[ENG SUB] Stellar OT4 Christmas Live Part 2 (2017.12.20)

[ENG SUB] Stellar OT4 Christmas Live Part 2 (2017.12.20)

– English Subtitles by Stellar Communications Project Contributors –
MH: I mean, I received a fountain pen
MH: but the ink got taken away at the airport
HE: Yeah, Yuri got her snowballs all taken away too
GY: Oh, the, the – the snowing thing?
JY: Yeah, Eonni said like,
“Hey, Yuri, you’ve got this gift,
but is this a stone or what?”
JY: And I carried the heavy thing around all along for a couple days,
HE: And at the airport
JY: Because it’s liquid, the snowball
GY: So you have to put it in the luggage, then?
JY: Yeah
MH: You have to put it in the checked baggages. I –
GY: That’s large – mine –
HE: Minhee, could you put the thing a big to the left?
Because the background –
MH: One second
GY: Oh~ Thank you, everyone~
GY: Thank you everyone~
MH: Thanks~~
JY: Thank you~
GY: This scarf, too, thank you.
Oh, it’s such a pretty color!
GY: I didn’t have this color
HE: Oh, pretty!
JY: Actually,
JY: I wanted to do blue – but,
I mean, the blue was soooo pretty!
HE: The blue was sooo pretty
MH: She hates it
GY: No I don’t hate it~
HE: But it felt like Eonni won’t wear blue.
HE: But this color fits really well on you.
HE: Ah~ “Just her style, just her style”
MH: “Why did Minhee’s stop -” because I –
MH: My battery died. My battery died.
I gotta charge it.
GY: I got this gift through Minhee from fans from China
MH: Yes~ I delivered it!
But the ink – I think they gave you a gift
something like a fountain pen
MH: Umm – I got the ink taken away..
JY: That’s right
MH: So there’s only the pen
JY & HE: The snowball, too
JY: But still, thank you!
HE: Xie xie
JY: Xie xie!
(“Thank you” in Chinese)
HE: Yul has this fan here, too
GY: It’s pretty!
HE: The colors are all –
MH: Mine is like, yellow?
HE: Mine’s orange
JY: Holding the fans~ Pretty in five colors~
MH: What is this?
JY: Don’t you know this?
JY: You know this! Let me see that
MH: Let’s not hang out with her
JY: Holding the fans~ Pretty in five colors~
HE: It’s like… possessed –
JY: No – no –
MH: No, it’s not even like that
JY: You know fan dances!
MH: To us, a fan dance is like…
GY: This is it
MH: There’s nothing like, “flower on clothes”
(T/N: Kind of similar to “in five colors” in Korean pronunciation. Maybe Minhee heard it wrong)
MH: I’ve never heard of it!
JY: You don’t know the “Holding the fans, pretty in five colors”?
HE: No, we don’t know, we don’t know
JY: Didn’t you girls go to kindergartens?
MH: They didn’t teach us that kinda things
in kindergartens
GY: Don’t they do puppet stuff in kindergartens?
MH: “A rumor that Jeon Yuri is 80”
JY: No, they do those things!
You know the fans, with feathers, right?
With that – you do that, don’t you?
MH: No we didn’t
GY: “Holding the fans~”
JY: Maybe the generation is different
HE: Oh, a dish – oh, no it isn’t.
HE: We got a dish, too
GY: Oh? There’s the ink here!
Did you get the pen taken away???
MH: No, no, no, no
MH: No, the ink – no,
the pen – the pen is right here!
HE: Maybe there was more of the ink
MH: The black ink!
HE: It’s a relief, though
GY: Thank you~
GY: Thank you so much~ Xie xie~
JY: It’s this person, right?
MH, HE: Yeah~
MH: It’s the same person
HE: That person gave us the snowballs,
but we got it taken away
GY: Xie xie~
JY: The day of joyous white snow~
HE: Hey, turn on the music!
JY: You know this one, right?
MH: Of course I do~
MH: The day of joyous white snow~
JY: No, the second one is “smiling”
MH: The day of joyous white snow~~~~~
JY: No it isn’t!!!!
JY: “The day of joyous white snow~~”
GY: To Minhee, it must be the day of joyous white snow
JY, MH: “The day of smiling white snow~
The day of joyiling white snow~~”
GY: What? “joyiling”??
JY: “The white snow floats down like flowers~~~”
MH: “The day of joyiling white snow~~”
GY: Yuri, now Yuri sings songs a lot
MH: Oh, now Yuri has confidence in her singing
Oh, is it because you are not a singer anymore
GY: That’s right, because I don’t have the pressure anymore
GY: There’s no pressure that she has to be good
JY: (Sings more)
MUSIC: “The day of joyous white snow~”
MH: Oh my god it’s so cute,
“white snow~~”
“The day of smiling white snow~~”
“The white snow floats down like flowers”
“and bless our love~~”
“Was I not born for this moment?”
MH: Oh, I wanna do this all prepared and –
“Is it not a magic that will vanish when I open my eyes?”
JY: Oh, their interval range is so high
“I’ve wandered and wandered and longed to be your love”
GY: Your interval range is the highest among ours. Have confidence!
“I have found my place at last”
MH: All together!
“The day of joyous white snow~
The day of the smiling white snow~”
“The white snow floats down like flowers~~ to bless our love”
MH: Oh wow~ indeed, she’s our –
MH: person in charge of the high notes!
JY: It’s hot now
GY: Thank you, everyone
GY: How are you, these days?
What do you do?
HE: If you keep asking us like that, it’s like, it’s a situation like, we might even cuss
JY: We should tell her how we are doing
MH: Should we then – like –
HE: She keeps asking how we are doing, –
HE: It feels like the we would feel too down
MH: Each of us, tell her
how we live a busy life these days
MH: Going to school~
HE: I took an exam today.
It was the last one today! It’s all done!
GY: I ~~~, went on Friday too.
JY: You went to school, too?
JY: When did you go to school?
MH: A late bloomer, a late bloomer
GY: This is the last time
JY: You said the same thing before
GY: One day left, one day.
JY: You said it was the last time!
MH: Eonni still goes to school
GY: This is the last time for real
MH: This is the last time for real
GY: Last time for real
GY: I’m not sure if I can graduate, yet
because you need to acquire a permit to graduate
JY: Which permit?
GY: English, – like TOEIC, and –
MH: It’s not easy
GY: English, and two computer related permits.
“The day of joyous white snow~~
The day of smiling white snow~~”
GY: I was gonna do that if not too busy,
“The day of joyous white snow~~
The day of smiling white snow~~”
GY: but I was too busy
“The white snow floats down like flowers to bless our love~~”
JY: The voice is shaking
“The white snow floats down like flowers to bless our love~~”
HE: By the way, how long did we – does it show the time too?
HE: Doesn’t it show time?
MH: It doesn’t show time
HE: Oh, it’s pretty, the beret –
GY: Oh, yeah it is! Thank you~
MH: Because it’s sideways – one second –
“Here are three persons and one raindrop cake”
HE: Oh, come on~~
People keep saying that, and I feel like I really am becoming a raindrop cake!
MH: You know, I’m the nickname maker!
GY: The raindrop cake is cute
MH: Yeah, it’s cute
HE: There’s nothing to be cute, it’s like – one –
HE: There’s not even eyes, nose, or mouth, it’s just one thing!
GY: Oh, there’s a raindrop cake!
HE: Oh, that thing over there?
It’s the super moon, the super moon.
HE: There’s no eyes, nose, or mouth
MH: If you touch it like this, it goes like ~
MH, HE: (Kind of singing along the music)
GY: What is it?
JY: I don’t know, it’s a song of the recent generation
GY: Maybe we are too old
JY: Exactly
MH: This is an old song
MH: It’s the Christmas –
GY: Oh, like… (dancing along)
HE: She’s doing the Korean Mask Dance!
MH: Are you commanding or something?
JY: Is it the, “for the reason we are together~”?
HE: No it’s not
MH: Because it’s Christmas, the Jellyfish Entertainment family got together and made this Christmas carol
MH: I really like this song
GY: I used to like this song, too
JY: You didn’t know this song, don’t pretend like you knew
GY: No, that’s not true
GY: I was doing it like you
MH: What’s your plan for Christmas?
HE: Yeah, what do we do, really?
MH: What do you mean, what do we do,
we gotta work!
