How 2 Women Built A Multimillion-Dollar Exercise Business Called Tone It Up | Megyn Kelly TODAY

How 2 Women Built A Multimillion-Dollar Exercise Business Called Tone It Up | Megyn Kelly TODAY

32 thoughts on “How 2 Women Built A Multimillion-Dollar Exercise Business Called Tone It Up | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. Megan Kelly is a racist and a liar. I will never forget how you purposely inspired racist attacks with race baiting, calling black protesters thugs, saying that all Muslims are terrorists and inciting people to commit hate crimes all over this nation. You and the rest of the propagandist at fox, both past and present, are covered in blood from all of the attacks and murders caused by your words. You cant hide from your past and who you really are. NBC are trying to normalize these people but DON'T LET THEM. DON'T WATCH ANY SHOW KELLY OR ANYONE WHO THINKS LIKE HER IS ON. SHAME!!!!!!

  2. Karena looks terrible. What has she done to herself? Yuck. Katrina is downright creepy. She seems really into Karena like she wants to marry her.

  3. I just saw this video and I am so disappointed. Hate them?! great way to empower women and show support to one another, geez. Kelly, this is not what junk in the trunk looks like, this is insulting on so many levels.

  4. Who is the genius MALE executive who convinced MEGYN KELLY to get in yoga pants and tights and in bending positions?? LOL GENIUS. #MeToo

  5. Megyn K has truly got the X-factor if not total package, most of her competitors can only dream about. – I am certain she is equally gorgeous in person and in real life. Megyn has such a high standard in all to do with what and how her job should be dealt with. On the bonus side, she has a total package when it comes to her body, posture, fitness and the looks department. She’s definitely got class. Go girl

  6. I went with my kids to a theme park a while back and after we left it occurred to me that I had walked who knows how many miles – without even thinking about it.  If I had done the same thing on a treadmill at a gym it would have been so boring.  That got me thinking – there really hasn't been any great flash of creativity when it comes to places like gyms.  I mean, they are nice – this isn't a put down of gyms – but one is pretty much like the rest and for so many people it seems like work.  It would be nice if there was something really different out there – something that was so much fun you wouldn't even think of it as exercise in the 'I have to do this' sense.  And I don't think this is a cop out – I think it is just our nature.  Our ancient ancestors didn't get exercise by going to the gym.  It was needed just to survive and they never thought of it as exercise per se.  So now you don't have to go down to the river to get your drinking water, so what to do?  Why not fun?  Isn't that why we are inventing all this stuff, so we can have more fun?  If you really want to get people more physically active you need to take the concept of 'discipline' out of the equation.  Why does exercise have to have some moral imperative attached to it?

  7. Just put the food down, use very basic equipment…. and have willpower. So many stupid people out there buying the same thing over and over with a different name on it. MORONS

  8. I moved to Germany 5 years ago; what happened to Megan Kelly?? She used to be respectable and I loved her on fox news, but this interview was PAINFUL. " If you're anything like me, who already hate them" WHAT????? why did you have them on your show? I just don't get it. Terrible interview on Megan's behalf, somehow, Katrina and Karina were lovely and generous and didn't respond to what Megan should have deserved which was: why don't you support successful women?

  9. I remember watching their videos 5 to 6 years ago . This is crazy that they are multimillionaires now. That’s hard work and motivation for you .

  10. Why does every exercise session have to turn into a rock concert? Just do your 30 min workout, and then go on with your day. Aren't there harder things in life?

  11. "I'm on an exercise mat, and I'm scared". Wow, is Megyn really that easy to scare? LOL. I would like to think that women are tougher than this.

  12. I get bored doing yard work, so I've decided to start a group to motivate me. Maybe my entire neighborhood can join in, and we can dance and sing, while we mow the lawn, trim the hedges, etc. We can turn every yard work ordeal into a rock concert. Yes, all that sounds ridiculous. How is it any less ridiculous to have to join a group, just to motivate you to exercise?

  13. Im sorry but these two and their program has changed my life. I love them and what they inspire us to do. Thank you Kat and Karena! Their protein is also amazing. I have tried several and theirs is the only one without and after taste and doesn't make me feel sick after. Keep it up!

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