[ENG SUB] Stellar Jeonyul Broadcast – Walking home on a cold day (2017.02.11)

[ENG SUB] Stellar Jeonyul Broadcast – Walking home on a cold day (2017.02.11)

– English Subtitles by
Stellar Communications Project Contributors –
“l***7: Ninja”
“J***g: Jeonyul is a fool”
Jeonyul is not a fool!
“w***R: Yay, Yulriscope”
It’s been a long time?
“i***5: Oh.. You look cold”
I feel cold~
I came back my own home. I fell asleep in a bus.
I am walking to my home because I got off the bus wrongly.
Ah~ It’s windy.
Can you hear my voice?
I had lunch with my friend..
I was really sleepy in the bus.
Do I look scary?
I am a thief!
I’m going to steal your hearts. Haha.
Why is the weather so cold today?
“s***3: it seems like sweet potatoes cookies are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!”
How do you know that sweet potates cookies are delicious?
“J***g: I saw HyoYul on YouTube”
I am going to manage my Youtube channel well.
Please, click the subscribe button.
I learnt that using ‘subscription’ is correct, not using ‘Adding me’ on the YouTube.
“o***2: It snowed in Gumi in the morning”
Did it snow? snow? In Gumi?
It’s so cold~
“l***7: your twinkling eyes are pretty today”
Twinkling Twinkling~
Because it’s cold.. Or because my neck caught much wind..
I had a sore throat.
Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold~!
Does the sun set? The sun is so shiny suddenly.
Tada. Tada. Tada.
Everyone, have a good weekend.
Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday.
Therefore, have a good weekend, everyone! Hahaha.
I have almost reached…
Actually, I am on the way to my mother’s shop, not on the way home.
It’s a secret! A secret~ Annyeong~(Bye~)
I’d better talk more. My fans might feel sad if I quit talking now.
“J***g: Are you on the way to work part-time???”
Well.. A part-time job.. I will help my mother without pay.
A good daughter? Am I a good daughter?
“m***s: さむい?”(Cold?)
かわいい? (Cute?)
This place is.. When I was a middle and high school student..
I had stayed in this town before I became a trainee.
Nope. Nope. I kept staying here even after I became a trainee…
I couldn’t come here often after I became a trainee. To be trained..
This is the town where I hung out with my friends.
Is it OK if I show you this place a little bit?
I will show you this place a little bit~
Tada~ Nice?
I used to hang out with my friends here. Actually, There was nothing special here.
There was only Lotteria(Burger shop). At that time.. So, going to Lotteria was..
“o***2: Disconnected”
Disconnected? Disconnected? What should I do?
Then, what should I do? Didn’t you see it?
Haven’t you talked because of that?다들 그래서 말이 없는건가?
Everyone didn’t see it.. I am going to show you next time.. Do you want to see it?
Then, I am going to tell you about it.
There was only Lotteria here. So, there was no place to hang out.
The only thing we can do was to take a walk in a park.
“S***y: baby”
Baby! Annyeong~
It seems like you can hear my voice even though I am wearing mask. Amazing~
“l***7: Study room”
Study room.. I couldn’t go to a study room.
My mother never let me go to a study room because she knows I don’t study there.
I went to my friend’s study room to take a look because I really wanted to go there.
My wish was to go to a study room… Haha..
Even I couldn’t go to a library.
Once… I visited a library in my brother’s university when he attended university..
“i***5: foot odor”
Foot odor? Haha~ Really? Haha~
A study room.. I was envious.. My mother let my brother goes to a study room.
But, she didn’t let me go there.. Don’t you think it’s unfair?
There was a snack shop which sells delicious tteok-bokki(Stir-fried Rice Cake) around the study room..
“w***R: Eonni(Sister), Isn’t it cold????”
It’s cold.
I am going to go to my mother’s shop after talking little bit more.
You will be sad if I disappear to go there now. Right?
“c***0: It seems like your brother studied well”
My brother..Studied well? No. He didn’t study hard. Haha.
But, he was better than me. Haha.
I think he is really smart.
I studied harder than he did. But, his score was higher than that of me.. Haha..
Ah, I think I look prettier because the mask hides my face.
“h***r: The phone might be turned off like before”
Right. My iPhone will be turned off if it’s cold.. Weird..
“i***5: I can see you more clearly on Periscope if the phone is fixed”
Ah~ It seems like you can see me more clearly if the phone is fixed.
Yul froze like this. She became a snowman.
I became a snowman because I froze hard. Haha.
“g***s: when is stellar comeback?”
I don’t know~
“o***2: Isn’t it windy??”
Windy.. It’s windy.
I’m going to go with the wind~
Everyone, cook and eat delicious foods happily because it’s the weekend.
You got it?
“O***s: You look so pretty now. I cannot delete it”
A fan said I look so pretty~
Tada~ Tada~ Guess where I am~ Haha~ Funny~
I am going to stay at home all day.
So, I brought something to make.
I am going to show you after making it. You can check it on Instagram.
Annyeong~(Bye~) I’ve got to go.
It’s so cold. My hands are so cold.
Don’t cry. I will be back again.

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  1. Jeonyul seems like she would be really fun to hang out with. She acts silly and playful but I have a feeling there is much more to her that people don't often see.

  2. I'm extremely proud of this channel! This fan channel is well organized and now easier to navigate! Also, I love that you guys include subs, and I'm loving the description. The description has all the details needed for new & old Twinkles. Amazing job and thank you for being a loyal fandom! #twinklesforever 🌟💓😢

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