HE: Oh, that’s right
JY: Do you go somewhere on Christmas?
MH: There’s an event on Christmas Eve
MH: In Hong-Cheon. At 9:00PM
GY: Do you get paid, though?
MH: No, we don’t.
JY: Oh, don’t say that kinda stuff~
GY: Oh, it’s because I feel bad..
JY: It’s not like as if we were paid~
(Singing along)
MH: Oh, but for real, Christmas is just coming up this week!
JY: That’s right
GY: Oh, is it, already?
JY: Yeah, already, we are getting one year older
(Koreans count their age every new year)
HE: I’m 26!
GY: I’m 28!
HE: That’s the age beautiful like flower
HE: The older the more beautiful like flower, you know
JY: The pretty age, the 25!
HE: Oh, but I can’t believe Yuri is 25!
GY: You are 27.
HE: I wished she wasn’t
GY: You are like 35, but you are actually 25
JY: No that’s not true!
I’m catching up my age, these days!
HE: That was funny
JY: But really, I said I’m 24, and the person said, “Oh, that’s older than I thought”
HE: You must have brainwashed the person
JY: No, no, no!
JY: I was just staying still
HE: You must have had short bangs
JY: That’s right. It was like this
HE: There’s this song, too
JY: I want the – (singing the song)
“When the white snow falls down~~”
GY: Oh I like this song
“When the whole world is colored white~~”
HE: Oh, I have a sore throat, I talked too much
“The snow flower blooms, and shines~
Like you who is dazzling~~”
GY: I would like to listen to the voice of Miss IU, please
JY: Sorry, I’m sorry
Oh, listen to Miss IU’s voice with headphones~
HE: We probably can’t eat the chicken, can we?
Shall we eat the cake?
HE: Both are not –
GY: How should we eat this?
MH: Now, let’s do rock-paper-scissors,
and the loser eats one!
GY: But if we eat it like this…
HE: I ate it like that, you know
GY: With your hands?
JY: We ate it like ripping it off like this, you know?
MH: Seasoned fried chicken should be eaten like that
MH: That’s why I don’t like seasoned chicken
MH: Rock- Paper – Scissors!
GY: Oh, she seems like she wants to eat it
MH: Oh, do you want it?
JY: Oh, no, no
MH: The loser eats it,
Rock- Paper – Scissors!
MH: Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
HE: Seriously, I ate this much
GY: I mean, I’d like to eat, but –
MH: Hey, I’m sorry,
but this, this and this are mine
GY: I have to go wash my hands
MH: Rock, paper, scissors!
HE: Is it Eonni? Oh, are these not my chopsticks?
MH: I mean, you can eat it, and go wash your hands
HE: I threw mine away, these are yours!
GY: Oh, maybe they are
HE: Here, eat it with this
GY: Ah, I’ll eat it with my hands, but I have to go wash my hands first
JY: Oh, wash or eat, do something!
JY: Or don’t eat!
GY: I’ll eat later
JY: “The snow flower blooms, and shines~~”
HE: Keep it quiet, keep it quiet.
JY: I’m sorry
MH: (Singing)
JY: Today –
MH: They want to know what brand chicken this is
JY: Guess which brand!
MH: Now, we actually were debating
between two brands of chicken, today
HE: Whoa, they’ll never know, looking at it like this
GY: Who – did the… thing?
MH: No –
MH: I did the – something,
and Yuri did the – something
JY: No, no, she said it first today
MH: Oh she said it first?
JY: I’m actually always dissed – Oops, I’m sorry
GY: Even if you are not a singer now,
MH: “You were always – disregarded”
GY: You still gotta be careful with your language
JY: Because I was “disregarded” –
JY: Sorry, I thought that was a standard expression
MH: Oh, one person says right away – “It’s ToreOre”
JY: No it’s not
MH: “Nene,” “Kyochon,” “Mexican,” –
They are just throwing out everything!
HE: It’s a bit difficult
GY: “Nene”~~
GY: I said I wanted “Nene,” and others just disregarded me saying “Ne, ne~” (“Ne” means “Yes” in Korean)
MH: No~ It was a positive expression~
“Ne~ Ne~”
HE: Gayoung Eonni –
This is the “Cheogajip” chicken
HE: “Cheogajip”~~~
MH: “Yuri’s is Cheogajip”
JY: Oh, did they get it right?
MH: Someone – “Interstellar”. “Yuri’s is Cheogajip”
JY: Oh~ that’s right!
MH: “Does Miss Gayoung still like Seung-gi Lee?”
GY: Hahaha…. Who asked that?
MH: Ummm… “kkkesch”
GY: Ah… I am rooting for him
JY: I understand a bit…
JY: “I- I don’t ‘like’ him up to this point, but he’s an older singer, so I can’t say I dislike him -“
HE: “I’m rooting for him!”
JY: “I’m rooting for him!”
GY: He was recently discharged from the service”
MH: Cheers!
MH: Oh, now everyone but Gayoung Eonni is eating
HE: Come on, Eonni, go wash your hands
MH: Did you not eat at all?
GY: No, I didn’t eat at all, yet
MH: Why not, why not~
This is my fourth piece!
HE: She’s giving her a hard time
MH: Oh, you don’t die even if you eat~
MH: You can eat it with your hands and wash, Eonni~
MH: I mean, hold it with your hands,
and eat the one~
JY: Give her some water
GY: The wet tissue! –
I’ll go bring it
MH: You are supposed to eat chicken with your hands, everyone~ Who uses chopsticks?
GY: I’ll go wash my hands
HE: It’s the last – last -, Oh, Eonni isn’t turning on the light
MH: You gotta hide well, they can see you all so well this way
HE: Oh, I’m so full
MH: “Is Gayoung on a hunger strike, these days?”
HE: Oh, now I think of it, we don’t have a carol
JY: That’s right, we don’t have a carol
MH: “She knows how to eat”
MH: They say Gayoung Eonni doesn’t know
how to eat~
GY: I mean, I’m trying to wash my hands
before I eat
JY: “Chew, Rip, Taste, Enjoy~~”
HE: Oh – Ah! Oh, this is not it
JY: Can we listen to the “?????”?
MH: They said “Are you not close to the new members?”
GY: Oh, it’s good
HE: Oh this is not it,
JY: It’s good, right? I told you~ It’s this good even when it’s cold, it’s even better when it’s hot
MH: This is not a Stellar meeting right now.
This is a meeting of those friends, Eonnis, and Younger ones who went through the 7 years of joys and sorrows together.
MH: So this is not like, about whether or not we are close to the new members –
HE: It’s not a Stellar meeting
MH: It’s not a Stellar meeting –
MH: It’s a meeting of us, who are so close and intimate after the 7 years
HE: Now stop it here~
MH: You get it, right?
GY: The friends who spent my youth together
JY: That’s right!
JY: Eonnis, who I spent my adolescence together with
MH: Yes~
HE: Ah~ It was such a difficult time~
MH: “The meeting of Eonnis and the Younger ones”
MH: Yeah, for real.
MH: They said “Why don’t you make a name
for the meeting today?”
MH: “Ah, I can’t see the Rain Cake because of the chat section”
MH: It’s not even the Raindrop Cake, now
HE: Who is it, who is it! Who is it!
HE: Who is it! The person who said that – I’ll fiercely cherish you.
MH: “hjlee8582”
JY: Seeing the “H”, that’s your fan
MH: “I can’t see the Rain Cake because of the chat section”
MH: Raincake appears!
JY: Raincake appears!
MH: “I don’t see a Raincake!”
HE: Can you see?
GY: Isn’t a Raincake something like that?
The Garae rice cake thing they sell in Busan
HE: Can you see?
JY: Isn’t that you, Eonni?
JY: You look like a Rain cake!
HE: No, but they are obviously talking about me, right now
MH: Ah, so funny
GY: Don’t I look like a
Baekseolghi (a white rice cake)? Me?
HE: It’s really funny
MH: 4 STAR?????
MH: Ah, everyone! Our meeting?
MH: Meeting? We are not a group,
MH: We are gonna name this meeting,
MH: “4 star?!” There’s “4 star”,
and there’s “twinkles” as the name –
MH: Candidates of the meeting name –
“Rain cake and her allies”
JY: We are animals??ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (“Allies” sounds like “animals” in Korean)
MH: Allies, allies!
