100 thoughts on “(G)I-DLE – DOLLAR (달라) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han)”

  1. Mais c'est quoi ce délire ?? Je viens de voir exactement la même chanson en lyrics, mais de Blackpink !! Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ? 🤔🤔

  2. Soyeon: ⚔️⛓💣🔪🔨💸⛏🛠❌❌😡😈❤️💣🖤💸🔪🔨✨❤️⛓⛏💣🛠⚔️

    The rest members: 💖💞💗💓🍒🍬🍭🍧🍰🎂🌨🌈🌈🌈⛅️🌸🌷🌹🌼🌻💐🌸☀️☀️💡💌🎀🎊🎁

  3. Guys please stop complaining about Shuhua’s lack of lines. She’s asked for fewer lines, first of all. She’s not completely confident with her Korean yet.

  4. Miyeon: I just woke up guys…
    Minnie: Wtf is this im soo bored
    Soojin: This tastes disgusting
    Soyeon: Wtf u say about me?
    Yuqi: IS THAT A UNICORN??????!!!!!!!!!
    Shuhua: This google translate bitch be singing more than me

  5. I love these girls but the first part is the same as Runner's High. Chan makes his own songs please respect the work of another idol because he really tries very hard is to make them perfect and it is not right to add a couple of tweaks and say that it is a different instrument.

    I know what happened a long time ago but I had to leave my comment as Stay with the greatest respect. I repeat I love (G) I-DLE.

    I am sorry because not perfect translation. i am not speak inglish

  6. Miyeon:Staring at camera
    Minnie:Staring at camera
    Soojin-Staring at camera
    Soyeon-Staring at camera
    Shuhua-Staring at camera
    Yuqi-Ooooohhh, a butterfly!

  7. is it just me or the beat at the start kinda sounds like 3rachas runners high?….BUT I LOVE THIS SONG ANYWAYS AND SOYEONS RAP IS JUST LKHJYFHMGHJYUTF

  8. This song has at least 3 beat changes and don't know how to feel about it. Lowkey wished they kept the vibe in Soyeon rap throughout the song.

  9. Let's all look at the camera and not tell yuqi
    Soyeon :but she will look at the camera if we all look

    Soojin: lemme handle

    Later :.

    Soojin :hey yuqi look at my lollipop

  10. The transition from the rap to the singing in the beginning is good though. If we're talking about bad transition it's 1:40

  11. X: The kpop rappers are really good, women don't, they don't do it well, they just have the squeaky voice.

    Jeon Soyeon: Bitch What?

  12. unfortunately this is the only time we got lyrics from google translate. they're so underrated like cube wtf more where's their lines??

  13. But the “bichi na” in soyeon’s rap at the beginning had me dead the way she said it it was so cute yet hip-hop style

  14. It's one of my favorite Idle's bside song, but my bias is 우기 and I'm just SHOCKED, that her lines are only: "Ooh, yeah" and one Sentence 😭 i know about 슈화 too (sorry, but i prefer use hangeul for kpop names) and I'm sad. Those girls are also talented and of course soo pretty. But i love Gi-dle so much I'm going to be great Neverland.
    I also really wanna go to Warsaw to their concert, buuut… 😅 U know this, right? Parents, money, school, kilometres and I'm only 17 soo… 😭 Yeah 😅🤩

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