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– What’s up guys? My name is Kelsey – My name is Becky – And we’re the Sorry Girls! – We are back doing another dollar store challenge – Today’s theme is gonna be storage – Because it doesn’t matter what video we do you guys always request storage solutions so we’re here, doing it for you! – Now I’m just gonna walk around the dollar store for like 20 minutes and get inspired I feel like these cups just scream “storage” to me but I don’t have an idea yet – I could always take current storage items and make them cuter – * Kelsey singing * – Is this grandma or is this cute? It’s a question I find myself asking all the time! They have all this, like, garden bamboo and it’s actually a really interesting alternative to, like, a wooden dowel hmm…getting some good ideas – I have an idea, do you have an idea?
– I do have an idea! – We all have an idea we’ll see how good of an idea though it’s up to you guys! – Okay! So, first I’m gonna show you everything that I picked up from the dollar store so first being this over-the-door hook I was hoping for a much cuter one or a much simpler one but this is the simplest one they had I also got a pack of two white pillowcases meaning I can technically make two of these DIYs and some really cute white rope and lastly I got this bundle of bamboo that I was telling you in the store is like dowel but cuter and unfortunately I had to buy this pack of four of them even though I don’t need this many but again, like I said I can basically make two full DIYs and in total all of these items cost me $10 So what I’m making is an over-the-door storage solution I think that over the door is like a really good space for storing stuff that doesn’t get used as much people always forget about the back of the doors So I’m gonna show you how to make something really cute you can hang on the back of the door to put laundry, towels, basically whatever in it that you want First things first, because it has to dry I want to paint this white because I think it’d just be much cuter and much more the vibe in white so I’m gonna take some white spray paint and give this hook a coat of white Oh my god wind! When you gotta sit around and wait for your spray paint to dry because if you leave it unattended the wind will take it! Part of Murphy’s Law if you’re not watching the spray paint, it will get wrecked ♫ Dry faster! Okay, I am back with my spray painted hook and now it’s time to move on to what I’m actually going to put on this hook so, it’s going to be a pillowcase but hung nicely on the hook and I’m gonna use these bamboo sticks as like a support dowel on the top so first thing is opening this up and then probably cutting one of these a bit smaller it’s a bit long as it is and I just cut the bamboo using a very simple hacksaw these are one of our favorite things because they’re so easy to use we actually mention it in our “DIY Tool Essential” video so check that out if you want to learn more and then I took some of that white rope I bought and trimmed a piece and then wrapped it around both sides of the bamboo and tied it in place so that it can be hung nicely on the hook – Wow! – So this is what you have right now it’s starting to look very cute already so now it’s time to add the actual like organization-storage-part of it and that’s gonna be made with the pillowcases I picked up so I just got these plain white ones, uhm Oooh! I thought they were white! They’re printed, but actually, you know what? It’s like boho-y feathers, so it’ll work anyways wait, this one’s kind of even more fun there’s, like, more going on why would they… I don’t know why they would fold it that way, anyways So, you can do this out of white pillowcases or any fun-patterned pillowcases that your dollar store might have So what I’m gonna do next is take this white rope that I bought and cut two little pieces and then just do a hand stitch in the middle to tie it on to both corners of the pillowcase so I can hang it from my bamboo bar much easier to hand sew something like this than worry about the sewing machine you could even, like, glue it, but don’t recommend No, no, no – ♪ It’s friday, friday, gotta DIY on friday ♪ – Today is, um, International Leave Work Early Day – Wait, why are we in then? – Okay, so my little ties are on I sewed them to the inside very top edge piece of the pillowcase on both sides and I tie the end of the rope in a knot because this rope look very fray-y so a knot is important and lastly is to tie the ties on to the bamboo and the best part of doing it this way is that the bag is actually removable so if you do put laundry in it you can take it off you can wash it, all that good stuff I also just realized it’s totally wall decor because the print is so cute it’s just like a giant boho-y flag so if you want to, like, paint on it and not… Flag! So flag! if you don’t want storage and you’re like ” I don’t need storage ” but you’re watching this video anyways wall decor, I got you cute, styling this ♫ And now, let’s see what Kelsey made! – Okay, so from the dollar store I got this kleenex box also, why is it wrapped in plastic? It’s sooooooooo unnecessary! Little bamboo kleenex box cover I picked up some dowels I also picked up…what is this? Colored raffia cords…? Cute-colored-straw-stuff and I also picked up some wooden craft beads Altogether this cost me $9 and today I’m going to be making some makeup storage I’ve definitely seen this requested in the comments so I’m gonna turn this kleenex box here into a cute boho-decorated palette and makeup storage box First thing I’m gonna do is take off this plastic which is unnecessary, again and I’m going to… …somehow… open up the top or the bottom haven’t decided yet use any tools necessary to make this an open square Oooh!…duh! – OOOooh!
– Ooooooh! Duh!! So now that my bottom’s out and I’m a doofus and I thought I was gonna have to do a lot more work than I actually had to do because this is a kleenex box holder so you need a way to put in the kleenex box but I totally forgot that so I thought I was gonna have to hack out the bottom but instead all I had to do was use an exacto knife to score the side where the end piece was and then I could take out the bottom and then just attach the end piece so that it looks nice and clean and you didn’t ever know that this was a separate piece Next up I’m going to use my dowels I’m gonna cut them to the size of my storage box and then I’m going to add them in with super glue using them as dividers and in between the last two dowels I’m actually gonna use a scrap piece of fabric that we have and use it as a mini little hammock for any kind of liquid liners or lipsticks or anything that’s like long and skinny that you don’t want to lose in the storage box So I’m done with my little dowel dividers and my little makeup hammock I don’t know if this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever made or the best thing…TBD The last thing I’m gonna do is take my beads and my colored straw and decorate the outside so it’s a little bit more of vibe-y and like meant to be decor and doesn’t just look like a box ♪ Questioning my life choices, I don’t know, I’m just gonna do it! ♪ ♫ Okay, and with my boho decor I’m all done I have my palette holder or any kind of makeup holder and my little…hammock hammock thing kind of my favorite part I think this would look super cute on a desk and keep you organized ♫ Alright, those are two dollar store created storage options – As always we will have a poll up here are we gonna do in the community tab now? – Oh… – I think we might switch it up and do a community tab poll where you can vote who won the dollar store challenge so head over there and you can vote for your favorite DIY! – Alright thank you guys so much for watching this week’s video if you liked it, give it a…wait…it’s not a week… let me do like so many of us all the way… – Oh my god this sunday video…
– …oh my god…did you know…? Alright, thank you guys so much for watching today’s video if you liked it make sure you give it a like! – And if you’ve loved it make sure you sub it! – We’ll see you next time – Bye!
– Bye!

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