JY: Allies~
HE: Ah, really, Rain cake…
GY: Us, us! Rice cake, rice cake!
GY: Raindrop cake
GY: You look like honey cake
MH: What is that~
GY: Siruddeok (An ugly ricecake)?
HE: Or a soybean cake
HE: Alright, alright~ Alright, alright~
MH: I’m the, you know
HE: Then Yuri’s a potato cake (another ugly cake)
JY: No no, not that, you know the –
JY: It’s a dumpling, but black!
HE: The what!!
MH: No, no,
JY: A dumpling but black!
HE: Black sesame seed!?
JY: Yeah! black sesame seed!
HE: Be honest, be a potato cake!
GY: Siruddeok is rather better
JY: Siruddeok is –
MH: Siruddeok ㅋㅋㅋ
JY: Yes~ yes, yeees~
JY: I actually thought of the,
JY: The, you know, the rice cake with a lot of beans..
GY: Soybean cake?!
JY: No, no, the, the thing you like
JY: Soybean, and rice
HE: Ah~
HE: Yaksik? Yaksik!
GY: No, what is it called
JY: Yaksik
JY: Yaksik
HE: It’s Gayoung Eonni~ Gayoung Eonni
JY: Yaksik~
MH: Someone’s like,
“Yul Eonni is Soolddeok (Liquor rice cake)!”
MH: “Gayoung Eonni: Baramddeok
(Rice cake that looks like a half moon)!!
JY: Baramddeok!!
JY: Oh?! She does look like a Baramddeok!!!
HE: Really~ white, green, pink!
MH: They said Gayoung Eonni Baramddeok~~
HE: There’s pink, too~ Baramddeok!
MH: Yeah~
GY: Baramddeok, isn’t there another name for it? Bandalddeok (Half moon cake)?
MH: Bandalddeok!? Is it Bandalddeok?
MH: Yeah! Bandalddeok!
HE: Be a Jeolpyeon, a jeolpyeon~ (a flat cake)
JY: Eonni is a Garaeddeok (a long cake)
GY: What?
JY: Garaeddeok
GY: Garaeddeok?!!
JY: You are white and long
HE: Then what am I~?
GY: A raindrop cake
MH: You are a raindrop cake
MH: Ah, so funny
GY: Hoddeok? (a flat pancake)
JY: Hoddeok
GY: What’s wrong with a Hoddeok? HE: @*&!!%*@
MH: Ah, so funny –
A red ginseng jeolpyeon, they said! So random
MH: Ah, so funny
GY: It’s such a good time
MH: I mean, it’s not that funny, why are we so happy?
JY: We were always like that
MH: Really? Ah really?
MH: Ah, so funny~
MH: “Ssukddeok ssukddeok,” they said
(a mugwort cake. Also sounds similar to “talking in whispers”) JY: Huh~
GY: Oh? That’s nice
MH: The team name! Our group name!
JY: It’s cute!
MH: Our meeting name! “Ssukddeok Ssukddeok!”
MH: It’s great!
GY: Good!
MH: “Minhee nuna: Siruddeok.” What the~
MH: What does a siruddeok look like?
GY: The brown! The red bean, the red bean, you know
HE: The thing with red beans
MH: Why are they saying that~
JY: You liked it so much when I was a Siruddeok!
JY: “Oh my, why are they saying that!”
MH: Oh that’s what it was~? Sorry~ I didn’t know~
MH: I didn’t know the Siruddeok was that kind of a siruddeok~
MH: Why do they do that~
GY: So funny
HE: “Ssukddeok Ssukddeok” is nice~
MH: Why are they doing that?
MH: So funny~
HE: Our meeting, “Ssukddeok ssukddeok”
MH: Ssukddeok Ssukddeok is great!
MH: Because we always go “ssukddeok ssukddeok”
when we get together~
MH: Hello~ We are the Ssukddeok Ssukddeok~
HE: Yeah! Ssuk! Ddeok! Ssuk! Ddeok!
MH: One, two, three! Hello~ Ssuk!
JY: Ddeok!
GY: Ssuk! HE: Ddeok, we are~
JY: We can’t get it right~
HE: Again, again
MH: Get the beat right, please
MH: Hello! Ssuk!
JY: Ddeok
GY: Ssuk!
HE: Ddeok! we are~ Ah, so slow!
MH: Kick her out
HE: Kick her out
HE: Kick out, kick out
MH: No, no~
MH: Make her graduate~
Make her graduate~~
(Editor note: Referencing Gayoung’s graduation from Stellar)
GY: Then,
MH: The second Ssuk! Graduate~
GY: Then are we not able to do the VApp together anymore???
(Editor note: Referencing TEP banning members from doing VApp broadcasts together)
MH: The Ssuk 1 and the Ssuk 2 can’t do the VApp together anymore
(Editor note: Referencing TEP banning members from doing VApp broadcasts together)
JY: Don’t leave together~~
MH: Graduate! Ssuk 2!
JY: Appearing together with Ssuk 2
MH: Ah funny~
GY: Ah, I’m almost crying
HE: Ssukddeok ssukddeok
MH: Ah, so funny
MH: Ah so funny
HE: Ah, but can they hear the music? They can, right?
MH: “I felt really bad when Gayoung said,
‘I was more popular when I was on 2 Days 1 Night'”
GY: All of a sudden?!
MH: All of a sudden~
GY: It’s true~
GY: It’s okay~
GY: Now! We don’t know how it will go~
MH: Ah, so funny
MH: “It’s very Korean and nice~ The world of Ddeok (rice cake)”
GY: The world of Ddeok
MH: So! Our lightstick is Ssukddeok
JY: Huh? What is that?
GY: Ssukddeok!
JY: She said something before that?
GY: Our lightstick
MH: Ah? “Ipdeok Ipdeok (A slang for becoming a fan)
to the Ssukddeok Ssukddeok!”
ALL: Oh~~~~~
JY: You are so clever!
MH: Oh~ Amazing!
MH: Ssukddeok Ssukddeok! Ipddeok Ipddeio!!
MH: “Minhee nuna, aren’t you taking
too much time eating one piece of chicken?”
MH: Right now, speaking – we are talking too much right now~
HE: Ah now I’m ful… It’s all digested
JY: Already?
MH: Mr./Ms Miyeol says s/he’s so happy
because it feels like s/he’s all feeling better
HE: Miyeol~~
JY: Don’t be sick
GY: Don’t be sick
HE: People are all catching cold
GY: I caught cold too
HE: Exactly
GY: I’m fine now, my voice
HE: People are catching cold!
JY: No no, I think you still have it
GY: Still have it?
JY: It seems like you are not well
GY: I’ve gotten much better
JY: It must’ve been so bad! What do I do
GY: It looks like she’s making fun of me
MH: By the way, isn’t it a bit hot in here?
GY: Yes~
JY: Really!
HE: Really? But even the door’s open!
MH: I’m wearing one, two, three! Three layers!
HE: I turned that thing off now! I set it up as “not home”
GY: I’m wearing three layers, too
MH: Really?
JY: But because we are talking a lot
MH: It’s because we are talking too much~
JY: 21 celcius should be good enough~
HE: It’s an appropriate temperature!
GY: I’m wearing two heat tech (Warm inners)!
MH: We, we lost our weight on our faces, they said~
JY: Really~? I’ve gained weight, though!
MH: Really!?
JY: Ah, I think I’ve heard that a lot when i cut my bangs
GY: Oh do they say you look like you’ve lost weight?
When you cut your bangs?
MH: Don’t you wanna grow out your bangs?
JY: Yeah I should~
JY: I should
GY: They said something, right? At your company
JY: No? My company~
GY: Did they give up on you?
MH: Gave up on her
JY: No, I mean, they don’t say those things with your looks~
GY: Ah, yeah obviously
JY: Ah, actually, I hide my bangs when I go to work~ I hide it~
GY: You get rid of it, right!?
MH: Hide what?
JY: Bangs, bangs
MH: Oh my!
GY: Her heart
MH: But she’s already posted it all on her Instagram?
GY: Isn’t it “White Christmas”?
MH: Hyoeun,
GY: Oh? Hey, we’ve done this! This song!
MH: Really?
JY: Huh?! When, where?
GY: We’ve done it~ In Japan, was it?
JY: Oh, uh, by the way..
JY: Can Santa Claus come?
