Hey Steve: Mad About The Thousand Dollar Boots?

Hey Steve: Mad About The Thousand Dollar Boots?

– Okay, so, I’ve been married
for seven years next week I love my husband to death. He spoils me rotten, but
he confuses me sometimes, at how he responds to things that I do. So, I’ll give you an example. So every season I get my new season boots, and so we talked about it,
and he said, yeah, hon, go ahead and use the
card and get your boots. So I found my boots, been
looking for them all season, used the card, and what I forgot was that, when I used the card, it pings his phone, so the boots were just under 2,000. So, when he got the ping – Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait. (woman in audience laughs) What did you just say? – It pinged his, when he got the ping – Yeah. – He gave me a call, and said – No, wait, the boots was how much? (audience laughs) – Oh, they were right at 2,000. They were designer. – $2,000 boots? – Yes. – Oh, you tried to slide that in? (Audience laughs) Okay, go ahead, so it pings, go ahead. – He knows my taste. So he got the ping, and
then he called me and said did you really just pay
$2,000 for a pair of boots? And said well honey we talked about it. Remember you said just use the card. So, Steve, I read your
book, I’ve seen your movie, I follow protocal. (Audience laughs and applauds) Should I have bought the boots? Was I wrong for buying the boots? – Hell yeah, you was wrong. (Audience laughs) And don’t drag me into this, talking about you read
my book, saw the movie. Cause there no where in
that book that say go ahead and buy them $2,000 boots. (Audience laughs and applauds) The book wasn’t but $13. (Audience laughs) Wait a minute. – He never tells me no, but I could tell by his
reaction he was not too happy. He didn’t give me a budget, Steve. I didn’t get a budget, but I did, but we talked
about it and he already knew I was going to buy the boots. – He didn’t give you a budget, you don’t have any idea
what your budget is? (Audience laughs) You think because a man don’t
tell you how much to spend that mean go ahead and
spend whatever you want? You don’t think cause
that man just loves you, and he tried to make you
happy that you went out and took advantage of it, and
just bought what you thought? (Audience applauds) You think you can just
sit up here and buy boots, any kind of boots you want to, Marjorie? (Audience laughs) – I knew it, I knew it,
I knew it, I knew it. – I’m sorry I’m sorry. No. – That’s love. – Sorry about that I had a
personal moment, I’m sorry. (Audience laughs) You have to get your own account. – Well yeah, we have a his and her. I have my own. – You have your own? – Right, but that’s
something he would buy. (Audience laughs) Steve, I can’t afford it. – No, wait, wait Aren’t you supposed to buy
the boots out of your account? – No, so this is what I
did, I said okay honey, these are for our anniversary,
birthday and Christmas. That’s all this month and next month. – So that took care of your anniversary, birthday and Christmas gift? – Yeah, does that balance? – From him? – Yes. – Oh, I’d be cool as hell with that. (Audience laughs and applauds) – All right, yeah, okay, yay. – Deal.

100 thoughts on “Hey Steve: Mad About The Thousand Dollar Boots?”

  1. Who the hell she think she is? She's just another chubby middle aged soccer mom. What the hell she need $2000 boots for?

  2. You know, before reaching the end of the video I was like 'send this woman to a mental institute' BUT when she said that 2k worth of boots covers for their anniversary, Birthday and Christmas, I was like 'oh, then, yeah, no problem'

    She best not be looking for nothing on those days, that's for damn sure. Girl gonna be wearing them boots all year round 🤣

  3. This B** is crazy…. 🤦‍♂️ I hope I never have the “pleasure” of being with a girl like this.. good lord, p***y is a powerful thing. 😑

  4. No way in hell, she's not expecting other gifts on those other dates. She just said that cuz she realized she made herself look crazy.

  5. She just wanted everyone in the audience to know she bought $2K boots. It backfired on her. They have a his or her account but she used his money… her husband is going to get tired of her antics.$2K boots with a Burlington Coat Factory dress on… I see you, sis!

  6. I like how she just casually tried to pass over “The boots were just under 2000” 0:28😂😂😂😂😂 this woman trippin trippin

  7. Dayummmmmm that’s a nice wife, she covered three occasions in one purchase … honestly I don’t mind if my wife do that too since it would save me some serious cash

  8. I thought he was angry about the girl but I just realized when he mentioned Marjorie’s name, he reminds the girl of her wife. 😂

  9. Women like this piss me off , since he didn’t give you a budget you just go an spend as much as you want ? But if he would’ve given you a budget you would’ve bitched about him putting a limit on your spending

  10. Spending 2k on boots ain't gonna make her any more prettier! Aww hell no! Just take em back while she sleeping! Damn!

  11. X 2…👢 Ladies don't lie 'cause most would love a husband like this ! Can't stand cheap, if it's affordable, get whatever ! Of course do your church tithes, donate to worthy causes, etc. 😇

  12. Obviously her man got money if she felt comfortable doing that. Maybe she pushed it but I have a feeling he'll recover. She just better not do it again.

  13. Money is incredibly relative. We don’t know how much her husband makes. If he’s a doctor making half a mil a year, what is 2k to him?

  14. WOW $2000 for boots …… and she was so casual about it. Wasn't even phased about the cost …… apparently, that wasn't the point of her story. Seemed like she was talking about a $50 purchase.

    Something tells me she's a weeeeeee bit spoiled and high maintenance.

  15. When I really want something that is princely, I tell my husband if it would be ok if I get it for my birthday, valentine's act. And,..he is all for it as he hates to shop for me. Makes me happy…makes him relieved. Lol

  16. 2000 dollars hell naw that's light, gas, water, and car note combined she crazy as hell it would take Jesus himself to keep me from going off on her

  17. Fair Enough, Cause two thousand is a lot of money to spend on Boot I can deal with that Wedding Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas Cool she is a Fair lady

  18. Like she said he knows her taste. This is not the first time nor will it be the last time she buy what she wants. Steve know how that goes Marjorie buys whatever whenever she wants.

  19. i'm not rich but thats crazy expensive. Anyways its cheap if you include birthday, anniversary and xmas gift altogether. 1 stone 3 birds guys!!! life couldn't be easier.

  20. Steve didn’t say it perfectly clearly, but she knows, as a reasonable person, what the expected value of boots is and she traded on that intentional misunderstanding to buy boots significantly more expensive that that expected value. It’s immoral and outrageous.

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