i only ate JAPANESE DOLLAR STORE foods for a day !!!

So this is the 100 yen shop which is kind of the equivalent of the dollar shop, it’s called DAISO. And it’s so incredibly bright outside, so we’re gonna go in and see what kind of stuff they’ve got. Right when you walk in at least they’ve got a good amount of drinks. This is like a white creamy soda, I think that looks really interesting so I’m definitely gonna get it. I think this is a coconut cream drink? Um, Sounds interesting as well. I’ve got no idea what this is they’ve never even seen like a package like this This is like made of glass. Just corn wrapped in plastic, don’t know exactly how I’m gonna make this happen But this is cute. I like this. They’ve got some Hello Kitty pastas. I need this, guys. I love Doraemon even I have no idea what it is. You probably just add hot water to these, and then it becomes like noodles. So I’m definitely gonna bring that. So many choices for noodles and so little time to eat in the day. These are freeze-dried strawberries Covered in white chocolate, I think so. I’m gonna bring this but mostly because of the Pikachu not sure what this is as well, But it sounds good. I was kind of looking for crisps, but I found these instead. I think they’re like cheese puffs? This is some caramel corn. Uh, I’m gonna bring that as well. I’m just being random now. these actually sound very good. It’s like cheese and Then some crunchy like biscuit savory on the outside. There’s an overwhelming Choices for crisps. This one’s looked kind of weird and by weird I mean interesting for the video It looks like little cakes with some Tomato sauce on top is it pizza flavor Maybe I don’t know and now it’s the part that I’m the most excited for because there are so many sweets in here like practically everything in here is like sweets, it’s got cookies, ooh. We’ve got something with Doraemon- There’s something with Doraemon in it, which is my favorite cartoon of all time So, I’m gonna definitely be bringing that.These are like candy, but, I mean, it looks like burgers. That’s so cute, Ok, I’m gonna bring that. I’ve never seen anything like this one It’s basically like an ice cream cone, but then instead of being actual ice cream It’s like a spongy mixture on the inside, kind of like marshmallow So it’s like a marshmallow cone That looks like an ice cream I’m gonna definitely get that. This looks like one of those fake miniature foods though sometimes I eat for videos I think these are like little jellies I think I had these at some restaurant already, and I really liked it So I’m gonna bring that. This is like a sandwich, and it’s like a fish So it’s like a giant fish sandwich. If it’s bubblegum, I don’t want it. It’s not edible I’m gonna bring this one for sure this one of my favorite things which is crispy seaweed I think there’s more options for crispy seaweed There’s also crispy fish like this is like dried Pieces of fish am I the only one who’s never seen this before look at this long like string of candy is it like $1 This whole thing this looks interesting to say the least guys, so these are like little biscuits on the inside But every single one of them is a different weekday, so this one’s Sunday Saturday Friday and then this is literally how you get me to actually make it through my week I don’t want to show you guys too much, but this is everything that we’re gonna eat for a day I know I did get carried away, but some of this stuff I’m actually gonna bring back so like my friends and like my family, so I’m gonna pay for this. I’m really excited for tomorrow I’m still incredibly jet-lagged So we’re gonna do breakfast at lunch in one go and then do afternoon snack and dinner a little bit later in the day So this is all the foods that I’m gonna be eating for Breakfast/lunch, I thought that for lunch We should do rice and then go so many different toppings including the Doraemon and the Pokemon Toppings like. This is Pikachu on the cover. So this side I’ve got more like the breakfasty Items, so we’ve got this is like milk. I think, it’s supposed to be like milk This is, that just look so weird, it comes in glass Can’t open that Oh oh Does not smell right, I hate that this is gonna be the beginning of the video because I’m not gonna like this Oh that’s very very weird. It kind of tastes like milk and coconut milk but very yeasty. I don’t love it, but I can see us some people might love these I would prefer normal milk for breakfast, but this is the dollar store challenge so this is a green tea Belgian waffle I mean I had to get it. Do you guys know that I love green tea? It’s like my favourite flavour and everything all right? It doesn’t taste like green tea just tastes like an amazing waffle Hmm for $1 two of them Pretty good deal. If you ask me. This is the last one of these breakfasty items This is I mean not really breakfasty, these are some cheese biscuits I’m not sure if you guys can see but it looks like biscuits from the side, and then it’s got cheese in the middle How did I live my life so far without this It smells quite cheesy, but the outside is actually what gives it most of the