JY: I gotta call and ask
MH: Finally, Gayoung Eonni has picked up her chicken! Everyone!
GY: I’ve eaten one already~
MH: Ah, really~?
GY: As if nothing had happened
GY: This is my second one
MH: Oh~
MH: This is my fifth~
GY: Huh?
GY: It’s good, this chicken
JY: It’s good, right~?
JY: When I said it was good, you were like,
“why do you eat that kinda thing”
GY: No I didn’t~ I didn’t say anything~
JY: You just disagreed?
GY: No~
GY: Umm~
JY: You were so against it
MH: “Who ate the chicken neck?”
GY: Hyoeun~
HE: I did~
HE: Oh~
MH: Hyoeun ate it~
HE: Ah, I’m full
GY: Hyoeun’s –
MH: “Does Gayoung drive by herself to work?”
GY: I don’t have the driver’s license yet
MH: That’s right
MH: Get the license, I told you~
When it’s easy, when it’s a bit easier
MH: Oh they say it’s harder now
GY: I don’t have time for it
JY: I can’t do it because I’m too scared
GY: There was an accident!
MH: Christmas present! What do you want for Christmas present?
HE: Christmas present~
GY: A car!
HE: A car
MH: Boo~
MH: Tea (pronounced the same as “car” in Korean)!?
HE: A car!
MH: Black tea? Green tea? Which tea?
HE: A car ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
HE: I have a lot of those
HE: I have a lot of black tea, green tea, those stuff
MH: Black tea, green tea, which one~?
GY: You~ Didn’t you girls bring tea a couple years ago?
MH: Look at this, Hyoeun
HE: Ah, what is that~
HE: Ah, this! This! It’s a senseful pants~ Wait a sec!
MH: Other three are celebrities
and Hyoeun’s like a self-boarding student, they said
HE: No, this –
HE: The material is
GY: It’s wool if you look close
GY: The material’s super good
MH: No, closer I look, it looks like an old weatpants, show me further away
HE: This slacks!
JY: Eonni, here, hold up your tummy part!
HE: Where?
JY: Here, here, show them this
HE: This?
MH: Why are you trying to expose her?
JY: No, no, this, this
MH: Everyone, don’t get it wrong~ Hyoeun’s wearing a senseful clothing!
JY: That’s right~ super luxurious
HE: If not, I would’ve worn fuzzy pants!
HE: Ah~ really~
HE: Oh? This, Oh gosh!
HE: Does the Santa Claus come?
MH: “Can the 4 of you now not allowed to sing Stellar songs?”
HE: No, we can’t
MH: No
JY: Ah, I feel like Santa Claus doesn’t know my house
JY: “Santa Claus knows all”, but –
GY: You didn’t change the address?
JY: I did, would he know if I did?
GY: Yeah
GY: But that Santa Claus knows it. Whether you are good or bad
MH: I, the license – for 6 years now?
GY: Or bad
JY: We are all good, so he’ll come
GY: Till when are you gonna pretend you are so innocent?
MH: Oh? Let’s do that! Which part of a chicken do you like? This, shall we do in three?
MH: Saying it all at the same time
MH: There’s a neck, legs, wings, breast,
JY: Breast
MH: Shall we stop here?
MH: One, two three –
GY: What!? A squirrel!?
MH: What! One, two three –
MH: Don’t say “Chicken legs”
Ah one person included “chicken”!
GY: I thought she was going like, “Dongkey~~~”
JY: “Chicken leg”~~~
MH: “Chicken leg”~~~
We ate chicken, so of course it’s chicken leg
MH: And Hyoeun didn’t say legs
GY: I said wings
HE: “Soft parts”
GY: What the hack is a “soft part”?
HE: You know, the soft and tender parts
HE: This part!
GY: The leg – the leg –
MH: Isn’t that the tough part?
HE: No,no,no,no,no
GY: No, that’s not it, the part where the leg’s connected
MH: Ah, really?
GY: Yeah, where the leg’s connected
MH: Hyoeun’s is –
“The part where the leg is connected”~
GY: What should we call that?
MH: Three “legs” and Hyoen’s is –
GY: Wings
MH: Oh, you said wings?
MH: Oh, I said legs
JY: Legs
GY: So you two ate the two legs
JY: No, it was because I won the rock paper scissors
MH: You see, I like the fried chicken,
You like seasoned chicken!
JY: Yes~
MH: It’s awesome~
Let’s have it this way~
GY: I like the wings
GY: Oh, I used to like the legs
GY: Wings –
MH: Soar~~~
GY: Yes, I’m going to soar
JY: Good for you
MH: Good bye~
HE: I’m full but I keep eating
MH: “Hyoeun’s fashion is like as if
she is participating in the ‘Idol Running Competition'”
HE: Ah, I said it’s not~~~ Seriously~~
MH: Ah, because on the screen, they can only see the color, not the material
HE: In that case!
HE: Here!
MH: Ah, there, there there!
Hyoeun, hang it there, hang it
HE: Ah, this color too –
It’s not a bright color –
MH: Oh! Hyoeun! Someone’s like, “Hyoeun’s clothes are the prettiest,
what’s wrong with everyone?”
All: Ohh~~~~
HE: Maybe that’s my sister?
MH: It’s a guy, it’s a guy, it’s a guy
GY: “Idol Running Competition”
HE: I hired them
MH: Hired them
MH: “There’s no neck”
“Hyoeun looks soft” (Like pudding)
HE: Ah, what does looking soft mean?
GY: Soft~
HE: Ah, it’s been such a long time since I went to a ski resort or a sledding place
MH: “Fairy Joo is a good MC”
Was I MCing again?
MH: The song “Twinkle” is Gayoung’s song, is she not even allowed to sing that?
MH: You see we, the copyrights are not for the songs but for the name of “Stellar”
MH: It’s the “Twinkle” sang by “Stellar”
so probably…
MH: If Eonni remakes the song and..
MH: If she makes it, wouldn’t that be okay?
GY: I can’t listen to the song because it’s too sad
MH: As “Ssukddeok Ssukddeok”?
JY: “Ssukddeok ssukddeok~ing” (Playing on the lyrics: “Twinkling with Twinkles”)
HE: Wh- what?
JY: You know, because it’s “We are twinkling and smiling~”?
JY: Ah, since it’s “We are twinkling with Twinkles~”, so, “We are ssukddeok ssukddeoking and twinkling~”
MH: Let’s ignore her
GY: Yup
HE: I wasn’t listening
MH: Me neither, I was just reading this
MH: But Gayoung Eonni was listening to her so carefully
JY: I’m right, though~
GY: Honestly, I’m the one who listens to your words the most
JY: Thank you~
GY: You are not cussing, are you?
JY: Thank you~
MH: “Oh, I like the idea of remaking”, people say
MH: Someone asked, “Do you have plans for concerts?”
and a fan answered for us
MH: “There probably is no plan for concerts”
“No plan”
MH: Oh, they asked to re-record it with
Yuri as the main vocal
GY: The composer – the composer –
JY: Sumimasen (Japanese for “Sorry”)
HE: I’m out of the group!
JY: A great song is going to be born, everyone
MH: “Even the Country Ggo Ggo (an old singer group)
has concerts, it’s just that they can’t cut the album”
HE: Oh, really?
HE: But we can’t use the name, though
MH: Yeah, that’s right
MH: There are so many people who are asking for Yuri as the main vocal!
MH: “Miss Rain cake! To the left please! Can’t see”
HE: Don’t call me a Rain Cake
HE: Can’t they see me?
MH: “Do some more songs like Marionette again~”
JY: “Marionette! Marionette!”
MH: We had so many good songs
HE: That’s right
MH: What’s so depressing is..
MH: I wanted to sing it together forever
GY: That’s frustrating
MH: Let’s sing it in karaokes~
JY: But there aren’t everything in karaokes, you know
GY: There aren’t
JY: There aren’t many. That’s so heartbreaking
MH: In the karaoke, we can do a live broadcast and sing it there!
GY: I have that thing –
“Every Sing”
MH: What is it?
GY: The – microphone thing
MH: Oh~~~~ Shall we use that to sing?
GY: The thing with composing stuff
MH: Seriously
GY: This is my favorite song among the carols
MH: “Stellar, where are the other two?”
HE: Which one? This, Mariah Carey?
MH: Oh?!
