Fiji’s earlier banknotes

so hello fellow Bank no click this this
is Glenn back up another video and it comes to my attention that I have not
shown you any banknotes from Fiji well here they are
so the banknotes I have data between 1969 and to 2004 something like that and
pretty much they range from 50 cents to since the $20 y’all don’t have the $50
banknote because Wow a friend actually went over to Fiji for a holiday one time
and they brought us back some currency but all the banknotes are actually
circulate they they fought it’ll be a little good idea to bring back
circulator banknotes while I appreciate him actually bringing them back generally I’m circulating less are
actually better but it doesn’t matter I was appreciative of in doing it because
no one has to bring you back anything so the first banknote I have is a 50
cent coin this is from 1969 this actually replaced a 5 shilling banknote
that they actually have and if you know Australian currency we don’t we didn’t
actually used a 5 shilling banknote and this one was used up until 1975 when
they actually replaced it with a coin the same as the Australian 50 cent coin
so he had a different design but is the same shape and size and weight as you
can see how see coat-of-arms as queen elizabeth ii and this is the
first prefix a 1 so they had 1 million bank notes but population of Fiji nails
about half a million back in 1969 and probably would have been at least one
200,000 I did in fact check that so you can do that yourself
the watermark is a Fijian man with a cool hairdo
and on the reverse we just have a fetched house and we have a lot of our
palm trees some of them might be coconut palms but they could be other species as
well and that’s a nice banknote the value of these being answers probably
about four to ten dollars in this condition and then you go in upwards as
the condition actually gets better so here we have a Don in 71 issue you can
tell because it has one signature and it’s iu4 so actually took him a long
time to actually use the banknotes and on the reverse we had the same thing
just a change in the signature then we have two two dollars so you have a
banknotes of this series are the one dollar five dollars ten and twenty
dollars so I don’t really have those over banknotes and this $2 is actually a
1974 issue because it has a 5 so if it was a 4 and earlier a 1 and a 2 and 1969
a3 a4 71 so this one’s 1974 and these banknotes were in circulation up and to
around about 1980 when actually replaced them we first smaller banknote they had
a a different effigy so a more up-to-date one it’s our older version of
the Queen Elizabeth and there’s the boy in the water mark don’t know who it is
might have been an old chief and there’s a security fred and on the reverse we
don’t have anything we just have two dollars that’s pretty much the same as
the rest of the banknotes so all of them just have the denomination on the back
so the most interesting one is the 50 cent and these ones hmm you’re probably
looking at 10 to 20 dollars for a banknote in this condition
as you can see it’s got some damage down there but I never actually bought these
Bank now it’s a I think I got them from one of my uncle’s a long time ago
I’m talking about 30 years here so I’ve been actually purchase season I’m not
gonna sell okay me next series we have is a series that was first issued in
1980 and pretty much all day actually done over the time was actually just
changed the effigy and the reverse sewed this one sorry I was looking up okay
these ones actually issued in 1992 first issue and the last issue was in 2002 so
been ten years now replaced in 2007 but currently Fiji doesn’t issue any
banknotes of Queen Elizabeth because they took her off it so these were 1992
issue currently Fiji doesn’t actually use the $2 banknote they replaced it
with a coin this is good because it’s actually a radar banknote so radar Bank
that means it has four nine nine nine four and you read it backwards four nine
nine nine four so that he’s actually right up England I just realized that I
didn’t actually realize that first and this one is actually your last signature
of this actual series and it’s a in so on the reverse we have cultural
diversity of Fiji so it’s bit hard to actually make out so I believe this is
actually probably a chief and these are two Fijian females and he’s prone to
Indian people at least half the population comes from
South Asia so there is actually a language called Fijian Hindi which is
actually spoken in Fiji and then we have Fijian and there’s also another language
on one of the islands can’t remember what the language Jesus a small island
that I have their own language related to Fijian it’s beautiful bank name I
like that you’ve got the ocean the palms the sand this beautiful blue just blues
and yellows just make a beautiful Bank name so I just want this condition
you’re probably looking at probably face value pretty much but if you want an
uncirculated one you’re probably looking a bit between ten and twenty dollars and
then we have the other series okay another thing I like to make out these
bank notes all the same size so good they’re two dollars at the front the
twenty dollars at the back so let’s have a look at the other ones
so he’s the five dollar bank note from around let’s have a look good you have a
big nose so these are all before word 2002 so I was just looking up signature
because the signature is the 2005 series of signatures and as you can say has a
beautiful bird today’s all heavy bird the mister to again D 2 has a Kaka the
