
– Dwarf (Sounds like ‘Fool’) Excuse me, right now you and I are the same. The same The same You and I are the same. They say she’s pretty. [Rehearsal In Process] [Stellar’s ‘Fool’ Rehearsal Appearance] [That Night] [The gossip next to me] [is not ending…] [Today, just…] Sleep! Sleep now. What’s that

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  1. I'd like to sub their videos in Spanish but I don't know nothing about edition and also I'm not good at English.
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  2. theyre all so cute GAYOUNG AHHHH also when they try to say im hungry in chinese i couldnt stop laughing because im chinese and it sounded really funny and cute the way they said it xD

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