MH: There’s Oppa!? Ghirin Oppa
JY: Oh~ Hi~
GY: Oh~ really, ah, really, it’s been so long
MH: Right? So long, right?
MH: This is not a Stellar meeting, it’s Ssukddeok Ssukddeok~
GY: It’s Ssukddeok Ssukddeok~ Let’s begin again~
All: Ssuk! Ddeok! Ssuk! Ddeok! Yeah~~
MH: It’s not a Stellar meeting, everyone!
GY: So if someone asks me
MH: Yes~
GY: Who’s my closest Idol, I answer “Stellar”, Minhee, Hyoeun
GY: Minhee, Hyoeun
HE: There’s no Yuri
MH: You gotta protect the members~
GY: She’s not in Stellar, now~
GY: She’s not an Idol
MH: She’s not an Idol
GY: The closest actor
JY: Ah, really
MH: An actor who sings a little
JY: But I did feel that, when introducing
JY: “You are an ex-idol singer!?” like this
JY: I had a study group, and they said an ex-idol group
JY: Everyone bursted out in laughters
GY: That’s right
GY: Some still don’t know that I’m out of the Stellar now
and they go like, “You know, right? Stellar?”
It’s so embarassing. I don’t know what to say
MH: “What a teamwork!”, they say~
GY: One more time!
Hello! Ssuk! Ddeok! Ssuk! Ddeok!, we are~
MH: It goes really well in the end, for some reason
HE: Ddeok, we are~
HE: I should make my name, “Ddeok”!
GY: I wanna see the comments, too
MH: Huh? The comments?
JY: “That’s typical you”
MH: “‘That’s typical you,’ do it again please”
GY: Start!
JY: That’s typical you. Nevermind!
HE: Ah~ this is blue
GY: Quickly
JY: Didn’t it go yet?
GY: Read the comments please~
MH: One second~
MH: “Ssukddeok Ssukddeok members age, 101”
MH: What does that supposed to mean?
JY: Are we 101 all together?
MH: Really?
MH: “It’s pleasing even just to see them together~”
GY: I think we are older?!
JY: We are older, though
MH: “When you search your name, does it say ‘Actress Yuri’?”
JY: Really? I don’t think so
MH: Ah, it’s just a question~
JY: I don’t think so?!
MH: Ah, not yet
GY: Raindrop cake! Hi, hi!
JY: “Gayoung Kim, I heard she is a student in medical school?”
MH: “Are you a med student?”
GY: I am? Since when?
MH: It’s a question
GY: No
MH: Ah, the ages altogether is something like 100??
MH: “Nunas, ages altogether has 101”
GY: No, I think it’s over 101?
MH: Ov, Isn’t it over that?
HE: Now 27, 25, so 52.
JY: Oh? Oh~
JY: Oh 50, and us two are 51
MH: Are we 101? We are?
GY: Oh yeah, you two are 25 right now? You are 25?
And you are 25, I thought you were older
MH: Ah~
MH: “Gayoung Kim, perhaps, she’ll be the roaming myth at school”
GY: I’m graduating~
MH: “roaming” reminds me of Sadako
JY: Sadako
MH: I still have the Sadako doll now
MH: “That’s making fun of her being in school for too long~”
JY: No really, you shouldn’t!
MH: “Santa baby”
MH: “Miss Hyoeun’s full but keep taking bites”
HE: Hah, I really can’t eat anymore
MH: Our youngest
MH: She’s the youngest in here, Ssukddeok Ssukddeok, too~
JY: Really~?
GY: Yeah~
JY: I like it~
HE: I like it~
JY: I like it~
MH: Like it~
MH: “Snow there too..”, “Gayoung’s eyebrows are too dark”
GY: But it’s not that dark in person,
why does it seem so black through the screen?
MH: It’s a bit black in person too
GY: She says it’s black~
HE: Yuri, eat one, quick!
JY: I~ didn’t dye my eyebrows~ Eonni, you saw it, right?
It was super dark. Then I did
GY: Should I dye my eyebrows or something?
HE: Yuri, but I don’t think yours shouldn’t be black
JY: I know, right?
MH: “Does Hyoeun slice rice cakes, and Gayoung writes?
Yuri, turn off the light, please~
(Parodying a Korean proverb)
GY: What the~
MH: So funny~
HE: Yuri, quick, eat one~
MH: “No makeups, right?!” they say
JY: Right~ we didn’t put on makeup~
HE: We just washed our faces
JY: We just washed and came back
MH: That’s right~
MH: “Miss Ssuk, your mole underneath your eyes is charming” They keep asking for Ssuk
GY: There are two Ssuks
MH: I’m the Ssuk 1
HE: Ssuk 1, 2!
MH: Yes~ Ssuk1,2
GY: Ssuk1, Ssuk2
MH: Ssuk1, Ssuk2 ㅋㅋㅋ
HE: Ddeok1, Ddeok2 ㅋㅋㅋ
HE: Ddeok2 ㅋㅋㅋ
JY: Ddeok1 ㅋㅋㅋ
HE: I’m the Ddeok 2~~
MH: Ddeok 2 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
HE: Why does it go so well
GY: Ddeok 2
Rain drop cake 2
HE: Why does “Ddeok” so much –
JY: Ssuk 1 ㅋㅋㅋㅋDdeok 1ㅋㅋㅋ Ssuk 2 ㅋㅋㅋ Ddeok2 ㅋㅋㅋ
MH: Ssuk ONE
JY: Ssuk TWO
HE: Ddeok TWO
MH: Ssuk 1 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
GY: Ddeok really matches you well
MH: Ddeok 2
HE: Hello~ This is Ddeok 2~
GY: Raindrop cake!
HE: Ah~ Really~
MH: It’s cute!
HE: Ah~ 5 pieces of chicken like this
MH: “But Ssuk’s so small! She’s gotta grow up “ssuk ssuk”” (A sound of something/ someone growing a lot)
MH: “Cute Ssukddeoks”
MH: They say Hyoeun’s just a raindrop cake
HE: Ah~
MH: Raindrop cake 2, Raindrop cake 2
HE: Who is it!?
MH: “The video quality is so good~”
HE: Is the screen clear?
HE: It’s gotta be a little bad!
So we would look prettier
MH: “Did Hyoeun just decide to be a Ddeok?”
Hyoeun is “Ddeok 2”, and her last name is Mul (Water/Rain)
GY: Raindrop cake 2
MH: Raindrop cake 2
MH: Oh? Mr. Representative/CEO! “A scene I missed. the 4 of you” Oh~~
JY: Oh~~~ How are you doing?
GY: Oh!! Mr. Japan Representative!
HE: Oh, I thought it was our representative for a second
MH: Representative Chong-moon Kim
GY: I was so startled~
MH: Representative Chong-moon Kim
JY: I never even thought of it that way
MH: Our representative is this person
GY: Representative Chong-moon Kim~
MH: How are you doing~?
GY, JY: Miss you~
MH: We, Ah! Let’s go to Japan later altogether
JY: Aitakattadesu~ (“I miss you” in Japanese)
GY: Aitaka
JY: Aitakattadesu
HE: Aitakattadesu
JY: But he’s Korean
GY: He is Korean
MH: Hyoeun –
HE: Who knows this song!?
JY: I do!
MH: I know I know! Long time ago~
HE: We all lived in the same generation!
HE: One second, does this lady not know?
HE: She’s the generation of “HOT” (An old idol)
MH: She’s one generation above us~
MH: Oh? “Christmas is coming, so could you
turn on the ‘Home Alone’ OST, too?” they asked
GY: What’s the Home Alone OST?
JY: “I was home alone~~~”
HE: I think I’ll recognize it when I hear it
GY: Ah, it must be a foreign song
MH: Oh, Dengke says “The good representative/CEO, hehe”
GY: That’s right
MH: “Gayoung is in our generation”
MH: “Generation difference”
GY: No~
HE: It’s on!
GY: I wasn’t into idols~
MH: “I’m curious about the reason for leaving”
HE: She’s trying to mingle in
HE: Right now, humming –
JY: Hold my hands~
HE: Yul, be quiet now?
HE: I think she doesn’t know
GY: I know!
MH: Berry, “Did Hyoeun Eonni go to work today? I sent a present~”
HE: Berry?
MH: Miery, too, “A really nice Representative!”
