Greece Hyperinflation banknotes

so a fellow banknote claim coin
collectors this is Glenn back with another video today we have a series of
our great hyperinflation banknotes so if you not to for me with Greek banknotes
or currency after passed during these sick of my water days Bank natural dated
1944 starting probably 1942-43 the Greek
drachma actually started to suffer from hyperinflation II Germans actually just
printed a lot of banknotes because I actually sucking a lot of the wealth out
of Greece and not sure why actually hyperinflation actually happened but
it’s pretty much just a mismanagement of the actual economy and that’s what
happened because Germans aren’t really concerned about Greeks oh just a some
conquered people so the actual highest bank note they actually issue was a one
hundred billion in 1944 actually don’t have that but they lost wanna do happy
Steve fifty thousand so this is January 1944 series Newt you can see he has the
denomination so fifty thousand drachma and in here actually has a ahead of an F
Lee so this is probably a sculpture that’s in one of the museums but you
know it’s not supposed to being you weren’t specific as you can see it’s
actually actually quite small banknotes it’s actually in they’re quite hard to
pick up these gloves so if for I have a twenty dollar banknote so this is the
new one as you can see they’re actually pretty small at the end this series it’s
a twenty dollar banknotes so actually only a fruit from the hyperinflation
hopefully I’ll get some more there’s actually cynical ones on eBay
these are actually not too expensive so this one you’re probably looking at
probably to $2 to $3 if you want an circulator obviously it’s like 10 $20
but on the back we just have deep denomination as you can see it’s
actually quite a nice serious actually like them so that’s why I am going to
invest egay more of them so then we go to high denomination so this is our 25
million this is also issued in 1944 and you can see dinners looks like August
not no 44 this one actually has a coin from the API right Republic
so Epirus around obey our 234 to 168 actually we’re an independent nation
consisting of various cities and this bordered the Italian league to self
filling a Macedonian to the east and Illyria to the north so there were the
borderline Greeks and probably dead it would’ve had the Picts accent and this
place was pretty much independent so actually issued different coins if you
know anything about in Greek coins different city-states and different well federated city-states actually
issue during coins and this is actually just one of them pretty much on their
coins I actually had D word F payroll ton so that that’s what that actually
says on the coin there and on this side it has the head of Zeus and dyin I
believe that this is a dire action so to Drakon you know ran about nine point six
four grams and twenty seven millimeters because it’s Yanni denominational
family’s image on it and that’s why I actually got this coin Bank knife across
the disc coin if you have a Greek and not only Greek but ever country is
actually you shoot banknotes with coins on them so
double double awesome and here we just have dead denomination and as you can
see I have any watermark enough they didn’t worry about putting water Mike
because they weren’t really to concern of counterfeiting as well because uh you
know these banknotes wouldn’t have lasted too long in circulation because
in December 1944 inflation was about thirty billion percent so everyday prices would have gone up so these
probably really wouldn’t have circulated that much because the Germans occupied
it I would say of Reichsmarks probably it would have been really accepted and
when the Germans retreated on in 44 they probably would have happily accepted the
British in UK banknotes but anyway that’s only just speculation not it for
me so here I have 8 200 million drachma has a Parthenon frieze with balls and
I’m not too familiar actually represented it would have been part of
Greek mythology that’s um and if you know would happen on these and it’s on
you acropolis of Adam Evans this is actually would have been our inside but
this might actually been a British Museum because I actually we sold a lot
of the freezes from the Ottoman Empire and with this one you get different
variations in serial numbers so ones with larger and smaller serial numbers
and letters and one we from the suffix being the letter instead of this one
this is the prefix being the letter and on the back we just have the
denomination again so noise banknote series so these two you’ve probably
probably talking about three to four dollars as well it’s actually quite a
common series hyperinflation bang that’s pretty much are in the lower
denominations but if you want the 100 doing that’s probably gonna cost quite a
lot more because that one would’ve uh in the last
Bank night in the series and then probably would have not circulated as
wildly because there was a redenomination
of fifty billion so the 100 would have been to new drachma 1944 so fifty
billion to one new drachma so this is I says 200 million so this one is not even
worth point four of a new laptop but then you drug man’s on the issue there’s
banknote for him anyway so I hope you find this video informative I hope you
enjoy collecting Gregg banknotes and coins because actually quite a nice
series to click they’re not the best design but they full of historical
significance and thank you for watching my video and have an awesome day
collecting time thank you and bye bye

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