only 399 MmMMMMmmmMMMMMMMmmmmm?? Well, there’s three rules that you have to learn first. Take it from Number One. **sound effects that is cool** Rule Number One I mean. You gotta have really cool cl- expensive clothing. 100% legit you guys already know what it is It didn’t fit me, but I found someone who it fits better and he’s gonna buy it straight cash right? I mean I don’t know. It just the ugliest hoodie I have seen in my entire life. Rule number two, you need a very expensive Vehicle of Transportation. “Who would have ever thought three years after I graduated from high school, I’ll be going to pull up in a Lamborghini” “How insane is that guys I really hope you guys do enjoy this video” “and I’m also bringing this giant camera because I’m having my cousin record everyone’s reaction as well” “this is gonna be a dope video and guys smash that like button if you’d want me to” “come pick you up from school in a Lamborghini.” **D O U B T 1 0 0** How do you delete the like button, is it possible? *how to delete like button* so you dont accidental click on it **Enter** I mean why else would anyone else watch this mole rat looking twig, It’s beyond me *wheeze* Rule Number ThreeEeEe You need hella bitches What are you going to wish for? I wish for health uh happiness and hella bitches so if you want to make it on YouTube, and you don’t have it these three things so just *shtttffffckkup* Don’t make me laugh. There is..there is however one more answer you can just be a Swedish cock boy that complains about literally everything and just shits on everyone that..that seems to be working as well All right here we go, so here’s views, here’s flexing And here’’s how they increase look at that now the other option that you have, is to just shit on everyone else and get used by doing that as well. This is actually surprisingly accurate Today’s video topic as you may have guessed is flexing on kids uH cAn YoU bUy tHis cHaiR btW yOu guYs? (399$) It seemed like internet fame these days well It’s always been to be honest is The goal that you want to have is to how can you get an army of kids to watch? Kids will buy your merch, and they will click on literally any video No matter what the quality is of it one who controls the kids controls the universe ”Many, who controls the battlefield, controls history.” Do I sound bitter enough for you? Don’t worry. We’re just getting started if you want to be a vlogger on YouTube especially Vloggers know more than anyone else that flexing equals views. It’s just a scientific fact I am right about everything and I’ve never been wrong in my entire life, so I’m gonna tweet out Is there a single popular vlog channel on YouTube that doesn’t involve at least some level of flexing as part of their program? Send me prove me wrong Casey Casey nice day AHhahahHAHHA $21,000 first class airplane seat 18,000 a night hotel room moving on pro syndicate gala Let’s have a look here alright buying my granddad his dream car, okay alright New Zealand in first class out okay, alright, okay, Russia in first class Okay, all right. Okay. All right breed raisers way. It’s my house is finally done, New York first guys No, you’re right you guys were right, but it is Mars bars vlogs. Well. Not you you gotta be trolling with me Oh my god Pewdiepie called me out and why does he called me out Listen I’m sure these guys make great videos I’m just trying to prove a point and that is flexing equals views no matter who you are Um david dobrik alright, okay fine Let’s have a look our new house Surprising my girlfriend with a Tesla alright He’s kind of flexing on his girlfriend more than anything well fine it’s the rule is still counting see guys There’s no way I’m wrong about this. I’ve been right every single time in my life Julien Solomita Okay, fine. There’s one exception to the rule whatever god damn it Julie and I was trying to prove a point Flexing equals views because kids like to watch it and go wow that’s so cool because kids are morons If you’re a kid watching just know that you’re an idiot And I don’t like you, please buy my chair When I was a kid more than anything in the world what I wanted a Gibson guitar so I would constantly go into guitar stores to either try them out, or just look at them that gave me enough joy to just admire them. I don’t even play guitar anymore Do you see do you see where I’m getting at here you think you want something? but you don’t vlogging on YouTube has essentially become the new window shopping and vloggers know this more than anything and this really goes beyond materialistic things it goes into Portraying oh look we’re such a great family Don’t you wish you had such a great family to watch our vlogs. What what we’re divorced what? What oh look at me and my girlfriend together? We are so happy. There’s nothing bad in our relationship. We broke up What look how happy I am in all of my videos All the time you could be happy too as long as you live my lifestyle what I’m depressed How did this happen? It’s almost like I portrayed an image that was inaccurate to Who I am and then they’ll make a video even about their depression Clickbaiting that as well how far does it go? How low can you go with all these things is it all about showing off these days is that the only thing that matters all The time these days, are you just see money in the title of videos and it’s pretty much everywhere Let’s see how low we can go let’s look at this come straight up go into the bank in this video Holding out five thousand all of cash And I’m gonna be hiding it for you guys Real money in your fucking hand shit’s gonna get wild. If you guys like this idea you guys want me to do this against SMaC THAT LIKE BUTTON!11!!! So you don’t accidentally click on it. PewDiePie called me Out FaZeRug. 