MH: “I’m pouring my data in this live video”
GY: I’m pouring mine too!
HE: Ah, Home Alone OST
MH: Oh, this uses up data?
JY: Of course! It’s watching a movie~
MH: Hi~
GY: It’s okay! I have an unlimited data plan~
JY: Oh~
MH: Mine’s an unlimited, too~
MH: “Gayoung is almost 30”
GY: What are you talking about~
GY: Almost! Almost? I’m only 27!
MH: Mr. JeonyoulInGayoung [said this]
MH: Mr. JeonyoulInGayoung
GY: The day after tomorrow
MH: Straight face
MH: “Will you use Geupsikcheh, please!”
(“A talking style of young students.”
GY: “Incredibly, Bissfully”
JY: “Incredibly, Bissfully”
MH: “Oh! I admit~”
GY: “I agree~ bogam” (Just some random pun)
JY: “Bogam~”
JY: What was that?
GY: Incredibly~,
JY: Bogum Park! (Similar in pronunciation)
JY: Don’t you know?
GY: I know, I know~
MH: Wait, isn’t there whole lot of that?
MH: “Yongbieocheonga”
GY: Eonni~ Ah, what was that?
MH: Eon?
HE: I am caught in the middle,
I don’t understand what you are talking about
GY: What is it?
JY: “Agree?”
MH: Boo, Ah,
JY: You did, right? Just now?
GY: “Incredibly, Bissfully, Kungtari Shabara,” Isn’t it?
JY: “Let it go!”
JY: “Incredible, Bissed, Let it go”
ALL: “Let it go~”
MH: “Elderlies who are studying Geupsikcheh”
MH: This is exactly how much we know,
What we’ve seen on TV
MH: “These persons are like uncles”
MH: “Geupsikcheh that’s already old”
There must be something newer now
MH: Oh! “Stewed Mackerel”
JY: Oh~~
GY: I know, I know~ MH: Whoa, amazing!
GY: “Spicy Squid
MH: “Stir Fry”
HE: Wow, is this real, that I don’t know this?
(Another buzzword)
MH: “Incredible, Incredibly, Let, Incredible, Bissful, Let it go, Picking”
JY: Oh~
MH: “Stellar, please get together like this even when you are 50”
MH: “By then, eating real rice cakes”
GY: Ssukddeok! Ssukddeok Ssukddeok
HE: But I like Ssukddeok~ We all~
Don’t we?
GY: No, that’s not true
MH: “They said you are old like an uncle if you start studying buzzwords”
MH: We are uncles~ We are aunts!
JY: Aunts
MH: “Oh~ Minhee knows a lot,” someone says, but I’m just reading the comments
JY: Huh, what the, Aunt Rice Soup?
GY: We had Gopchang there (Cow Intestines)
HE: Busan Aunt’s Rice Soup?
GY: No, the Aunt’s Rice Soup nearby the workplace
JY: Ah~
HE: Ah~
MH: Ah~ I don’t remember~
We were happy just because we were together~
JY: I~ think of the members everytime I eat Gamjatang, you know (Potato stew with pork bone)
GY: I, I think of you girls a lot, too
MH: I think of you when I’m on stage
GY: Oh my gosh
MH: “Teacher Gayoung, have your 60th birthday party through the VApp~”
MH: “They say it’s dangerous to eat rice cakes when you are old”
GY: It can get stuck in the throat
MH: Yeah
MH: “Miss Minhee, that’s a good curl in the hair, right?”
HE: Ah, so full
MH: My hair’s curled?
HE: Ah, I’m so full
MH: “Have an amazing time~ I’m off!”
MH: Mr. Representative~
GY: Off~
MH: Mr. Representative
GY: Ah! Have a good day~
JY: Coca
GY: Cola
MH: Ah~ He had a Caramel Macchiato. “Thinking of Minhee” Ah, coffee, I want coffee
HE: I only have Americano
MH: “Ah, you are too pretty, I’m gonna cry~” Miery
JY: Don’t cry, you fool!
GY: Oh~
JY: Why do you make it harmonious?
HE: Oh?! Gayoung Eonni’s scarf and that’s a couple together!
HE: The color’s exactly the same
GY: This?!
HE: This, this
MH: “Have you eaten a lot?” “4th”
HE: With the scarf color
GY: Ah~
MH: Ah, there’s no 4th
HE: Ah, I’m stuffed
GY: What’s 4th?
MH: Ah, they asked if there’s a 4th after the 3rd Mudangdang”
GY: Ah~
MH: “Gayoung Eonni, put on the hair band for us~”
GY: Why?
MH: Eonni says she wants to wear the hat
MH: “Oh? This was my favorite song when I was in school~”
HE: Me too~
MH: “It’s so funny Minhee’s so excited”
HE: I gotta put this away and stretch my legs
MH: The title of this song, “MUST HAVE LOVE”
GY: Is this how you do it?
HE: Oh, I gotta take the pills
MH: “Miss Jeon Yul, sing the TEARS of Chan-whee So
HE: No, no way, you gotta keep it down here
MH: Subea Oppa says, “I want to see the youngest
showing her talent of eating her fist”
MH: Eating her fist
JY: Oh pretty~
MH: “Yuri, put on Gayoung’s hat”
JY: No way~
GY: Why not??
JY: That really doesn’t match me
GY: Ah really?
MH: “Oh? Gayoung wearing that, now she really looks like a deer”
MH: “Looks so nice~” “Don’t you ever come to Busan?”
JY: I wanna go to Busan~
HE: I wanna go to Busan, too
GY: Bridge house Ddeokbokki in Busan is so good
GY: Have you tried it?
HE: No?
GY: Totally delicious
HE: Just drink it with this~
JY: Ah, I’m sorry
MH: “Miss Hyoeun, stay as an artist~”
HE: An artist!
MH: “Oh? I was gonna prepare a raindrop cake
because you said you were coming to Busan”
JY: Coca Cola acting, please~
HE: Coca Cola acting?
JY: Yes
MH: Now are we finishing up?
MH: No, no, first, we gotta put this away
and now, we gotta eat the cake
JY: Ahaha, really
MH: We gotta eat the cake!
GY: Wow this is really good
HE: I know, right? The humidifier
MH: “Yuri wants songs”
HE: Ah, ah, one second, I’m gonna go through
MH: Yuri, did you drink something? Just now?
JY: Me? This coke
GY: Ah, I wanna live by myself, too
GY: I wanna leave home, too
GY: Ah, me too… Anyone who wants to live with me!
HE: Oh? Live with my cousin~
HE: I’ll go to your place
GY: My place? Will you be alright?
JY: I wanna live alone, too~
HE: Living by yourself would be lonely,
so I’ll live with you for you~
GY: Alright! Let’s live together!
JY: I hope we all live like this~
MH: “Yuri’s drinking coke with the whole bottle
JY: In one building~
MH: “Putting away is not an end but a preparation for another beginning”
GY: Can I throw this away?
GY: Do I throw this away?
HE: Yes!
GY: Throw away this coupon and everything?
HE: A coupon… That, no! Don’t throw that away~
GY: It seems like something’s here
HE: Did Yuri put it there?
JY: No I didn’t~
GY: Can you throw away the food leftovers, too?
HE: No, I gotta put them distinguisehd, later
MH: “Miss Minhee, how many are the Stellar members?” Look it up
MH: Probably 4~
MH: “Oh, the nicest girls in the world, I wish the best for all of you” Inyeong says
MH: “Shes asked to live together but nobody’s answering”
GY: Yes, that’s it
GY: You gotta see each other from time to time,
That’s when it’s the best~
MH: “The sleeves are pretty” Laces, whatever~
GY: Here are some crumbs of the chicken
JY: Do you know this?
MH: They said the downstairs person would report us everyday if the 4 of us live together (GY: Yeah, we’re so noisy)
MH: “Who’s birthday is it?”
MH: Gayoung Eonni’s birthday was Dec 2, mine is Jan 3, so the Ssukddeok sukddeok members had congratulated us
JY: A star~
JY: I made a star~
GY: Okay~
MH: Hmm Alright~??
GY: Oh! Ah, you are doing this
JY: A star!
MH: Oh~ “Become a building owner and live together in the top building~”
GY: This isn’t it, it’s this~
MH: “I love how Minhee is so decisive”
JY: No, right~?!