flavor Mm-hmm All right guys, so I’m gonna move on to the main part of this Meal which is the lunch and for that I decided to go with two microwavable rices, both of them were ¥100 Each which is around $1. I’m just gonna open up the rice Steamy and hot still smells like Japanese like sushi rice. You know the typical Japanese style rice, which I love so now I’ve got all these toppings to add to the rice I’m gonna start with the Doraemon ones because I love Doraemon it comes in little bags inside Oops I went to an arcade in Tokyo and I never win anything like I’m the most unlucky person in life I’m the kind of person who gets subscribers up to nine nine nine nine nine And then I never make it to a million for my lifetime. I was so excited that I actually won this giant Doraemon I’m gonna show you what it looks like it’s sitting right there. If you follow me on social media, you probably already seen it But, how cute is this, so I’m gonna add the Doraemon powder to the rice It’s not blue. Wait are these like The rice is still kind of wet, maybe it’s gonna like give it some nice flavor it smells Fishy kind of smells like seaweed-ish so this is the Pokemon one and it’s basically like oh It’s like a sauce you can microwave it for 30 seconds, um Oh my god, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever done So I microwaved the Pokemon sauce for like 30 seconds I’m just gonna pour it on top of the rice I think this is like a meaty sauce but there’s barely any meat and that it’s mostly like sweet corn and the very last one Is actually like colorful package so if this is supposed to make the rice colorful if you’re trying to make like the bento boxes? so I’m gonna do half yellow rice I Don’t know what’s gonna happen if we accidentally mix the two colors together, but I guess we’re gonna find out I’m not sure if we can actually see on camera just gonna mix the colors with the rice It’s definitely not perfectly mixed together, but this is fine with me, so let’s try everything so I’m gonna try the Doraemon rice first Very salty, but very flavorful and now I’m gonna try to get all that sauce from the Pokemon one This one is so good it tastes like katsu curry. It’s very very delicious Mmm. I Love that. So now for the yellow rice Salty mostly not a whole lot of flavor But let’s try the desserts before I can actually attack all the foods that are sitting in front of me So this is the Doraemon chocolate balls if you live in UK you know what Maltesers are I think these are like Maltesers? But Doraemon branded No, those are a lot better than Maltesers and a lot lighter and crispier I need a more efficient way to eat this hmm I got this one because it’s kind of weird. This is yogurt. It’s called nata de coco That’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever drunk because it tastes like coca-cola and liquid yogurt all put together It doesn’t taste like coconut which is very strange, but I do like it. This is a freaking fish sandwich It literal is a giant fish cookie sandwich. I’m a child so That’s like a pancake thing like one of those crispy like wafer. This is gonna be so satisfying to bite into oh My god we do not make snacks like this In Europe. This is so so good. I am dead hmm Instead of being like regular chocolate is chocolate with bubbles with tiny little bubbles in it. It’s so good So this is called Crisp Choco, but it’s actually pink. I think am I like being crazy for being colorblind I guess that doesn’t look pink does it how am I supposed to eat this? It comes all stuck together look? Oh? You break it like a little crispy candy Pizza Mmm. It tastes like strawberry yogurt with cornflakes And now the very last one. These are like mini candy burgers I think they’re supposed to be like biscuits with chocolate on the inside, but they look like burgers It’s like It’s like cake, not like biscuits, so it’s soft Mmm the chocolate in the middle. It’s really good. It kind of reminds me of something I used to have when I was little, but I can’t really figure out what it is Breakfast and lunch were absolutely incredible honestly This is very very good if you live in Japan you were very lucky things just taste better Maybe just because I’m not used to any of this things. Well. I love everything everything’s cute Everything is delicious, so I’m gonna carry on and eat my lunch and next I’ll see you guys it will be afternoon snack/dinner I am very hungry again And I am ready for some more foods. And if this is going to be as good as the ones I had earlier Then we’re in for a good Treat so we’ve got two little things of flavor, so I’m gonna add that into the noodles This is gonna make it really spicy, but I’m okay with it just because I’m in Japan I feel like I should experience this the way it is and Just let it cook for a little bit. I think we’re supposed to close it This is very hot, so I’m gonna let this sit for a little bit We’re gonna try this snacks, and then we’re gonna come back and try the spicy noodles so for snacks I got these crisps It doesn’t really say what’s in it in English, so I’m not entirely sure what it is But I’ve actually had some of these