1000 dollars baby. Donating one thousand two random twitch streamers these are quite popular these days Look at his face. There’s no freaking way Yes there is Zony. This is a stolen concept from that Mr.Beast did. Donating ten thousand to Fortnite stream if they win the thing about these videos is that if you don’t add just a thousand Dollars I know just a thousand, but if you get 1.5 million users in the video You’ll make that money back and more and you get more views on your other videos as well So it’s not it’s really not a big deal. And it’s a great way. If you like any form of likable personality and or original ideas to videos. It’s a great way to just, Flex on them kids you know and ever since. Mr. Beast made the video of it and got millions and millions of views the mole ride community. Just swarmed across this idea and finally. Finally there’s a video idea I can make where I don’t have to show my personality But I can just show off that I have a lot of money, and that’s making even more money But now it’s not just about it clickbaiting kids to watch your expensive lifestyle it now It’s even gone so far that you can sell this idea that you can live my lifestyle or if only you pay me $64 You may have heard of this, but Jake Paul announced this Sort of masterclass parody copy
whatever where you have to take a quiz to find out? What kind of youtuber you are or one to be you enter your email, and then you? Get to watch this video What is up guys I’m Jake Paul And if you know me you probably know all about team 10 as well and at the end of this video I have a crazy new announcement about something. I’m calling team 1000 but guys let me slow down a little bit because there wasn’t always fancy cars and nice hotels listen up That’s right. I come from the bottom, and if you want to be rich too, just pay us $64 and you can learn how I make youtube videos *clap clap* Would you like to own a home like this looking barely afford to pay your rent my name is Jordan Belfort And there’s no secret to wealth creation no matter who you are no matter where you came from you too. Can become financially independent Independently, I am now financially independently I’m the number one youtuber, and I’m gonna tell it honestly and Straight as possible that the key to success is this You have to buy my chair, it’s 399, and if you it’s really comfortable so you can become a great fantastic Handsome wonderful youtuber like me, but only by by buying this chair and also it can Yes, in fact, do this. How about that guys? You’re welcome everyone you’re welcome for someone that doesn’t really get it I don’t get the whole Flexing thing sure if you want to buy expensive things and you want to feel proud of it and showing it off Is that illegal now of course not? There’s no shame in that, but that’s not really what we’re discussing here either is it this whole obsession with money and showing off wealth It feels like I’m watching a bunch of Neanderthals in front of a shiny object. Oh, whoa. Whoa oh wow look at that It’s pathetic it’s lowlife and don’t buy into this idea stop buying in today’s idea And I’m so sick of seeing it everywhere in music industry it’s the thing that sells the most and every rapper ever that you listen to is all about just flexing and Showing up that there might have money, and it’s so sickening and and I And I to keep asking like where does the line draw where do people stop caring about money and actually care about some form of? Respect is that how high is that price for people because it seems like it’s getting higher and higher and higher How much people just want wealth more than anything you add the rapper twenty one Savage who? Built his brand around street cred, but no he made a video with Jake Paul why? why? 21 why Do you wanna DJ? -Yeah You’ll DJ You know what? -You’re gonna DJ Imma DJ You always doing music stuff. Apparently 21 announced a couple, this is a couple months ago But now he announced that he is no longer going to spend money on chains And he’s no longer going to buy all these other things to show off wealth And he wants to start investing into property and stuff like that instead 21 savage No longer wears jewelry buying houses investing in businesses crypto new startups is what he want to make cool for young rappers to do Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 21. He’s back everybody I was so glad to hear this cuz I hope at least this means that more people are waking up to the idea that it’s Not cool To idolize these fools This Idiots These scumbags, be smart about your wealth and stop clicking on videos that has money signs in the thumbnail you dummy

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  1. Pewds talks about how these guys flexing and we never seen any of Pewds shit, literally looks like he just lives in his damn gaming office lul

  2. "Be smart about you wealth, and stop clicking on videos that has money signs in the thumbnail!!!!"

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  4. Fellow Gothenburg-Swede (or however you're suppose to call it) here in 2020, and you're still killing it.
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  5. Felix:stop clicking on videos that has money signs in the thumbnail you DUMMY!
    Up next: $4 SU🅱️REM VS. $400 SU🅱️REME

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