HE: Oh, So stuffed
JY: Oh! Ohh~
JY: Oh~
MH: A double star! A double star!
MH: I used to be able to do the double star~
GY: A star~
MH: “Yuri is such a special individual~”
JY: Inside, in the middle!
GY: %#$^@$^
MH: “Yuri, you are such a unique individual~”
MH: “Minhee video, maybe too decisive?”
MH: It’s an employee!
JY: What employee?
MH: Um… a public officer!
JY: Public officer exam is in!
MH: But! It’s another role loving the main guy character
GY: There, there too, Oppa next to her
MH: With the main character Oppa, like this
MH: I went around following him
HE: Eat the fruits
GY: Yesyesyes
MH: Hyoeun’s working~ here and there
HE: Apple? Persimon? Kiwi?
MH: “Who has the largest feet among the members? The fans like feet
HE: Apple, persimon, kiwi
GY: For me, an apple or persimon
MH: For me, apples!
HE: 2 of them?
HE: You want the kiwi
GY: Why are you doing that?
JY: Kiwi!
MH: “Oh? A monk went by just now”
GY: What?
MH: Oh a monk just walked here
HE: Ah, you are talking about me again!?
HE: Ah, really~
MH: Because, if Hyoeun stands up, all you can see is the grey pants
JY: Right, right
MH: But those born in January aren’t all in the year of chicken, those whose birthdays in lunar calender is in December!
MH: That’s it
GY: What?
MH: You know, I thought those born in January are born in the year of chicken, but they were actually monkeys. I found that out only recently
GY: What, how did this get so dirty?
MH: “Gayoung Kim, I’ve heard that her feet are still growing”. Mr JeonyoulInGayoungoung keeps going on about feet
GY: My feet got smaller, really. Now I can even wear 240mm!
HE: No way~
GY: Seriously~ I wore a 240mm!
JY: Imagine how difficult your feet squashed
Eonni, your feet that wore 240mm
JY: They always call me saying how they are tired!
Saying how it’s so difficult
MH: Ah, so funny
MH: They say Rain cake Monk, the Rain cake Monk
GY: Rain cake Monk
JY: Monk~ GY, MH: Rain cake Monk~
HE: Ah, honestly, explain the material, quick!
MH: Rain cake Monk~
GY: A monk for the winter
MH: Rain cake Monk~
JY: Ah, it’s such a pity
JY: It really is luxurious and seems so expensive
GY: It seems expensive
MH: Ah, so funny
MH: “You go to Japan, and what time do you come back to Korea on the 27th?”
We come back the next day, on the 28th
MH: Oh, they say it gets smaller when you get older!
GY: I’m happy to get old~
JY: Wow~
MH: Wow~
JY: Looks nice~
MH: Looks nice~
MH: They say “Should I give her a wood bell?,” Hyoeun
HE: Are you gonna say that even when I’m right here?
JY: But you know how there’s only one keyword, usually? But there’s so many~
GY: That’s right~
MH: “She’s a Rain cake Monk, so preparing for vegetarian meals”
HE: Who is it?!
HE: Who is it?!
MH: Bluesubea Oppa
MH: “Gayoung Kim looked younger!”
GY: Yes~
JY: Dongan Kim~
(“Dongan”: People who look younger than they actually are)
GY: Hey, Hyoeun is –
JY: Why do you say that
MH: Dongan Kim
GY: Dong An Kim. Dongan Kim
MH: So funny
MH: Ah, funny
MH: “Hyonmory” They are saying Hyonmory?
(Driving Hyoeun)
MH: “Unspecified water into the Daedong River”
HE: Ah, come on, I’m a Christian
JY: Oh, right! right! You are
MH: Everyone stop! Now stop!
Hyoeun is a Christian!
MH: Hyoeun is a Christian
GY: I can’t let religion become the topic
HE: My mother won’t like it
MH: Hyoeun’s mother may see this~
GY: Yes, yes~
MH: Rain cake monk, stop~
MH: Buddhist statue
JY: Ah, really
MH: Now, stop~
MH: “Monks eat meat, too”
MH: “Hallelujah, thank you”
HE: Hallelujah, all of a sudden
GY: Amen
MH: Hallelujah
MH: “Rain cake pastor”
GY: No
HE: All so excited, now
MH: “Now who do we drive?”
JY: [email protected]*#*#%
MH: Ah, so funny
MH: “Pastor Rain Cake”, now
MH: “Rain cake Amen,” “Rain cake pastor”, they all used to have
MH: “Christian rice cake?”
JY: Rice cake,
MH: Now, stop! Religion, stop~
GY: Religion stop~
MH: Yes, now stop~
MH: Ah, they ask if Hyoeun’s the only one who goes to church, Hyoeun’s the only one??? Yes, only Hyoeun. The rest 3 are not religious
GY: Yes
MH: We three are not religious
JY: I’m the Moongyo (Gyo indicating religion)
MH: Ah, a bit different. No Gyo, No gyo.
JY: Moon Gyo~
MH: Moon Gyo~
JY: The little prince Christian
GY: I want to believe in myself
GY: I’m GayoungGyo
GY: I’m GayoungGyo
MH: Give me some too
GY: Hey~~
MH: The face is revealed
JY: Ryan gained weight
GY: Then in this case, we might as well have him like this
GY: Like this, like this
MH: Oh, like this?
MH: Eyebrows
GY: A little cuter
MH: “Is Hyoeun putting some poison in the food?”
HE: How did they find out?
MH: Oh, “Is Minhee ‘Goghi-ingyo?
(Means “is it meat”)”
GY: Minhee is –
MH: Whoa! Someone said,
“I’m Yanghwadaegyo (Yanghwa bridge)”
JY: (Singing)
GY: What~?
HE: Driver?
MH: Oh!! “Minhee is ‘Chicken leg gyo'”
JY: (Singing)
GY: What did you say???
JY: I think I can’t
GY: That’s right
JY: Mimickry
GY: Ah, funny
MH: “The court lady, Yuri”?
MH: Are you eating the apple tomorrow?
HE: I’m peeling two~
GY: They say you shouldn’t eat an apple at night,
but it’s fine
JY: Ah, what, so are you eating or not~?
GY: Ah, but because I want to eat~
HE: Ah really, so funny
GY: It would’ve been so nice if we do something like “Really” (Maybe a program?)
MH, JY: Exactly~
MH: They would’ve liked it.
We should just create a Ssukddeok Ssukddeok
GY: Alright!
JY: Aren’t you gonna be in trouble?
MH: I’ll film video to edit and upload
GY: Yeah~
GY: Other than when doing events,
You have plenty of time, right?
MH: I do~ plenty of time
MH: I’ll take a video of us going on a trip, edit it, and make it
GY: Let’s go on a trip
MH: Yeah~
GY: Where should we go?
JY: My home
MH: One! I’ll make one!
GY: The cost – How much will it cost?
If we 4 go on a trip?
JY: Depends on where we go
GY: Perhaps 300,000 Won? (~$300 USD)
MH: No, put our money together.
When I went to Busan last time..
MH: It costed something like 100,000
(Something like $100)
JY: Huh~? Really?
GY: You had the vacation expense covered –
MH: About 300,000 Won?
We can put together 300,000 Won
GY: Some close place like Gapyeong
GY: Who’s gonna drive?
MH: Rent a car
GY: What about driving?
MH: I will
GY: Oh, but you still –
MH: No, I came all the way from Gangwon-do to here, Seoul
JY: But the –
MH: Will you do it?
GY: I gotta learn how to drive
JY: But ~
MH: D – People who doesn’t wanna come,
I’m just gonna leave you behind~
JY: Uh
MH: Hey~ I drove from Gangwon to Seoul~
JY: Uh~
GY: But those who will die will die anyway
JY: Don’t say like that
MH: Just leave it to your destiny trust and get on~
JY: Oh forget and get on? Ah, trust and get on?
MH: Oh? “Minhee, Yuri, Gayoung”
MH: Oppa!
JY: Oh?! It’s Minghi Oppa!
GY: Oh!?
GY: Oppa~ Is it in the morning there?
GY: Oppa went to the US
MH: Whoa!!!
JY: Lucky him~
JY: Where did you go to? In the States?
GY: Cal – No
JY: California?
GY: Was it Las Vegas? JY: Las Vegas~?