already because I was really hungry earlier They taste like ketchup, that’s the best way to describe it it tastes like ketchup and soya sauce a little bit They look like onion rings and they’ve got this like, like dark red powder which I honestly think it’s dried ketchup So I also got these Tohato Caramel Corn because I’ve never heard of caramel corn before I think this might be sweet So this should be for dessert but there’s no rules in my house even though I’m not in my house right now There’s no rules in my Airbnb to me this smells like Christmas it smells like some dessert that my mom makes on Christmas with caramel I Can’t even tell if this is supposed to be savory or sweet I’m taking all these things back to England. I’m buying ten of these and bringing it to England It’s kind of sweet, but also savored kind of like a sweet potato it’s very very crunchy, but it’s a different crunch It’s like a wet crunchy, if that makes any sense to any of you guys Then I got one of these not because it’s weird or anything This is some crispy seaweed, but because it’s my favorite thing ever I love crispy seaweed. It’s so my favorite snacks Oh my god, that tastes so much like wasabi, that’s so spicy It doesn’t taste too much of seaweed which I like so if you’re one of those people who don’t like seaweed you’ll probably like this cuz it’s so like crunchy and Like spicy and it sort of melts in your mouth. It’s so good It basically looks like crispy cheese like crackers, but I think they made off just cheese The best way to describe this one is, think of melted cheese, and then think of like freeze-dried astronaut ice cream It’s like a mixture between both It’s got the consistency of freeze-dried food and the flavor of melted cheese, so if this one isn’t good It’s because I messed it up. It’s very slippery because I left so much water on it It’s very hot I Would normally die for a bowl of these noodles because they are much better than most of the cup noodles that I’ve had but because I’ve Had so many fresh like nice noodles while I was here like hmm. This isn’t quite good enough, but it’s still a good flavor I Think this is a peach soda, but look at the color of it. It looks like milk. It’s like creamy like white Mmm tastes like peach ice cream It’s very very good this can not be good for you the amount of sugar in this must be absolutely insane This is what I wish that peach flavor Fanta tasted like this is what I imagined in my head It’s it’s pretty good before we get to the one that I have been dying to try which is the non cold ice cream I’m gonna try this Sweet potato crisps because lately I’ve been into sweet potatoes so I decided to give it a try just slices of sweet potato oh My god, I never knew that there was such thing as something being way too crunchy, but like that makes me like have a headache So now I’m gonna try the white chocolate covered strawberries that looks perfectly coated But I wonder if the strawberries are gonna be like freeze-dried that looks that looks like it that looks like a white like Cadbury egg The strawberry in the center is freeze-dried. There’s such a good amount of white chocolate I don’t wanna get in trouble but to me. This is better than the Cadbury egg any day and as usual I leave one of my favorite foods for the end. This is an ice cream That is not frozen so on the inside instead of being like ice cream its I don’t know like marshmallow, maybe like it’s just this weird mixture that looks just like an actual ice cream Isn’t that incredible it’s like hard, so it’s not really like marshmallow I’m gonna divide you how they make this it looks like ice cream. It’s really bizarre. Oh My God Oh my God, that is something else I’m just gonna say that this is actually made of Chocolate bubbly chocolate so the outside one is a strawberry flavored chocolate and the inside one is Chocolate normal flavored chocolate, I’m gonna. I’m gonna bite the end because I’m dying to know if the whole cone is filled Hmm oh my god This is something else this is the future of snacks and that was it for this video guys I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you did Please don’t forget to give this video a like only if you liked it if you didn’t like it It’s fine, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel there’s a little subscribe button down below and a little bell and Every time I put up a new video if you tap the bell you will receive a notification and that obviously Really helps my channel, and we’re kind of close to 1 million subscribers. It’s probably never gonna happen. I’ve already sort of like Internalize that so no pressure. I love traveling. I love being in Japan. I hope you guys enjoy the video I really enjoy trying different foods if you want me to go to your country and try some of your equivalent of a dollar store Definitely let me know it suggestions down below Because I am thinking of traveling way more cuz I know you guys love these videos I love making them so it’s kind of perfect. I think that’s about it I love you, and I will see you on my next video. Bye. Bye

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