five has one a dumb so you can probably look that up and see what actual species
they are get scientific name there we have the coat of arms this is security
feature here you have a security Fred and on the reverse we have nine Nadi
Airport which is the main important Fiji and we have a catamaran so a beautiful
Bank night that is actually quite like these type of features and all patterns
and as you can see printed by Thomas delivery company
so that easy five a night you’ll be paying about ten twenty dollars for a
bank night in this condition uncirculated definitely paying away have
a lot more then we have the $20 banknote so another thing I need to mention is
that at the time the Fiji dollars equivalent to the Australian dollar so
one to one but if I get an exchange rate I need to add a currency so the G and we
get the exchange rate $15 1.5 so has actually decreased in value and this is
an 8k nothing special but serial numbers this one is the cat cow looks like a
type of honeyeater and portray of queen elizabeth ii some nice banknote remember
in Fiji my friend was telling me that you know the taxi driver saying it paid
my $50 a week yeah that’s quite not enough money my brother went a few years
ago and here saying that the wages they are actually pretty low and we’re just
happy just to get two dollars because they’re pretty much living a lot of
people live in poverty and there we have a folks with a fetch shelter so for
transport and protection against rain you might have been someone’s place of
living but I’m not too sure I mean we have children playing in the water looks
like a little goon and what will be connected to the ocean somewhere you
know really like these patination again there we have a plant not too sure what
plant that is it’s pretty much the same in all the banknotes so this one you
probably at least at least $20 for this type of banknote because
these would actually be hard and again uncirculated public to a mere 40 $50
then we have the $100 I’m not 100 did $20 look this is a nice beautiful blue
banknote you bird on it is a Moosa looks like a looks like it might be a type of
Finch or maybe a sparrow then we have another plant
it’s that plant change yes it does yeah plant actually changes so it looks like
it shows the that looks like a type of eucalypt on the $2 but anyway he shows
that the plant is what the bird will interact with so you saw there’s more
security feature so you can see it has your logo of the Central Bank and I’m
just guessing it there I could not be better
yeah I always make mistakes no harm in doing that as long as you know that you
made a mistake and you correct it and this is the first run a a Glenn list but
second and on the reverse we have a hotel this is the reserved banker says
so their own Parliament House it says so yeah in the parliament house looks like
a table a traditional building just some modern architectural style and I
actually quite like he’s being named so in this condition you probably looking
about $40 for a $20 banknote in uncirculated at probably at least $100
easy because now most fee jeans wouldn’t actually kept these in uncirculated
condition and a lot of tourists while majority then would not have probably
kept any fijian currents so that is the banknotes that were
circulating from 96 to when I say 2007 so they haven’t been in circulation for
at least 13 years the only way you can get those if you actually buy them off
secondary market and here we have a commemorative banknote so it’s one of
two they actually also issued a $2,000 so $2,000 thing I see here it is as you
can see it’s a map of Fiji that back now it’s actually very expensive equivalent
to about one thousand and three hundred dollars so wouldn’t be surprised this
cost about five to ten thousand dollars actually boy boy 2k o 975 so 975 so they
can reduce the maximum of 10,000 of these banknotes but then we have this
one this one’s actually a so more of a common banknote so 2k and it got six
digits so I can actually have 1 million of these bingo so it’s actually not a
scarce one but he has the president righto sir Pinilla ganene love on the
front and celebrating the you mm elaine IAM there’s a Kaka so let’s have a look
at the $2 for me period so it’s pretty much the same and they just replaced
elizabeth ii we’ve you president and other birds the same back they changed it it’s just got
different people from Fiji so as you can see the Punjabi person so if you’re not
too familiar a lot of people mistake the Punjabis for Muslims but it’s three
defining features you’ve got the Hat the long beard and I usually have a not a
Bengal a bracelet special bracelet majority of them keep the bracelet a lot
of them shave and don’t wear to have nanny ever fiji indigenous people looks
like a green tea sea turtle and all in in the background and here is is that a
longitude and Fiji that I 100 and a meridian so that will be longitude and
what is the watermark the watermark is the same as dear ones but this is a
consecutive run and these bank notes we look at about $8 per banknote so not the
sheik banknote but it’s actually something good to collect if you can
actually afford it so anyway I’ll leave the video here and so nearly 17 minutes
long it’s quite a long video please like them subscribe and yeah just check out
my links below and have a awesome coin collecting time and it’ll be good to
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you and bye bye

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