Eos 真的能取代Ethereum?

Eos 真的能取代Ethereum?

EOS is possible over take ethereum become the 2nd largest crypto smart contract is very important in today society everything can build a trust in smart contract The most different eos vs ethereum business model is different ethereum is rental model, eos is owndership model EOS speed faster and predictable computer power Is rental model is better because of continues income stream ownership model may have miss a piece of income, will eos gain more customers? Ethereum win in first mover advantages Will EOS have miss out in market penetration EOS mainnet is launching soon

11 thoughts on “Eos 真的能取代Ethereum?”

  1. 你好 你的意思是放那个交易所ETH address or EOS address? 我有点混乱,虽然现在EOS is under ETH 的区块链。

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