GY: Gosh
JY: Hello Everyone
MH: “Ju Minhee is a Rudolph, so I think she will pull the car herself”
JY: “Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight~”
JY: Eonni, light with your nose~
JY: “Group dinner is on Actress Yuri~”
MH: Whoa~~
JY: Boo~
GY: I’ll pay when I earn more money~
GY: As of yet, I earn only as much as I can live
MH: It was really pretty there, the swimming pool in Gangneung Hotel!
MH: Expensive
MH: It’s too expensive
JY: The swimming suit is pretty too
GY: I don’t have a swimming suit
MH: Swimming suit? Which one?
MH: The pink? Or other?
JY: Both!
MH: I’ll let you know where I bought it!
GY: It’s pretty and sexy
MH: They asked so much where I bought it
GY: Isn’t that Nanhi Eonni’s
MH: One’s Nanhi Eonni’s, and the other’s different
JY: Oh~
GY: But you have many swimming suits, right?
MH: One’s Belvet
MH: Because Nanhi Eonni’s is good
because it fits really tight~
GY: Doesn’t it rip?
MH; It doesn’t rip!!
JY: It’s too almost breathtaking
MH: Where are you going!
JY: Everything
MH: No, no, It’s really elastic and great!
MH: It’s really good
GY: But I think it’s been a while since I’ve last been to a swimming pool
JY: Ah, I wanna go to a swimming pool
GY: We didn’t go to a water park this year either
GY: And last year either
MH: Swimming pool, I failed to go to a swimming pool at all, too, this year
MH: So I went in November
MH: Because I couldn’t go to a swimming pool at all…
GY: Ah, I gotta go, with Mom
JY: Eonni, you’ve gone to one
GY: Yeah
GY: I couldn’t go to a water park
MH: Ah, that’s nothing good!
JY: That’s right
GY: Yet you go all the time, right?
MH: Me? I don’t go to water parks
JY: I go all the time~
MH: I don’t go, I don’t
MH: I went to Gangchon, this year
JY: But, but, the…
MH: “Is the apple tree growing by now?”
JY: By the time you forget
GY: Tree –
MH: “Hyoeun Lee must’ve become a farmer”
HE: Ah, I was peeling off persimons
MH: “Did the Miss Rain Cake go to make an apple?”
MH: Still waiting for the apple~
JY: Maybe she’s making the rabbit thing with the apple
HE: I said I was peeling persimons!
JY: You know what that is, right? The rabbit thing
GY: Ah~ The way to peel off an apple?
MH: Ah, “She’s watering the apple tree”
HE: I am peeling off a persimon!!!
MH: Ah, she’s peeling a persimon, a persimon
JY: Ah, she’s watering a persimon tree
GY: Persimon~ Persimon soon~
(“persimon” pronounced the same as “Go”)
MH: “Spraying the pesticide for the apple”, What the
MH: “Scattering seeds to grow it again”
MH: Maybe the Hyonmori is still too fun~
MH: “Hyoeun’s little by little getting annoyed, in her tone”
HE: I’m peeling off persimons!!
MH: What the~
MH: “Miss Rain Cake, getting the persimon” (“Getting the persimon” pronounced the same
as “Getting the sense of”)
MH: Got the persimon!
JY: There’s even kiwi~
GY: Only two persons can eat?
HE: Hyoeun, it shows how Hyoeun worked hard here
GY: So cute
JY: Wow~ She can even go get married~ Look~
(Older Koreans say women need skills, like cooking, to get married)
HE: Eat, quick!
MH: I can’t see, I can’t see
GY: No! I can’t let her go! I can’t!
HE: When did I say I was gonna go?
MH: Because her mother-in-law will get mad while waiting
HE: Oh?
MH: She gets mad while waiting
GY: What do you mean??
MH: Because it takes too long
MH: There are the thing that’s so simple to use
You know, the thing, the tool, it’s so simple~
HE: Let’s eat this and then eat the cake!
GY: Didn’t get it yet, right?
GY: I mean, I just said “I can’t let her go, I can’t,”
JY: It’s about the apple, right?
GY: And mother-in-law gets mad waiting?
MH: I’m talking about the apple~
MH: There are such a great stuff to peel off apples, these days
GY: I’ve heard they spin it and peel it or something?
JY: It’s tasty~
MH: Yeah~
HE: I have a tangerine
HE: I’m here~
GY: Come over here, a little to the side
JY: Sharing everything, even a single tangerine
MH: Whoa, it’s already been an hour, counting the video we are doing with Gayoung Eonni’s only
MH: We’ve done almost 2 hours
GY: Then what time is it right now?
HE: Wow~ It’s 10 now
MH: We did an hour with mine, too
JY: Incredible
MH: And it’s almost 1 hour with Gayoung Eonni’s, as well
HE: Minhee came at 6:30, Yul came at 7, and Eonni came, and it’s almost been 4 hours now
JY: Seriously?!
HE: Almost 4 hours~
JY: Eonni came at 7:30
MH: Time flies, seriously~
JY: It’s so fun~ It’s been a long time
JY: Fun, right?!
GY: Yes~
GY: Yuri had it like this
JY: Because all 4 have to eat
MH: “Nice work, Ddeok 2”
Nice work~
HE: What, Ddeok 2
JY: Nice work, today, too~
HE: It makes me wanna leave again
MH: “It’s been such a long time since the 4 of you got together~ It’s nice~”
JY: You don’t play, you lose, rock, paper, scissors!
GY: But we really
JY: Oh?!
MH: She played, she played
GY: I was gonna play, but I changed
MH: What, what?
JY: Kiwi~ To eat the kiwi~
MH: She changed it! Gayoung Eonni – you saw it right?
HE: Kiwi’s probably ripe
HE: But the apple’s sweet
MH: Persimon soon~ Wow
HE: It’s ripe, right?
JY: No, it’s –
HE: Hmm! The persimon’s really delicious
MH: Sweet, sweet!
MH: Sweet, sweet! Kiwi’s sweet!
HE: Persimon, amazing!
JY: Why are you eating again, Eonni
HE: Sorry~
GY: Is it the first time we four got together?
MH: “Miss Gayoung”
JY: What do you mean, first time,
The 4 of us have always been together
MH: “Does Miss Gayoung have small eyes”
MH: They are asking whether Gayoung’s eyes are small~
GY: Why, why?
MH: I dunno~
GY: My eyes are super large!
JY: She’s angry!
GY: I – what? Is it the first time the 4 of us got together?
HE: Yeah~
MH: No, that’s not true
JY: There were many times
MH: Hyoeun’s sister’s
MH: Wedding, we’ve gotten together, after September 9~
JY: Yeah~
GY: It’s been that long?
GY: Time flies too fast
JY: Seriously, it feels like yesterday
GY: Yeah, right
JY: Ah, that’s really too fast!
You know, that month was as long as a year
GY: Yeah, that’s right
MH: That one month
JY: That one month was as long as a year
GY: There were so many incidents in that month
HE: My sister was on a news article
GY: Your sister’s wedding?
JY: Eonni was on a news article?!!!!
JY: That Hyoeun’s sister is getting married
HE: Yeah
MH: Who wants this!
HE: Oh, so tasty~
MH: It’s good, right?!
MH: Yeah –
MH: This year’s already like – 11 days left?
JY: That’s right
GY: No, ah, oh???
MH: Today’s the 20th
HE: I can’t believe it.

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  1. If you watch this video carefully, you'll pick up on some interesting details. Enjoy spending some time together with Gayoung, Minhee, Hyoeun, and Jeonyoul together again~ 🙂

  2. I don't want to read to much on this situation so I don't get my hopes up 😔 it made me a little sad when they said that they can't use their name or sing their songs with GY and JY, also, is that Hyoeun's place?! When I first watched it I thought they were at Gayoung's lmao, I hope one day they can really be together again under their own rules

  3. Thankyou so much! I'm glad I found your channel I really appreciate your love and hardwork for stellar :')💜
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  4. I saw this a few days ago. I know just saying now. It was so good to see the four together, four close friends full of joy and happiness at seeing each other after so long.

    Was sad when Ga Young said she couldn’t play Twinkle because it upset her. Talking of which my auto play took me to the current incumbent Japan set. The one which finished with Vibrato. Talking of which… but you’ll know already…

    oh Yuri.. I haven’t seen her since Hyouen’s sister’s wedding.

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